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How to prepare an Artichoke bottom.

Diced artichoke bottoms, are an elegant vegetable - but care must be taken in freeing a whole artichoke bottom for dicing.
Prepare Artichoke

1. The bottom (B) is below the hairy choke (A), as shown in this cross section.
2. Cut or pull off the green outside leaves.
3. Cut off the yellow thistlelike leaves (part of the choke will be removed along with them) and discard them.
4. Pull or cut off the remainder of the choke.

Then trim the edges of the bottom, cutting away as little as possible, and peel off the tough outer skin of the stem end. (When artichoke bottoms are served whole the stem should be removed, but for a sauce the trimmed stem may be diced with the artichoke bottom.) Immerse the artichoke bottom in lemon juice and water to prevent discoloration and let it stand at room temperature until you are ready to dice and use it.

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