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Hard Roe Salad
In Romania this is made with the roe of a carp or a pike, but if these are unobtainable, cod's or herring's roe would do as well.

What You Need:
  • As much hard roe as required for the number of people to be served
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • A thick slice of crustless bread
  • A little milk and water
  • Olive oil, equivalent amount
  • Salt and pepper

  • How To Cook:
    1. Take the hard roe, put it in a bowl, and mix it well with a stainless fork to get out all the fibers.

    2. To about ˝ pound of roe you will need almost a teacup of olive oil, half a lemon and a thick slice of crustless bread, soaked in milk and water.

    3. Squeeze the bread, flake it, or better still, pass it through a fairly large sieve before adding it to the roe.

    4. Season. Beat the whole mixture well.

    5. Add the oil in very small quantities at a time, as for mayonnaise.

    6. Beat with an electric mixer if you have one, or with a fork.

    7. The mixture should come out fluffy, but stiff like whipped cream or the white of an egg.

    8. Lemon juice can be added, according to taste.

    9. This can be served as an entree, garnished with olives, or on small croutons for cocktails.

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