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What You Need:            (To make 1 tall drink)
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  • 1 teaspoons superfine or confectioners' sugar
  • 6 fresh mint leaves, plus 2 or 3 sprigs of fresh mint
  • A dash of cold water
  • 1 to 1 cups shaved ice
  • 4 ounces bourbon
  • 2 slices lemon
  • 2 to 3 drops brandy
  • An 8-ounce highball glass & straw

  • How To Cook:
    1. Place 1 teaspoons of sugar, 6 leaves of fresh mint and a dash of cold water in a highball glass. Use a muddler to crush the mint until it is well bruised and to dissolve the sugar.

    2. Fill the glass almost to the top with shaved ice, packing it down firmly. Pour in the bourbon and, with a longhandled bar spoon, use a chopping motion to mix it with the ice.

    3. Dry the outside of the glass with paper towels and place the glass in therefrigerator for at least an hour or in the freezer for about hour.The glass should be thoroughly frosted and the ice inside almost solid.

    4. Remove the glass from the freezer or refrigerator, touching the outside as little as possible with the bare hand so that it remains frosted; try to use paper towels or a napkin.

    5. Garnish the drink with the slices of lemon, "plant" the 2 or 3 sprigs of mint inthe ice, and sprinkle the 4 teaspoon sugar.

    6. Put the 2 or 3 drops of brandy on topand serve Mint juleps are frequently served in silver mugs, because better than glass, or in glass mugs with handles; the handles hand from touching the frosted surface.

    NOTE: It is a good idea coasters or napkins with mint juleps, as the frost from mugs melts and drips. Some recipes do not advise bruising bruised-mint version given here results in a pronounced if you do not care for this, do not crush the leaves.

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