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What You Need:           
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  • Flour

  • How To Cook:
    1. Knead some coarse semolina with water into dough, adding a little plain flour from time to time, and continue kneading until the dough is very elastic-this may take 45 minutes.

    2. When the dough is ready, throw it quickly on to a hot griddle, removing at once so as to leave on the hot-plate only a small transparent patch of dough.

    3. The lumps of dough must never rest for any length of time on the griddle, and experts work with a kind of bouncing movement, never letting go of the main lump of dough.

    4. Continue making "dabs" touching each other, until there is a patch of dough some 12 inches in diameter, which should come off the hot-plate in one transparent sheet - 2 pound semolina with about 2 oz. flour is enough to make about 30 sheets of this pastry.

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