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In Spain tapas bars sell drinks along with little dishes of everything you can imagine, all seasoned with lots of garlic and fine olive oil. These are not really recipes but simply suggestions that will get you going on making your own tapas table. Place each of the following in small dishes and set up your own tapas bar. Your guests will need toothpicks to serve themselves on their own plates. Provide lots of good dry sherry.

How To Cook:
1. Cheese slices marinated in garlic and olive oil.

2. Mushrooms grilled with garlic and olive oil with thin ham slices. Prosciutto is the closest thing that you will find to a good Spanish ham unless you live near a Spanish deli that carries Serrano ham.

3. Pork steak in small chunks fried with garlic, oil, and salt.

4. Pigs' ears, thinly sliced crosswise, fried in garlic and oil, salt and pepper, and parsley. Add a little broth to the pan and simmer covered until tender. Then add parsley garnish.

5. Mussels in tomato sauce with lots of garlic, olive oil, and parsley.

6. Spanish Chorizo Sausage, cooked in the oven, then sliced, and deep-fried.

7. Shrimp fried in garlic and olive oil.

8. "Papas a la machina," deep-fried sliced potatoes. All right, they are potato chips, but they are called a la machine because the machine they use cuts the spuds into little waffle-patterned slices. You can find such a slicer, called a mandoline, in a gourmet shop, or you can buy waffled potato chips.

9. Olives

10. Anchovies in oil with bread for dipping

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