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 Main Ingredient ╗ Fish ╗ Anchovy (58 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Anchovy from over the world:

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 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
  A         back to top
 Anchovies Au Gratin                    Appetizers Sweden
 Anchovy Butter Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments Austria
 Anchovy Eggs With Mayonnaise                    Salads Denmark
 Anchovy Eye                    Appetizers Sweden
 Anchovy-And-Cheese Turnovers                    Appetizers Tunisia
 Artichoke - Beans Salad                    Salads France
 Artichokes Stuffed with Shrimp and Green Goddess Dressing Appetizers USA
  B         back to top
 Baked Fish, Spanish Style                    Appetizers Spain
 Baked Pike Stuffed With Mushrooms, Anchovies And Bread Crumbs Main Courses Hungary
 Baked Pike With Anchovies                    Main Courses Norway
 Baked Stuffed Peppers                    Appetizers Italy
 Baked Stuffed Pike                    Main Courses England
 Baked Tomatoes Stuffed With Anchovies And Tuna Appetizers Italy
 Beefsteak Tartar                    Main Courses Germany
 Bird's Nest                    Appetizers Sweden
  C         back to top
 Caesar Salad                    Salads USA
 California Green Goddess Salad Salads USA
 Celery Victor                    Salads USA
 Celery Victor                    Salads France
 Cold Boiled Artichokes With Tuna Mayonnaise Appetizers USA
 Cold Eggplant Appetizer                    Appetizers Italy
 Corsican Artichoke - Fennel Salad Salads France
 Country - Style Salad                    Salads Greece
  D         back to top
 Deep - Fried Shrimp With Anchovy Stuffing Appetizers Dominican Republic
 Dorset Scalloped Crab                    Appetizers England
  E         back to top
 Eggs Tyrolean Style                    Breakfast Dishes Austria
  F         back to top
 Fagelbo                    Appetizers Sweden
 Fish Pudding                    Pudding Germany
  G         back to top
 Genoese Condijun                    Salads Italy
 Green Goddess Dressing                    Sauces & Condiments USA
  H         back to top
 Herbed Anchovy Dressing                    Sauces & Condiments Spain
 Hot Anchovy And Garlic Dip                    Appetizers Italy
 Hot Anchovy Canape                    Appetizers France
  J         back to top
 Jansson's Temptation                    Main Courses Sweden
  L         back to top
 Ligurian Tuna Salad                    Salads Italy
 Liver Paste                    Appetizers Denmark
  M         back to top
 Mediterranean Vegetable Salad                    Salads France
  N         back to top
 Noodles With Cheese And Anchovies Main Courses Italy
  O         back to top
 Olde English Compound Salad                    Salads England
 Onion - Watercress Salad                    Salads Italy
  P         back to top
 Piquant Green Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments Italy
 Poached Meatballs In Lemon-And-Caper Sauce Main Courses Germany
 Pot Roast                    Main Courses Sweden
 Potatoes Baked With Onions, Anchovies, And Cream Appetizers Sweden
 Provencal Hearts Of Celery Salad Salads France
 Provencal Salad Bowl                    Salads France
  R         back to top
 Raw Mushroom Salad                    Salads Italy
 Roast Turkey With Anchovies                    Main Courses Poland
 Roman Spinach Salad                    Salads Italy
 Roulades Of Beef Stuffed With Anchovies And Onions Main Courses Sweden
  S         back to top
 Sallad Magundy                    Salads England
 Salmagundi                    Salads England
 Scrambled Eggs On Anchovy Toast Breakfast Dishes Scotland
 Spaghetti With Marinara Sauce                    Side Dishes Italy
 Spring Sandwiches                    Appetizers Sweden
 Stuffed Eggplant                    Appetizers Iran
 Stuffed Eggs                    Appetizers Sweden
  T         back to top
 Tapas                    Appetizers Spain

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