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Stuffed Steak
What You Need:
  • 1 slice of round steak
  • Chopped parsley
  • Salt and pepper
  • Butter
  • ¼ pound chopped boiled tongue
  • Chopped onions
  • Mushroom sauce

  • How To Cook:
    1. The slice of steak must be not less than ½ inch thick and neatly shaped, trimmings being used for stock or gravy.

    2. Cut the slice of steak into halves, crosswise.

    3. On the lower half, sprinkle salt, pepper, chopped parsley and a few small bits of butter.

    4. Put the chopped tongue in the centre and cover the whole thing with the other half of the steak, fastening them securely together by deep stitches, using thin string and a trussing or big darning needle for the job.

    5. Cover the top with a thick layer of finely chopped onions, bits of butter, salt and pepper.

    6. Put the steak in a tin; add a cup of either water or stock to it and small cut-up pieces of the beef fat or suet.

    7. Bake in a moderately hot oven (400°F) for ¾ hour, basting 3 or 4 times.

    8. When done, remove string and serve with a rich mushroom sauce.

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