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 Recipe Name Cuisine Main Ingredient
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 Argentine Barbeque Or Roast Argentina Lamb & Mutton , Beef
 Artichokes Stuffed With Lamb In Wine Sauce Greece Lamb & Mutton , Artichoke , Wine
 Ashanti Fowl Nigeria Chicken , Sausage , Egg
 Aubergines With Meat Lebanon Eggplant , Lamb & Mutton , Tomato
 Austrian Breaded Fried Chicken Austria Chicken , Lard & Fat , Bread
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 Baked Barbecued Spareribs Bahamas Pork , Ketchup , Mustard
 Baked Bourbon-Glazed Ham USA Ham
 Baked Carp Stuffed With Rice And Nuts Bulgaria Carp
 Baked Cod With Ham, Tomato And Black Olives Portugal Cod , Ham , Tomato
 Baked Fish And Bananas Spain Whitefish , Haddock , Banana
 Baked Fish With Coriander Masala India Flounder & Sole , Tomato , Coriander
 Baked Fish With Onions And Almonds Cuba Snapper
 Baked Fish With Port Wine Sauce Portugal Whitefish , Wine , Porgy
 Baked Fish With Spinach Stuffing France Trout , Cod , Salmon
 Baked Fish With Tomato Sauce Algeria Halibut , Cod , Tomato
 Baked Kid Portugal Goat , Rice , Wine
 Baked Lamb And Cheese With Peppers Tunisia Lamb & Mutton , Cheese , Pepper
 Baked Lobster Jamaica Lobster
 Baked Meat Loaf Denmark Beef , Pork , Oatmeal
 Baked Mullet England Mullet , Tomato , Shallots
 Baked Papaya With Meat Filling Jamaica Papaya , Beef
 Baked Pike Stuffed With Cucumbers And Rice Finland Pike , Mackerel , Bass
 Baked Pike Stuffed With Mushrooms, Anchovies And Bread Crumbs Hungary Pike , Anchovy , Onion
 Baked Pike With Anchovies Norway Pike , Anchovy , Egg
 Baked Pork Chops Haiti Pork , Ketchup , Flour
 Baked Pork Chops Bahamas Pork , Flour , Lemon
 Baked Pumpkin With Beef, Vegetable And Peach Filling Argentina Pumpkin , Beef , Peach
 Baked Red Mullet With Black Olives And Capers Italy Snapper , Capers , Mullet
 Baked Small Eggplants With Curried Vegetable Stuffing India Eggplant , Carrot , Tomato
 Baked Sterlet Romania Sturgeon , Butter , Wine
 Baked Striped Bass With Cumin Paste Morocco Bass
 Baked Stuffed Pike England Pike , Anchovy , Garlic
 Baked Stuffed Redfish Creole Snapper , Tomato , Oyster
 Baked Stuffed Striped Bass USA Bass , Snapper , Pompano
 Baked Swordfish Mexico Swordfish , Scallions , Parsley
 Baked Trout Austria Trout , Tomato , Mushroom
 Baked Trout With Mushrooms Italy Trout , Mushroom
 Baldpate Spatchcock Caribbean Islands Pigeon , Butter
 Bali Beef Casserole India Beef , Rice , Tomato
 Banana King Fish With Mustard Sauce Caribbean Islands Mackerel , Mustard , Banana
 Banana Steak Nigeria Banana , Beef , Bacon
 Barbecued Beef Standing Ribs Bahamas Beef , Ketchup , Vinegar
 Barbecued Chicken Bahamas Chicken
 Barbecued Chicken Cuba Chicken
 Barbecued Chicken Lebanese Lebanon Chicken , Honey , Oil
 Barbecued Chicken With Special Sauce Bahamas Chicken , Ketchup , Vinegar
 Barbecued Lamb Chops Bahamas Lamb & Mutton
 Barbecued Leg Of Lamb Greece Lamb & Mutton , Wine , Oil
 Barbecued Meat Balls Bahamas Beef , Ketchup , Parsley
 Barbecued Oriental Chicken Bahamas Chicken , Sake , Soy Sauce
 Barbecued Perch Bahamas Perch , Ketchup , Vinegar
 Barbecued Ribs Dominican Republic Pork , Soy Sauce
 Barbecued Sirloin Steak Haiti Beef , Ketchup
 Barbecued Spare Ribs Bahamas Pork
 Barbecued Spareribs China Pork
 Barbecued Spareribs USA Pork
 Barbecued Spareribs With Red Sauce USA Pork
 Barbecued Steak Bahamas Beef
 Barbecued Swordfish USA Swordfish
 Basque Oxtails Spain Oxtail , Wine
 Beans And Pork Spain Beans , Pork , Sausage
 Beef - Steak Or John Bull's Pudding England Beef , Veal & Calf , Oyster
 Beef And Mango In Beer Bahamas Beef , Mango , Beer
 Beef And Onions Braised In Beer France Beef , Onion
 Beef And Rice Casserole Bahamas Beef , Rice , Corn
 Beef And Vegetables Cooked In Broth With Dipping Sauce Japan Beef , Cabbage , Spinach
 Beef And Vegetables Simmered In Soy Sauce And Sake Japan Beef , Bamboo , Tofu
 Beef Barbecued Standing Ribs Caribbean Islands Beef , Ketchup , Vinegar
 Beef Broccoli Hawaii Beef , Broccoli
 Beef Casserole Serbia Beef , Wine , Potato
 Beef Goulash With Nockerln Austria Beef , Onion , Vinegar
 Beef Hash Scotland Beef , Onion , Carrot
 Beef In Ginger Sauce Czech Republic Beef , Ginger , Bacon
 Beef In Spiced Sour-Cream Sauce Germany Beef , Sour Cream
 Beef Misoyaki Japan Beef , Sake , Miso
 Beef Romano Italy Beef , Macaroni , Beans
 Beef Short Ribs With Spiced Lemon-and-Caper Sauce Germany Beef , Onion , Capers
 Beef Simmered With Vegetables France Beef
 Beef Steak On A Stick Cambodia Beef
 Beef Stroganoff Russia Beef , Mushroom , Onion
 Beef Tenderloin over Greens USA Beef , Greens , Tomato
 Beef Teriyaki Japan Beef , Soy Sauce , Ginger
 Beef With Artichokes And Pine Nuts Greece Beef , Artichoke , Pine
 Beef With Asparagus China Beef , Asparagus
 Beef With Oyster Sauce China Beef , Oyster , Pepper
 Beef With Snow Peas China Beef , Peas
 Beefsteak And Onions With Caraway Seeds Austria Beef
 Beefsteak Tartar Germany Beef , Anchovy , Capers
 Berlin-Style Chicken Fricassee Germany Chicken , Asparagus , Shrimp
 Bifana Pork Portugal Pork , Garlic , Oil
 Bodil's Pork Speciality Denmark Pork , Mushroom , Asparagus
 Boiled Beef And Carrots With Dumplings England Beef , Onion , Carrot
 Boiled Beef And Vegetables Netherlands Beef , Potato , Carrot
 Boiled Beef With Chive Sauce Germany Beef , Cream , Chives
 Boiled Chicken With Potatoes Algeria Chicken , Potato
 Boiled Dinner Ireland Beef , Beer , Turnip
 Boiled Lamb In Marjoram Sauce Austria Lamb & Mutton , Parsnip , Carrot
 Boiled Salted Duck Wales Duck , Onion , Milk
 Boned Chicken Breasts With Prosciutto And Cheese Italy Chicken
 Braised Beef And Cabbage Egypt Beef , Cabbage , Leek
 Braised Beef With Caper Sauce Germany Beef , Capers
 Braised Chicken With Prune Sauce Russia Chicken , Plum & Prune
 Braised Chicken With Tomatoes Algeria Chicken , Tomato , Onion
 Braised Lobster In Chili Sauce Cuba Lobster
 Braised Mutton With Wine Switzerland Lamb & Mutton , Wine , Potato
 Braised Pork Chops With Onions China Pork
 Braised Ptarmigan Norway Partridge , Cream , Pork
 Braised Rice With Shrimp Italy Rice , Shrimp
 Braised Rice With Shrimp And Tomatoes Dominican Republic Rice , Shrimp , Tomato
 Braised Sirloin Eszterhazy Hungary Beef , Carrot , Capers
 Braised Soy Sauce Beef China Beef , Soy Sauce
 Braised Soy Sauce Chicken China Chicken , Soy Sauce , Ginger
 Braised Spareribs With Fermented Black Beans China Pork
 Braised Stuffed Rolled Steak Philippines Beef , Sausage
 Braised Veal Shanks Austria Veal & Calf , Parsnip , Onion
 Braised Veal Shanks Italy Veal & Calf , Parsley , Celery
 Braised Veal Steaks With Hominy Grits Creole Veal & Calf , Pepper , Onion
 Bratwurst In Sweet-Sour Sauce Germany Sausage
 Brazilian Black Beans Brazil Beans , Sausage , Pork
 Brazilian Chicken Brazil Chicken , Shrimp , Peanut
 Breaded Veal Cutlets Austria Veal & Calf , Lard & Fat , Bread
 Breaded Veal Scallops Switzerland Veal & Calf
 Broiled Beef Ribs With Korean Barbecue Sauce Korea Beef , Soy Sauce , Sake
 Broiled Chicken Oregano Greece Chicken
 Broiled Chicken, Scallions And Chicken Livers Japan Chicken , Scallions
 Broiled Deviled Chicken Italy Chicken
 Broiled Fish Greece Porgy , Flounder & Sole , Snapper
 Broiled Fish Fillets In Rice - Wine Sauce Japan Bass , Sake , Soy Sauce
 Broiled Flattened Chicken With Almond And Chili Sauce Indonesia Chicken
 Broiled Ham Steak With Cantaloupe USA Ham , Curry
 Broiled Long Island Duckling USA Duck
 Broiled Mackerel In Miso Marinade Japan Mackerel , Ginger , Miso
 Broiled Mackerel In Soy - And - Rice - Wine Marinade Japan Mackerel , Sake , Soy Sauce
 Broiled Marinated Steak Italy Beef
 Broiled Meatballs On Spits Turkey Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Egg
 Broiled Redfish Creole Snapper , Whitefish , Butter
 Broiled Salmon Steaks With Garlic And Herb Butter France Salmon
 Broiled Shad USA Shad
 Broiled Skewered Beef With Pineapple, Tomatoes, Peppers And Onions Caribbean Islands Beef , Onion , Tomato
 Broiled Skewered Ground Lamb India Lamb & Mutton
 Broiled Sliced Beef With Sweet Soy - Seasoned Glaze Japan Beef , Soy Sauce , Sake
 Broiled Squab With Lemon-Soy Butter USA Pigeon , Butter , Watercress
 Brook Trout USA Trout , Bacon , Corn
 Buck Fillets Madagascar Goat , Venison , Lard & Fat
 Burgundy Meatballs Finland Beef , Wine , Bread
 Bushman - Style Kangaroo Australia Kangaroo , Bacon
 Butterflied Leg Of Lamb, Greek Style Greece Lamb & Mutton
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 Cabbage And Lamb Hot - Pot Finland Cabbage , Lamb & Mutton , Tomato
 Cabbage Stuffed With Meat Netherlands Cabbage , Pork , Veal & Calf
 Calf's Liver With Apples And Onion Rings Germany Veal & Calf , Apple , Onion
 Carp In Black Sauce Czech Republic Carp , Parsnip , Beer
 Carpet - Bag Steak Australia Beef , Oyster , Mushroom
 Casserole Of Chicken With Rice Portugal Chicken , Rice , Carrot
 Casserole Of Duck With Rice Portugal Duck , Rice , Sausage
 Casserole-Roasted Chicken With Vegetables France Chicken
 Casserole-Roasted Veal France Veal & Calf , Lard & Fat
 Casseroled Beefsteak Russia Beef , Potato , Cabbage
 Casseroled Conger Eel Chile Eel , Potato , Tomato
 Catalan Sole Spain Flounder & Sole , Artichoke , Mushroom
 Catfish Etouffee Creole Catfish , Rice , Tomato
 Charcoal-Broiled T-Bone Or Porterhouse Steak USA Beef
 Chargrilled Lamb With Onions And Peppers Cuba Lamb & Mutton , Parsley , Garlic
 Cheese With Chicken Stuffing Venezuela Cheese , Chicken , Onion
 Chelo Kebab Iran Lamb & Mutton , Rice , Tomato
 Chicken Belgium Chicken , Veal & Calf , Egg
 Chicken - Giblet Pilaf With Pine Nuts And Raisins Egypt Rice , Chicken , Pine
 Chicken - Mushroom Paprikash Hungary Chicken , Mushroom
 Chicken And Bamboo Shoots With Watercress Hawaii Chicken , Bamboo , Watercress
 Chicken And Ham On Rusks With Mushroom And Bearnaise Sauces Creole Chicken , Ham , Mushroom
 Chicken And Pork Adobo Philippines Pork , Chicken
 Chicken And Rice Spain Chicken , Rice
 Chicken And Rice Bahamas Chicken , Rice
 Chicken And Sauerkraut Serbia Chicken , Sauerkraut , Lard & Fat
 Chicken And Vegetables Cooked In Broth With Ponzu Dipping Sauce Japan Chicken , Cabbage , Scallions
 Chicken And Vegetables Simmered In Seasoned Broth Japan Chicken , Bamboo , Peas
 Chicken Bahamas Bahamas Chicken , Cashew , Spaghetti
 Chicken Breast On A Bed Of Ham And Potatoes With Bearnaise Sauce Creole Chicken , Ham , Potato
 Chicken Breasts Stuffed With Seasoned Butter Russia Chicken , Rice , Butter
 Chicken Cacciatori Italy Chicken , Tomato , Garlic
 Chicken Cardamom India Chicken , Yogurt , Cardamom
 Chicken Cashew China Chicken , Cashew , Peas
 Chicken Cashew Cuba Chicken , Cashew , Rice
 Chicken Casserole Polynesia Chicken , Rice , Onion
 Chicken Catalonian Style Spain Chicken , Chestnut , Wine
 Chicken Curry India Chicken , Yogurt , Coconut
 Chicken Curry Java Chicken , Grape & Raisin , Curry
 Chicken Curry India Chicken , Tomato , Coriander
 Chicken Curry With Coconut Dominican Republic Coconut , Rice , Banana
 Chicken Ethiopian Style Ethiopia Chicken , Egg , Onion
 Chicken Feast Polynesia Chicken , Spinach , Coconut
 Chicken In Coconuts Polynesia Chicken , Coconut , Corn
 Chicken In Green Tomato And Nut Sauce Mexico Chicken , Almond , Walnut
 Chicken In Red Chili And Tomato Sauce Malaysia Chicken , Pepper , Tomato
 Chicken In Red Curry And Coconut Thailand Chicken , Coconut , Curry
 Chicken In Sour Cream Hungary Chicken , Sour Cream
 Chicken In Spicy Nut Sauce Peru Chicken , Walnut , Potato
 Chicken In Wine France Chicken , Wine , Mushroom
 Chicken Kapama Greece Chicken , Macaroni , Cheese
 Chicken Kiev Ukraine Chicken , Butter , Flour
 Chicken Long Rice Hawaii Chicken , Rice
 Chicken Luau Polynesia Chicken , Spinach , Coconut
 Chicken Martini Italy Chicken , Wine , Cream
 Chicken Oregano Italy Chicken
 Chicken Paprika Hungary Chicken , Sour Cream
 Chicken Paprikas Hungary Chicken , Lard & Fat , Onion
 Chicken Pilaf Greece Chicken , Rice , Onion
 Chicken Pilau Iran Chicken , Rice , Pistachio
 Chicken Poached In White Wine France Chicken , Wine
 Chicken Raphael Weill USA Chicken
 Chicken Simmered In Red Wine With Onions And Mushrooms France Chicken , Mushroom , Onion
 Chicken Simmered With White - Radish Threads Japan Chicken , Radish
 Chicken Souvlakia Greece Chicken , Mushroom , Tomato
 Chicken Stew Puerto Rico Chicken , Sausage , Rice
 Chicken Stuffed Pineapple Hawaii Chicken , Pineapple
 Chicken Tagine With Seven Vegetables Morocco Chicken , Eggplant , Turnip
 Chicken Teriyaki Japan Chicken , Soy Sauce , Ginger
 Chicken Tetrazzini Italy Chicken , Peas , Noodle
 Chicken With Almonds And Tamarind Indonesia Chicken
 Chicken With Chick-Peas And Cheese Croquettes Algeria Chicken , Bread , Cheese
 Chicken With Citron Peel Egypt Chicken , Lemon , Olive
 Chicken With Coriander And Mint Morocco Chicken , Mint , Coriander
 Chicken With Cuscus Morocco Chicken , Butter , Cereal
 Chicken With Lemon And Olives Morocco Chicken , Olive , Lemon
 Chicken With Lime And Olives Caribbean Islands Chicken , Lime , Olive
 Chicken With Long Rice Hawaii Chicken , Noodle , Mushroom
 Chicken With Mushrooms Poland Chicken , Mushroom , Wine
 Chicken With Mushrooms Romania Chicken , Mushroom , Wine
 Chicken With Orzo Greece Chicken , Pasta , Yogurt
 Chicken With Papaya Philippines Chicken , Papaya
 Chicken With Pineapple Cuba Chicken , Pineapple
 Chicken With Rice Spain Chicken , Rice , Tomato
 Chicken With Saffron Rice And Peas Spain Chicken , Rice , Peas
 Chicken With Sauce Romania Chicken , Onion , Celery
 Chicken With Shallots And Onions India Chicken , Onion , Shallots
 Chicken With Spinach Avgolemono Greece Chicken , Spinach , Lemon
 Chicken With Straw Mushrooms China Chicken
 Chicken With Tomato Sauce And Bacon Switzerland Chicken , Tomato , Bacon
 Chicken, Basque Style Spain Chicken , Shrimp , Wine
 Chicken, Ham And Sausage In Sweet - And - Sour Sauce Puerto Rico Chicken , Ham , Sausage
 Chili Con Carne USA Beef
 Chili With Meat Mexico Beef , Pepper , Rice
 Chinese Pot Roast China Beef , Cabbage , Lard & Fat
 Christmas Ham With Barbecue Sauce Caribbean Islands Ham , Mustard
 Cioppino USA Crab , Clam , Shrimp
 Cioppino USA Crab , Clam , Mussel
 Coachman's Pan Sweden Lamb & Mutton , Beer , Veal & Calf
 Cocktail Shish Kebab Greece Lamb & Mutton , Onion
 Coconut Beef Indonesia Beef , Coconut
 Coconut Rice India Rice , Coconut , Ghee
 Codfish Pil Pil Spain Cod , Garlic , Oil
 Codfish Twice Laid Caribbean Islands Cod , Potato
 Cold Poached Fish With Avocado Sauce Cuba Snapper , Bass , Avocado
 Cold Stuffed Chicken With Lemon - And - Cream Sauce England Chicken , Lemon , Plum & Prune
 Colonial Goose Australia Lamb & Mutton , Bread
 Corned Beef Hash With Salt Herring Germany Beef , Lard & Fat , Herring
 Corned Spareribs With Beans Jamaica Pork , Beans , Garlic
 Corroboree Curry Hot - Pot Australia Beef , Curry , Grape & Raisin
 Cowboy Short Ribs With Cornmeal Dumplings USA Beef , Beer , Flour
 Crab, Shrimp And Okra Gumbo Haiti Crab , Shrimp , Okra
 Crawfish And Rice Bahamas Crawfish , Rice
 Crawfish Jambalaya Creole Crawfish , Rice
 Crawfish Monica Haiti Crawfish , Conch , Crab
 Creamed Oysters And Shrimp In Shells Belgium Oyster , Shrimp
 Crisp Noodles With Shrimp - And - Pork Sauce Thailand Noodle , Shrimp , Pork
 Crown Roast Of Lamb With Peas And New Potatoes USA Lamb & Mutton
 Crown Roast Of Pork With Sausage-Apple Stuffing USA Pork , Sausage
 Crumbed Chops New Zealand Lamb & Mutton , Bread , Egg
 Cuban Lamb Shanks Cuba Lamb & Mutton
 Cucumber Lamb Australia Lamb & Mutton , Cucumber
 Curried Boneless Beef Roast India Beef , Ghee , Cardamom
 Curried Calf's Liver India Veal & Calf , Ghee , Coriander
 Curried Calf's Liver With Onions India Veal & Calf , Onion , Ghee
 Curried Chicken Bahamas Chicken , Curry , Lard & Fat
 Curried Chicken Cutlets India Chicken , Tomato , Bread
 Curried Goat Caribbean Islands Goat , Curry , Potato
 Curried Goat Jamaica Goat , Garlic , Curry
 Curried Ground Lamb With Onions India Lamb & Mutton , Rice , Tomato
 Curried Halibut India Halibut , Onion , Tomato
 Curried Indian Black Beans India Beans , Onion , Ghee
 Curried Lamb India Lamb & Mutton , Yogurt , Coriander
 Curried Lamb Jamaica Lamb & Mutton , Curry , Coconut
 Curried Lobster Bahamas Lobster , Curry , Butter
 Curried Lobster Haiti Lobster , Curry , Butter
 Curried Partridges India Partridge , Ghee , Yogurt
 Curried Red Kidney Beans India Beans , Tomato , Onion
 Curried Steamed Clams India Clam , Coconut
 Cutlets And Bananas Polynesia Pork , Beef , Banana
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 Deboned Stuffed Leg Of Kid Caribbean Islands Goat , Bread , Parsley
 Deep - Fried Chicken Cutlets Wrapped Around Butter Ukraine Chicken , Butter , Bread
 Deep - Fried Fish Fillets India Flounder & Sole , Tomato
 Deep - Fried Mackerel In Red Sweet - And - Sour Sauce Java Mackerel
 Deep - Fried Phoenix - Tailed Shrimp China Shrimp
 Deep - Fried Tamarind - Marinated Chicken Java Chicken
 Deep-Fried Folded Tortillas With Beef Filling Mexico Beef , Cheese
 Deep-Fried Sweetbreads, Chicken And Vegetables Italy Chicken , Zucchini , Eggplant
 Deviled Kidneys England Lamb & Mutton , Mustard
 Dilled Salmon Souffle USA Salmon , Dill , Egg
 Doro Wat Chicken Ethiopia Chicken , Onion , Egg
 Duck And Pineapple Caribbean Islands Duck , Pineapple
 Duck In Orange Aspic With Orange And Onion Salad USA Duck , Orange
 Duck Jambalaya Creole Duck , Tomato , Rice
 Duck Sauce With Dried Cherries Serbia Duck , Cherry , Wine
 Duck Simmered In Sake - Seasoned Sauce Japan Duck , Sake
 Duck With Black Olives Romania Duck , Olive , Onion
 Duck With Orange Brazil Duck , Orange , Wine
 Duck With Red Cabbage Poland Duck , Cabbage , Wine
 Duck With Turnips France Duck
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 Eight - Jewel Duck China Duck , Rice
 Eight - Pieces Chicken China Chicken
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 Faggots - Poor Man's Goose England Pork , Onion , Bread
 Fettuccine Freeport Dominican Republic Pasta , Shrimp , Scallop
 Filet Of Sole Norway Flounder & Sole , Shrimp , Asparagus
 Filipino Pansit Philippines Noodle , Pork , Sausage
 Fillet Of Beef Strips With Onions, Mushrooms And Peppers Hungary Beef , Mushroom , Pepper
 Fillet Of Rex Sole Santa Monica USA Flounder & Sole , Shallots , Wine
 Fillet Of Sole Bolognese Italy Flounder & Sole , Cream , Cheese
 Fillet Of Walleyed Pike With Mustard Butter Germany Pike , Mustard
 Fillet Steak With Bacon Hungary Beef , Bacon , Mustard
 Fillet Steak With Madeira Spain Beef , Wine , Lemon
 Fillets Of Sole With Mushroom And Wine Sauce France Wine , Flounder & Sole , Mushroom
 Fillets Of Sole With White Wine Sauce France Wine , Flounder & Sole , Milk
 Fish And Potato Casserole Finland Potato , Herring , Salmon
 Fish And Potatoes Norway Potato , Cod , Haddock
 Fish And Rice Lebanon Rice , Whitefish , Cod
 Fish And Rice Casserole Syria Cod , Haddock , Rice
 Fish Braised With Tomatoes Egypt Haddock , Halibut , Tomato
 Fish Casserole With Mustard Sauce Netherlands Cod , Rice , Mustard
 Fish Dalmatian Style Serbia Carp
 Fish Fillets "Out Of The Oven" Netherlands Flounder & Sole , Bacon , Butter
 Fish "For A Hangover" With Tomato Sauce And Pickles Germany Tomato , Flounder & Sole
 Fish Goulash Austria Carp , Sour Cream , Onion
 Fish Kedegeree Caribbean Islands Rice , Salmon , Tuna
 Fish With Bacon And Potatoes Denmark Whitefish , Potato , Bacon
 Five - Spice Game Hens Korea Chicken , Soy Sauce
 Flemish Steaks Belgium Beef , Mushroom , Beer
 Florentine Style Manicotti Italy Macaroni , Beef , Tomato
 Flounder Florentine Italy Flounder & Sole , Spinach , Wine
 French Pork & Bean Casserole France Pork , Sausage , Beans
 Fresh Ham With Celery, Avgolemono Greece Ham , Onion , Celery
 Fricadelles Belgium Pork , Bread , Wine
 Fried And Baked Mackerel With Green - Pepper - And - Chill Sauce Java Mackerel , Coconut
 Fried Beef Cuba Beef
 Fried Chicken Philippines Chicken , Vinegar , Lard & Fat
 Fried Chicken Ghana Chicken , Rice , Corn
 Fried Fish Fillets With Macadamia Nuts Australia Perch , Pike
 Fried Fish With Rosemary Sauce Greece Porgy , Flounder & Sole
 Fried Fish With Tomato - And - Egg Sauce Philippines Perch , Porgy
 Fried Flying Fish Barbados Cod , Haddock , Whitefish
 Fried Pheasant With Cream Gravy USA Pheasant , Cream , Flour
 Fried Pork Chops Portugal Pork , Parsley
 Fried Rabbit With Sour Cream Gravy USA Rabbit & Hare , Sour Cream , Flour
 Fried Rice Noodle With Beef And Bean Curd Cambodia Noodle , Beef , Beans
 Fried Rump Steak Malta Beef , Butter , Onion
 Fried Squabs China Pigeon , Oil
 Fried Stuffed Marrows Lebanon Squash , Lamb & Mutton
 Fried Sweetbreads Spain Veal & Calf , Flour
 Fried Trout Spain Trout , Onion , Lemon
 Fried Veal Czech Republic Veal & Calf , Lard & Fat , Ham
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 Game Birds In Burgundy Germany Partridge , Quail , Pheasant
 Garlic Pork Brazil Pork , Garlic , Vinegar
 Gaspe Boiled Dinner Canada Pork , Potato
 Georgian Skewered Lamb Georgia Lamb & Mutton , Scallions
 Ghana Jollof Rice Ghana Rice , Lamb & Mutton , Tomato
 Gigot With Turnip Purry Scotland Veal & Calf , Mushroom , Egg
 Ginger Beef China Beef , Ginger , Bamboo
 Ginola Chicken Philippines Chicken , Papaya , Ginger
 Glazed Roast Loin Of Pork France Pork
 Goose A La Polonaise Poland Goose , Cream , Onion
 Goose As Prepared At Vise Belgium Goose , Garlic , Egg
 Goulash Hungary Beef , Flour , Tomato
 Grapefruit Duck USA Duck , Grapefruit
 Greek Macaroni And Meat Greece Macaroni , Beef , Cheese
 Green Peas With Meat Lebanon Peas , Lamb & Mutton , Tomato
 Green Peppers And Beef Korea Beef , Pepper
 Grilled Beef Sausages Romania Beef
 Grilled Chicken Turkey Chicken
 Grilled Chicken Netherlands Chicken , Soy Sauce , Pepper
 Grilled Chicken With A Sweet Soy - Seasoned Glaze Japan Chicken
 Grilled Marinaded Meat Zimbabwe Lamb & Mutton , Apricot , Vinegar
 Grilled Marinated Mackerel Norway Mackerel
 Grilled Meat With Eggs Egypt Lamb & Mutton , Egg , Butter
 Grilled Skewered Beef Polynesia Beef , Pineapple , Soy Sauce
 Grilled Skewered Lamb India Lamb & Mutton , Coriander , Ginger
 Grilled Steak Argentina Beef
 Grilled Venison Steak Canada Venison , Butter , Garlic
 Ground Beef Meatballs Stuffed With Almonds India Almond , Beef , Tomato
 Ground Beef With Apples, Olives And Almonds Mexico Beef
 Ground Chicken Cutlets Russia Chicken , Veal & Calf , Bread
 Ground Lamb Meatballs Filled With Hard - Cooked Eggs India Lamb & Mutton , Egg , Yogurt
 Ground Lamb Meatballs Stuffed With Almonds In Curry Sauce India Lamb & Mutton , Almond , Ghee
 Ground Lamb Sausages Azerbaijan Lamb & Mutton , Scallions
 Ground-Pork Casserole With Noodles And Cheese Romania Pork , Noodle
 Ground-Veal Casserole With Potatoes Romania Veal & Calf , Potato
 Grouse With Grapes Armenia Partridge , Grape & Raisin , Wine
 Guinea Fowl And Red Cabbage Belgium Guinea Fowl , Cabbage , Chestnut
 Guinea Hen African Style Caribbean Islands Guinea Fowl , Plantain , Partridge
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 Haddock Kedge South Africa Haddock , Grape & Raisin , Rice
 Haggis Scotland Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Oatmeal
 Half - Boned Chicken With Stuffing France Chicken
 Halibut Under A Mountain Of Cream Germany Halibut
 Ham And Pineapple Hot Pot Ghana Ham , Pineapple , Potato
 Hamburgers A La Lindstrom Sweden Beef , Egg , Cream
 Hand - Rolled Sausage With Onions Hungary Pork , Garlic , Onion
 Hand - Rolled Sausages Armenia Beef , Lamb & Mutton
 Hare - Flanders Style Belgium Rabbit & Hare , Wine , Plum & Prune
 Hare With Sour Cream Russia Rabbit & Hare , Sour Cream , Lard & Fat
 Harvest Pot Roast With Sweet Potatoes Ireland Pork , Potato
 Hearst Ranch Squab USA Pigeon , Bread
 Herbed Meatballs In Avgolemono Greece Beef , Parsley , Greens
 Herring And Potato Casserole Sweden Herring , Potato
 Hot Noodles And Chicken In Broth Japan Noodle , Chicken , Spaghetti
 Hungarian Sausage Hungary Pork , Garlic
 Hunter's Lamb Poland Lamb & Mutton , Lard & Fat , Vinegar
 Hunters Stew Poland Venison , Rabbit & Hare , Duck
 Hussar Roast Poland Beef , Bread , Onion
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 Indonesian Spareribs Indonesia Pork , Soy Sauce
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 Jade And Coral Prawns Korea Shrimp , Pepper , Ginger
 Jambalaya USA Shrimp
 Jansson's Temptation Sweden Anchovy , Potato , Cream
 Jerk Lamb Chops Jamaica Lamb & Mutton , Garlic
 Jerk Meatballs Jamaica Beef , Bread , Scallions
 Jerk Prawns Jamaica Shrimp
 Jerk Snapper Stuffed With Callaloo Jamaica Snapper , Callaloo , Butter
 Jugged Hare England Rabbit & Hare , Flour , Wine
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 Kadavu Fish Polynesia Halibut , Rice , Perch
 Kale With Potatoes And Sausage Netherlands Kale , Potato , Sausage
 Kaluha Pig Hawaii Pork , Spinach
 Kidney Rolls Australia Lamb & Mutton , Pork , Beef
 Kidneys With Ham Spain Lamb & Mutton , Ham , Wine
 Kifto Raw Beef Ethiopia Beef , Pepper , Onion
 King Fish In Coconut Cream Bahamas Grouper , Coconut , Butter
 Koubbeh In A Tray Lebanon Lamb & Mutton , Wheat , Butter
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 Lamb & Onions With Honey Morocco Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Honey
 Lamb - And - Cabbage Casserole Norway Lamb & Mutton , Cabbage , Celery
 Lamb and Broccoli St. Francis USA Lamb & Mutton , Broccoli , Onion
 Lamb And Cardamom Ethiopia Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Cardamom
 Lamb And Chestnut Pilau Iraq Rice , Lamb & Mutton , Chestnut
 Lamb And Pineapple Curry India Lamb & Mutton , Pineapple , Curry
 Lamb And Prunes With Almonds Algeria Lamb & Mutton
 Lamb Chops And Sausages In Tomato Sauce Spain Lamb & Mutton , Tomato , Sausage
 Lamb Chops In Onion Sauce Germany Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Cream
 Lamb Chops In Orange Sauce New Zealand Lamb & Mutton
 Lamb Chops In Tomato Sauce Spain Lamb & Mutton , Tomato , Garlic
 Lamb Chops With Apricots South Africa Lamb & Mutton , Apricot , Butter
 Lamb Curry India Lamb & Mutton , Rice , Curry
 Lamb Curry With Bananas Java Lamb & Mutton , Banana , Rice
 Lamb Cutlets Navarra Spain Lamb & Mutton , Ham , Tomato
 Lamb In Dill Sauce Sweden Lamb & Mutton , Dill
 Lamb Kebabs Turkey Lamb & Mutton , Onion
 Lamb Kufte With Eggplant Armenia Lamb & Mutton , Eggplant , Parsley
 Lamb On Skewers Croatia Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Tomato
 Lamb Shanks Armenia Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Tomato
 Lamb Shanks With Lentils Greece Lamb & Mutton , Lentil
 Lamb Shoulder Chops With Herb Gravy Australia Lamb & Mutton , Lard & Fat
 Lamb Stew Morocco Lamb & Mutton , Garlic , Honey
 Lamb Tongues Iran Lamb & Mutton , Garlic , Yogurt
 Lamb With Cashew - Nut Curry India Lamb & Mutton , Cashew , Ghee
 Lamb With Chestnuts And Raisins Tunisia Lamb & Mutton , Chestnut
 Lamb With Fresh Vegetables And Avgolemono Sauce Greece Cauliflower , Artichoke , Leek
 Lamb With Lemons And Olives Morocco Lamb & Mutton , Olive , Lemon
 Lamb With Rice Iran Lamb & Mutton , Rice
 Lamb With Rice Turkey Lamb & Mutton , Rice , Currant
 Lamb With Yoghurt, Coconut Milk And Almond Masala India Lamb & Mutton , Almond , Coconut
 Lamb, Bean And Artichoke Casserole Tunisia Lamb & Mutton , Artichoke , Beans
 Lamb, Onion And Honey Casserole Morocco Lamb & Mutton
 Lambs' Tongues With Raisin Sauce Netherlands Lamb & Mutton
 Lancashire Hot – Pot England Lamb & Mutton , Potato , Mushroom
 Lancashire Hot Pot England Lamb & Mutton , Oyster , Potato
 Lancashire Tripe And Onions England Tripe , Onion , Milk
 Larded Beef Pot Roast With Capers Venezuela Beef , Lard & Fat , Capers
 Lasagne With Red Clam Sauce Italy Noodle , Cheese , Clam
 Le Hochepot Belgium Beef , Lamb & Mutton , Pork
 Lebanese Shish Kebab Lebanon Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Garlic
 Leg Of Lamb A La Orensana Spain Lamb & Mutton , Carrot , Beans
 Leg Of Lamb With Mushroom And Wine Sauce Spain Lamb & Mutton , Garlic
 Lemon Chicken USA Chicken , Lemon
 Lemongrass Chicken Vietnam Chicken , Scallions , Peanut
 Lindstrom Hamburgers Sweden Beef , Potato , Capers
 Lion's Head China Pork , Cabbage
 Liver - And - Rice Casserole Finland Rice , Veal & Calf , Milk
 Liver On Skewers Switzerland Veal & Calf , Bacon , Butter
 Lobster Cantonese China Lobster
 Lobster Creole Bahamas Lobster , Tomato
 Lobster Newburg USA Lobster , Cream , Butter
 Loin Fillets Of Pork With Prunes And Cream Sauce France Pork
 Loin Of Pork Sweden Pork , Apricot , Plum & Prune
 Loin Of Pork Portugal Pork , Tomato , Carrot
 Loin Of Pork With Prunes Norway Pork , Plum & Prune , Ginger
 Lomi Lomi Salmon Polynesia Salmon , Tomato , Onion
 Louisiana Chicken Creole Chicken , Artichoke
 Lucerne Fish Fillets Switzerland Pike , Trout , Potato
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 Macaroni With Chorizo Mexico Sausage , Macaroni , Tomato
 Marinated Cocktail Meatballs Greece Beef , Pork
 Marinated Fried Chicken Dominican Republic Chicken
 Marinated Lamb Kabobs Morocco Lamb & Mutton
 Marinated Liver With Red Wine Sauce Portugal Veal & Calf , Wine
 Marinated Pork Loin With Sweet Red Peppers Portugal Pork , Pepper , Wine
 Marinated Pork With Clams, Tomatoes And Coriander Portugal Pork , Clam , Tomato
 Marinated Pot Roast In Sweet-And-Sour Sauce Germany Beef
 Marinated Rabbit Austria Rabbit & Hare , Vinegar , Sour Cream
 Marinated Skewered Beef Armenia Beef , Scallions
 Marjoram Tokany Hungary Beef , Sour Cream , Bacon
 Mashed Curried Vegetables, Dried Peas And Beans With Lamb India Lamb & Mutton , Peas , Eggplant
 Matabele Fried Chicken Zimbabwe Chicken , Rice , Pineapple
 Meat And Cheese Balls Lebanon Lamb & Mutton , Cheese , Onion
 Meat And Vegetables Bulgaria Pepper , Tomato , Beef
 Meat Balls Uruguay Beef , Grape & Raisin , Olive
 Meat Balls In Red Wine Sauce Norway Wine , Beef , Veal & Calf
 Meat Balls In Spicy Sauce Algeria Lamb & Mutton , Butter , Onion
 Meat Balls In Tomato Sauce Turkey Lamb & Mutton , Tomato , Bread
 Meat Balls With Red Cabbage Denmark Pork , Veal & Calf , Flour
 Meat Loaf Austria Beef , Pork , Bread
 Meat Olives Malta Beef , Peas , Bread
 Meat Platter Switzerland Beef , Pork , Sauerkraut
 Meat Rolls Hawaii Beef , Potato , Pineapple
 Meat With Rice Austria Veal & Calf , Rice , Onion
 Meat With Sweetbreads Belgium Lamb & Mutton , Veal & Calf , Bread
 Meatball On A Stick Vietnam Beef , Soy Sauce
 Meatball Stew Morocco Lamb & Mutton , Tomato , Parsley
 Meatballs Italy Beef , Sausage
 Mexican Cabrito Mexico Goat
 Mince Collops Scotland Venison , Onion
 Minced Meat "Cutlets" Sweden Pork , Beef , Bread
 Minced Mutton Balls Turkey Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Lemon
 Minced Squab With Oyster Sauce China Pigeon , Oyster
 Minted Bulgur Pilaf Greece Wheat , Mint , Grape & Raisin
 Minted Trout USA Trout , Bacon , Mint
 Mixed Grill England Beef , Sausage
 Mixed Meat And Vegetable Casserole Germany Lamb & Mutton , Veal & Calf , Pork
 Mixture Of Beef Oxtails And Tripe Philippines Oxtail , Tripe
 Molded Steamed Chicken, Cornmeal And Vegetables Brazil Chicken , Palm Heart , Orange
 Moussaka Greece Eggplant , Beef , Milk
 Moussaka With Artichokes Greece Artichoke , Beef
 Mung Beans With Pork Philippines Beans , Pork
 Mutton And Cabbage Norway Lamb & Mutton , Cabbage , Butter
 Mutton Casserole Serbia Lamb & Mutton , Cauliflower , Tomato
 Mutton Chops With Paprika Croatia Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Leek
 Mutton Cuscus Egypt Lamb & Mutton , Butter , Turnip
 Mutton Pilaf Iran Rice , Lamb & Mutton , Almond
 Mutton With Mushrooms Syria Lamb & Mutton , Mushroom
 Mutton, Rice And Chick Peas Lebanon Lamb & Mutton , Rice , Peas
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 Nassau Chop Suey Bahamas Beef , Pork , Rice
 New England Boiled Dinner USA Beef
 Nigerian Jollof Rice Nigeria Rice , Beef , Chicken
 Noodles With Cheese And Anchovies Italy Pasta , Cheese , Anchovy
 Noodles With Roast Pork And Chinese Cabbage China Noodle , Pork , Cabbage
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 Old-Fashioned Chicken Fricessee France Chicken , Onion , Mushroom
 One Meatball Iran Lamb & Mutton , Rice , Onion
 Orange Grilled Fish Bahamas Whitefish , Orange , Soy Sauce
 Oven - Fried Chicken Paprika Hungary Chicken , Butter , Bread
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 Paella Spain Rice , Mussel , Artichoke
 Paella Puerto Rico Rice , Snapper , Clam
 Paella Spain Chicken , Clam , Rice
 Paella Valencia Spain Rice , Mussel , Clam
 Pan - Broiled Duck And Vegetables With Dipping Sauce Japan Duck , Mushroom , Radish
 Pan - Fried Venison Cutlets With Cream Sauce Austria Venison , Cream , Wine
 Pan-Broiled Steak With Tomatoes And Garlic Italy Beef
 Pan-Fried Trout USA Trout
 Paprika Chicken Austria Chicken , Onion , Sour Cream
 Parsley - Stuffed Veal Rolls Sweden Veal & Calf , Parsley , Carrot
 Pastitsio Greece Pasta , Beef , Cheese
 Pearl Balls China Pork , Mushroom , Chestnut
 Peking Duck China Duck , Scallions
 Pepper Steak France Beef
 Pepper Steak China Beef , Pepper , Ginger
 Persian Chicken With Rice Iran Chicken , Rice , Apricot
 Pheasant In Red Wine Germany Pheasant , Mushroom , Wine
 Pheasant With Giblet And Crouton Stuffing Germany Pheasant , Bread
 Pickled Beef Roast Germany Beef , Vinegar , Wine
 Pickled Pork Hocks Germany Pork
 Pig's Trotters In Madeira Switzerland Pork , Wine , Tomato
 Pigeon Casserole Creole Pigeon , Carrot , Mushroom
 Pigeon With Rice Stuffing Bahamas Pigeon , Rice , Bacon
 Pigeons With Cabbage Bahamas Pigeon , Cabbage , Grape & Raisin
 Pigeons With Pineapple Bahamas Pigeon , Pineapple
 Pike With Vegetables Austria Pike , Veal & Calf , Carrot
 Pilaf Of Quail With Currant Belgium Rice , Quail
 Pilau Bengal India Rice , Pineapple , Grape & Raisin
 Poached Bass With White Butter Sauce France Bass , Haddock , Trout
 Poached Codfish Steaks With Egg Sauce Norway Cod , Butter , Egg
 Poached Fish With Horseradish-And-Sour-Cream Sauce Poland Bass , Pike , Horseradish
 Poached Goose With White Garlic Sauce Belgium Goose
 Poached Haddock With Parsley Sauce England Haddock , Milk , Parsley
 Poached Meatballs In Lemon-And-Caper Sauce Germany Beef , Veal & Calf , Anchovy
 Polish Sausage & Vegetables Poland Sausage , Beer , Potato
 Polynesian Fish Polynesia Halibut , Cod , Shrimp
 Pompano Stuffed with Shrimp and Crab en Papillote USA Shrimp , Pompano , Crab
 Pork And Beans Serbia Pork , Beans , Lard & Fat
 Pork And Clams Portugal Pork , Clam , Wine
 Pork And Onion Casserole Serbia Pork , Onion , Rice
 Pork And Sauerkraut Croatia Pork , Sauerkraut , Sour Cream
 Pork And Tomato Casserole Serbia Pork , Tomato , Rice
 Pork And Veal Serbia Pork , Veal & Calf , Rice
 Pork Casserole Finland Pork , Potato , Herring
 Pork Chops Baked With Cabbage France Pork
 Pork Chops In Aspic Germany Pork , Wine
 Pork Chops With Apples Netherlands Pork , Apple , Sausage
 Pork Chops With Garlic Hungary Pork , Garlic
 Pork Chops With Ginger Ale Caribbean Islands Pork , Ginger
 Pork Chops With Ham And Pickles Austria Pork , Ham
 Pork Chops With Knockwurst And Potatoes Germany Pork , Sausage , Potato
 Pork Chops With Pineapple Bahamas Pork , Pineapple , Plum & Prune
 Pork Chops With Prune Sauce Russia Pork , Plum & Prune , Wine
 Pork Chops With Sauerkraut Greece Pork , Sauerkraut
 Pork Chops With Tomato Sauce And Black Olives Spain Pork , Tomato , Olive
 Pork Cooked In Pork Blood Philippines Pork , Vinegar , Garlic
 Pork Curry India Pork , Tamarind , Coriander
 Pork Dish Marinated With Chives Haiti Pork , Onion , Chives
 Pork In Orange And Lemon Sauce With Sweet Potatoes Peru Pork , Potato
 Pork Liver Kabob, Swiss Style, With Celery Sauce Switzerland Pork , Bacon , Rice
 Pork Loin In Pepper Sauce Mexico Pork , Pepper
 Pork Loin Stuffed With Prunes And Apples Denmark Pork , Plum & Prune , Apple
 Pork Roast In Wine Sauce Spain Pork , Wine
 Pork Roast With Hungarian Dumplings Hungary Pork , Garlic , Sour Cream
 Pork Steak Hungary Pork , Flour , Lard & Fat
 Pork Tenderloin Denmark Pork , Wine , Orange
 Pork Teriyaki Japan Pork , Soy Sauce , Wine
 Pork With Celery Slovenia Pork , Celery , Onion
 Pork With Green Olives Greece Pork , Olive , Wine
 Pork, Chicken And Sausage With Noodles Philippines Noodle , Pork , Chicken
 Port Royal Lamb Shanks Jamaica Lamb & Mutton
 Portuguese Cod Portugal Cod , Tomato , Wine
 Portuguese Loin Of Veal Portugal Veal & Calf , Wine , Garlic
 Portuguese Steak Portugal Beef
 Portuguese Style Cutlets Portugal Lamb & Mutton , Tomato , Butter
 Pot - Roasted Rabbit Creole Rabbit & Hare , Flour , Butter
 Pot Roast Sweden Beef , Anchovy , Carrot
 Pot Roast Jamaica Beef , Scallions , Onion
 Pot Roast Braised In Red Wine South Africa Beef , Wine , Lard & Fat
 Potato Goulash Austria Potato , Sausage , Onion
 Potato Sausage Sweden Potato , Beef , Pork
 Potted Lamb Turkey Lamb & Mutton , Butter , Onion
 Pressed Fried Chicken Georgia Chicken
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 Quail In Lemon-Wine Sauce USA Quail , Wine , Lemon
 Quail With Juniper Berries Belgium Quail , Bread
 Quail With Orange - Liqueur Sauce Creole Quail , Orange , Wine
 Quinces With Meat Romania Quince , Veal & Calf , Beef
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 Rabbit And Rice Casserole With Egg Crust Spain Rabbit & Hare , Rice , Egg
 Rabbit Cooked With Coconut Venezuela Rabbit & Hare , Coconut , Tomato
 Rabbit Fricassee Caribbean Islands Rabbit & Hare , Grape & Raisin , Vinegar
 Rabbit In Mustard Sauce Hungary Rabbit & Hare , Mustard , Sour Cream
 Rabbit In Prune Sauce Belgium Rabbit & Hare , Plum & Prune , Grape & Raisin
 Rabbit In Wine Sauce France Rabbit & Hare , Wine , Parsley
 Rabbit Roast With Red Wine Croatia Rabbit & Hare , Wine
 Rabbit With Prunes Belgium Rabbit & Hare , Plum & Prune , Wine
 Ragout Argentina Veal & Calf , Rice , Sausage
 Ragout Of Beef Norway Beef , Lard & Fat , Flour
 Rare Beef With Lime Vietnam Beef , Onion
 Red - Cooked Fish China Bass , Carp , Snapper
 Red - Cooked Pork Shoulder China Pork , Mushroom
 Red Mullets In Sour Cream Russia Mullet , Sour Cream , Flour
 Red Pork Chili USA Pork , Lard & Fat , Rice
 Red Snapper Baked With Potatoes Spain Snapper , Potato
 Red Snapper With Almond Paste Morocco Snapper
 Red Snapper With Tomato Sauce, Olives And Potatoes Mexico Snapper , Potato , Tomato
 Red-Flannel Hash USA Beef
 Rice And Fresh - Vegetable Pilaf India Rice , Carrot , Potato
 Rice Pilaf With Lamb And Vegetables Central Asia Rice , Lamb & Mutton , Carrot
 Rice With Shrimp And Tomatoes Dominican Republic Rice , Shrimp , Tomato
 Roast Beef USA Beef
 Roast Beef England Beef
 Roast Beef With Yorkshire Pudding England Beef , Milk , Flour
 Roast Carp With Mushroom Sauce Russia Carp , Mushroom , Butter
 Roast Chicken Algeria Chicken
 Roast Chicken France Chicken
 Roast Chicken Stuffed With Shrimp Austria Chicken , Shrimp , Bread
 Roast Chicken With Rice And Sultana Stuffing Australia Chicken , Rice , Grape & Raisin
 Roast Chicken With Rice Stuffing Jamaica Chicken , Rice
 Roast Chicken With Two Stuffings Haiti Chicken , Banana , Bread
 Roast Chicken With Walnut Sauce Georgia Chicken , Walnut
 Roast Chicken With Yoghurt Masala India Chicken , Yogurt , Ghee
 Roast Crown Of Hogget New Zealand Lamb & Mutton , Potato , Peas
 Roast Dove or Pigeon USA Pigeon
 Roast Duck Stuffed With Apples And Prunes Denmark Duck , Plum & Prune , Apple
 Roast Duck With Apple And Bread Stuffing Germany Duck , Bread , Apple
 Roast Duck With Cashew Stuffing India Duck , Tomato , Cashew
 Roast Duck With Sausage - And - Ham - Flavored Rice Portugal Duck , Rice , Sausage
 Roast Duck, Seville Style Spain Duck , Orange
 Roast Goose Stuffed With Apples And Prunes Denmark Goose
 Roast Goose With Apple, Raisin And Nut Stuffing Germany Goose , Apple , Grape & Raisin
 Roast Goose With Sauerkraut Czech Republic Goose , Sauerkraut , Apple
 Roast Grouse Scotland Partridge , Bacon , Butter
 Roast Hare - Flemish Style Belgium Rabbit & Hare , Lard & Fat , Milk
 Roast Lamb Shanks and Lentils USA Lamb & Mutton , Scallions
 Roast Lamb With Artichokes Greece Lamb & Mutton , Artichoke
 Roast Leg Of Lamb France Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Carrot
 Roast Leg Of Lamb With Mint Sauce England Lamb & Mutton , Mint , Vinegar
 Roast Loin Of Pork With Applesauce Glaze Poland Pork
 Roast Marinaded Beef Australia Beef , Wine , Vinegar
 Roast Mint-Stuffed Leg Of Lamb USA Lamb & Mutton , Mint
 Roast Partridges On Liver Canapes France Partridge , Bread , Pheasant
 Roast Partridges With Grapes Germany Partridge
 Roast Pheasant England Pheasant
 Roast Pheasant With Applejack Cream Sauce USA Pheasant
 Roast Pork Jamaica Pork
 Roast Pork Czech Republic Pork
 Roast Pork Austria Pork , Sour Cream , Carrot
 Roast Pork Luxembourg Pork , Vinegar , Onion
 Roast Pork Egg Foo Yung China Egg , Pork
 Roast Pork Strips China Pork
 Roast Pork With Apples And Prunes Denmark Pork , Apple , Plum & Prune
 Roast Ribs Of Beef England Beef
 Roast Rock Cornish Game Hens With Pine-Nut Stuffing USA Partridge , Pine , Rice
 Roast Saddle Of Venison With Cream Sauce USA Venison
 Roast Saddle Of Venison With Red Wine Sauce Germany Venison , Wine , Pear
 Roast Shoulder Of Lamb Syria Lamb & Mutton , Rice
 Roast Spring Lamb France Lamb & Mutton , Wine , Mushroom
 Roast Stuffed Duck Or Goose Norway Duck , Goose , Plum & Prune
 Roast Stuffed Duck With Pineappe Dominican Republic Duck , Ham , Pineapple
 Roast Stuffed Leg Of Lamb New Zealand Lamb & Mutton , Bread
 Roast Stuffed Pork Brazil Pork , Onion , Rice
 Roast Stuffed Shoulder Of Veal Estonia Veal & Calf , Onion , Bread
 Roast Stuffed Turkey, Lisbon Style Portugal Turkey , Olive , Ham
 Roast Sucking Pig Polynesia Pork , Ginger , Soy Sauce
 Roast Suckling Pig Greece Pork
 Roast Suckling Pig Tahiti Pork
 Roast Suckling Pig Russia Pork
 Roast Suckling Pig With Bread And Olive Stuffing Barbados Pork , Olive , Bread
 Roast Turkey With Anchovies Poland Turkey , Anchovy , Butter
 Roast Turkey With Pork, Ham And Almond Stuffing Puerto Rico Turkey , Almond , Pork
 Roast Veal Assisi Italy Veal & Calf , Wine , Mushroom
 Roast Venison Norway Venison , Lard & Fat
 Roast Venison With Goat - Cheese Sauce Norway Venison
 Roast Welsh Lamb Wales Lamb & Mutton , Flour
 Roast White Crown Pigeon With Rice Stuffing Bahamas Pigeon , Rice , Egg
 Roast Wild Turkey with Cornbread Stuffing USA Turkey , Sausage
 Roasted Boned Chicken With Pork Stuffing Philippines Chicken , Pork
 Roasted Lamb Morocco Lamb & Mutton , Coriander , Garlic
 Roasted Rabbit Caribbean Islands Rabbit & Hare , Bread
 Roasted Smoked Pork Loin Germany Pork , Carrot , Lard & Fat
 Rolled Fillets Of Sole With Fresh - Dill Stuffing India Flounder & Sole , Lemon , Dill
 Rolled Flank Steak With Onions And Cumin Seeds Colombia Beef
 Rolled Leg Of Lamb Roasted With Mint Portugal Lamb & Mutton , Mint
 Rolled Stuffed Leg Of Lamb Greece Lamb & Mutton , Mushroom , Greens
 Rolled Tortillas With Homemade Sausage Filling Mexico Pork
 Rolled Veal Scallops With Chicken Liver Stuffing Italy Veal & Calf
 Rolled Wheat Tortillas With Bean-And-Potato Filling Mexico Beans , Potato
 Roulades Of Beef Stuffed With Anchovies And Onions Sweden Beef , Anchovy
 Royalpot Roast Sweden Beef
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 Saddle Of Hare With Horseradish Sauce Belgium Rabbit & Hare , Horseradish , Lard & Fat
 Saffron Chicken Spain Chicken , Garlic
 Saffron Rice With Ground Lamb India Lamb & Mutton , Rice , Coriander
 Saffron Rice With Lime India Cashew , Rice , Lime
 Saffron Rice With Seafood And Chicken Spain Rice , Lobster , Chicken
 Sailor's Beef Sweden Beef , Potato , Onion
 Salmi Of Duck Bahamas Duck
 Salmon With Rice Lisbon Style Portugal Salmon , Rice , Milk
 Salt - Broiled Fish With Dipping Sauce Japan Trout
 San Francisco Fried Trout USA Trout
 Sand Dab Or Rex Sole En Papillote USA Flounder & Sole , Mushroom , Ham
 Sauerkraut With Pork Russia Sauerkraut , Pork , Capers
 Sausage - And - Eggplant Jambalaya Creole Sausage , Eggplant , Rice
 Sausage - Stuffed Mallard Ducks Creole Duck , Sausage , Bread
 Sausage And Onions Netherlands Sausage , Onion , Potato
 Sausage With Curly Kale Netherlands Sausage , Kale , Potato
 Sausage With Green Peppers And Tomatoes Hungary Pork , Pepper , Tomato
 Sauteed Calf's Liver France Veal & Calf , Butter
 Sauteed Calf's Liver With Onions Italy Veal & Calf , Onion
 Sauteed Chicken With Calvados And Cream Sauce France Chicken , Apple
 Sauteed Chicken With Cream Sauce France Chicken , Mushroom , Cream
 Sauteed Chicken With Shallots And Artichoke Hearts France Chicken , Shallots , Artichoke
 Sauteed Flounder With Shrimp Denmark Flounder & Sole , Shrimp , Butter
 Sauteed Kidneys With Mustard Sauce France Lamb & Mutton , Veal & Calf , Mustard
 Sauteed Lamb Chops With Aioli Sauce Italy Lamb & Mutton
 Sauteed Sliced Kidneys Italy Lamb & Mutton , Veal & Calf
 Sauteed Steak With Red Wine Sauce France Beef , Shallots , Wine
 Sauteed Steaks Stuffed With Oysters Australia Beef , Oyster
 Sauteed Veal Kidneys With Juniper Berries Belgium Veal & Calf
 Sauteed Veal Scallops In Sour - Cream Sauce Norway Veal & Calf , Sour Cream
 Sauteed Veal Scallops With Lemon Italy Veal & Calf
 Sauteed Veal Scallops With Marsala Sauce Italy Veal & Calf
 Sauteed Veal Scalops With Cream Sauce France Veal & Calf
 Savoury Cabbage Poland Cabbage , Apple , Pork
 Savoury Lamb Steaks Hungary Lamb & Mutton , Milk , Vinegar
 Savoury Meat Balls With Rice Lebanon Lamb & Mutton , Rice , Tomato
 Savoury Pork Noodles Madagascar Pork , Noodle , Cheese
 Scalloped Aubergine With Lamb Israel Lamb & Mutton , Eggplant , Parsley
 Scotch Collops Scotland Beef , Potato , Egg
 Seafood And Vegetables In Broth Japan Lobster , Kelp & Seaweed , Clam
 Serbian Sausages Serbia Lamb & Mutton , Veal & Calf , Pork
 Shami Kabab Iran Lamb & Mutton , Lentil , Egg
 Shashlik Georgia Lamb & Mutton , Tomato , Lemon
 Shish Kebab Turkey Lamb & Mutton , Tomato , Onion
 Short Ribs Germany Beef
 Short Ribs In A Spicy Sauce England Beef , Curry , Butter
 Shrimp - And - Ham Jambalaya Creole Shrimp , Ham , Tomato
 Shrimp Curry India Shrimp , Coconut , Coriander
 Shrimp Egg Foo Yung China Shrimp , Egg
 Shrimp With Cold Barbecue Sauce Bahamas Shrimp , Oil , Horseradish
 Siberian Meat Dumplings Russia Flour , Pork , Beef
 Simmered Mixed Meats With String Beans And Potatoes Switzerland Beef , Pork , Sausage
 Skewered Calf's Liver And Bacon Switzerland Veal & Calf , Spinach
 Skewered Pork In The Tessin Manner Switzerland Pork , Bacon , Butter
 Skewered Pork With Pomegranate Syrup Azerbaijan Pork
 Sliced Beef With Red - Pepper - And - Radish Garnish Japan Beef , Radish
 Small Swedish Meatballs Sweden Beef , Potato
 Smoked Chicken China Chicken
 Smoked Fish China Carp , Bass , Perch
 Smoked Pork Chops, Baked With Jiffy Barbecue Sauce Bahamas Pork , Celery , Corn
 Smoked Pork With Pureed Split Peas Austria Pork , Peas
 Smothered Chops New Zealand Lamb & Mutton , Tomato , Lemon
 Smothered Duck In Caper Sauce Poland Duck , Capers , Butter
 Soft - Fried Shredded Pork And Eggs China Pork
 Sole Baked With Mussels England Flounder & Sole , Mussel , Oyster
 Sour Curry With Pork India Pork , Vinegar , Potato
 South Seas Fish In Foil Polynesia Trout , Butter , Spinach
 Southern Fried Chicken with Cream Gravy USA Chicken , Cream , Lard & Fat
 Spagetti With Clam Sauce Italy Clam , Spaghetti
 Spanish Lamb Spain Lamb & Mutton , Wine , Garlic
 Spare Ribs Jamaica Pork , Soy Sauce , Garlic
 Spareribs With Pickle Sauce Germany Pork
 Speckled Trout Amandine Creole Trout , Almond
 Speckled Trout Marguery Creole Trout , Mushroom
 Spiced Beef Strips Cuba Beef , Tomato , Onion
 Spiced Chopped Beef With Olives And Raisins Cuba Beef , Olive , Grape & Raisin
 Spiced Kebabs Morocco Lamb & Mutton , Lard & Fat , Leek
 Spiced Leg Of Lamb India Lamb & Mutton , Pistachio , Garlic
 Spiced Mixed Vegetables With Coconut India Coconut , Pepper , Carrot
 Spiced Saffron Rice With Lamb India Rice , Lamb & Mutton , Ghee
 Spicy Fruited Chicken Mexico Chicken , Orange , Almond
 Spicy Roast Beef Barbecue Bahamas Beef , Vinegar , Butter
 Spit-Roasted Quail With Grapes USA Quail , Grape & Raisin
 Spit-Roasted Wild Ducks With Olives USA Duck , Olive
 Spring Lamb With Onions Mongolia Lamb & Mutton , Scallions , Onion
 Stacked Cheese Enchiladas, New Mexico Style Mexico Cheese
 Steak A La Nelson Poland Beef , Cream , Potato
 Steak Diane France Beef , Chives , Parsley
 Steak In Tomato Sauce With Black Beans, Rice And Plantains Venezuela Beef , Beans , Plantain
 Steak With Garlic Turkey Beef , Garlic , Tomato
 Steak With Stuffing Switzerland Beef , Bread , Onion
 Steaks Eszterhazy Hungary Beef , Parsnip , Cream
 Steaks In Caper Sauce Czech Republic Beef , Capers , Mustard
 Steam - Broiled Shrimp With Chicken, Ginkgo Nuts And Mushrooms Japan Chicken , Shrimp , Ginkgo
 Steamed Abaco Wild Hog Bahamas Pork , Onion
 Steamed Beef Slices Poland Beef , Beer , Flour
 Steamed Bratwurst In Sour-Cream Sauce Germany Sausage , Sour Cream
 Steamed Chicken Stuffed With Sweetened Couscous Morocco Chicken , Pasta , Grape & Raisin
 Steamed Couscous With Chicken And Vegetables Algeria Chicken , Pasta , Zucchini
 Steamed Sea Bass With Fermented Black Beans China Bass
 Stewed Pigeons And Cabbage Dominican Republic Pigeon , Cabbage
 Stir - Fried Beef Tenderloin With Vegetables China Beef
 Stir - Fried Chcken Livers With Snow Peas China Chicken , Peas
 Stir - Fried Chicken Breasts With Hoisin Sauce China Chicken , Cashew , Chestnut
 Stir - Fried Chicken With Fresh Bean Sprouts China Chicken
 Stir - Fried Chicken With Fresh Mushrooms China Chicken , Mushroom
 Stir - Fried Chicken With Pine Nuts And Hot Peppers China Chicken , Pine , Pepper
 Stir - Fried Fish Fillets China Bass , Pike
 Stir - Fried Flank Steak With Cellophane Noodles China Noodle , Beef
 Stir - Fried Ground Beef With Smoked Oysters China Beef , Oyster , Lettuce
 Stir - Fried Pork With Kimchee Korea Pork , Cabbage , Scallions
 Stir - Fried Rice Stick Noodles With Shrimp And Vegetables China Noodle , Shrimp
 Stir - Fried Sea Scallops And Pork Kidneys China Scallop , Pork
 Stir - Fried Shrimp With Lobster Sauce China Shrimp
 Stir - Fried Shrimp With Peas China Shrimp , Peas
 Stir - Fried Shrimp With Pepper Sauce China Shrimp
 Stir - Fried Spiced Bean Curd And Pork China Tofu , Pork
 Stripe And Dumplings Poland Tripe , Flour , Parsley
 Stroganoff Steak Russia Beef , Sour Cream
 Stuffed Bean Curd Vietnam Pork , Mushroom , Tofu
 Stuffed Beef Roll Italy Beef , Tomato
 Stuffed Braised Chicken Egypt Chicken , Grape & Raisin , Parsley
 Stuffed Breast Of Veal Austria Veal & Calf , Bread , Mushroom
 Stuffed Cabbage Leaves With Sauerkraut Romania Pork , Cabbage , Sauerkraut
 Stuffed Cabbage Rolls In Sour - Cream Sauce Russia Cabbage , Beef , Sour Cream
 Stuffed Calapeeva Caribbean Islands Whitefish , Haddock , Cod
 Stuffed Capon Philippines Chicken , Pork , Grape & Raisin
 Stuffed Chicken Argentina Chicken , Corn , Egg
 Stuffed Chicken Simmered With Meat And Vegetables France Chicken , Carrot , Leek
 Stuffed Flounder USA Flounder & Sole , Shallots , Shrimp
 Stuffed Green Frying Peppers India Pepper , Potato , Ghee
 Stuffed Loin Of Hogget New Zealand Lamb & Mutton , Tomato , Onion
 Stuffed Meatballs Armenia Lamb & Mutton , Wheat , Onion
 Stuffed Peppers Armenia Pepper , Beef , Rice
 Stuffed Peppers Israel Pepper , Beef
 Stuffed Pigeons Egypt Pigeon , Almond , Grape & Raisin
 Stuffed Ponce Creole Pork , Yam
 Stuffed Pork Chops USA Pork , Carrot , Sausage
 Stuffed Roast Pork Bahamas Pork , Butter , Bread
 Stuffed Shoulder Of Veal Israel Veal & Calf , Parsley , Mushroom
 Stuffed Steak Canada Beef , Onion , Parsley
 Stuffed Steak Chile Beef , Carrot , Spinach
 Stuffed Sweet Peppers Lebanon Pepper , Lamb & Mutton , Tomato
 Stuffed Tomatoes Armenia Tomato , Rice , Lamb & Mutton
 Stuffed Veal Roulades Sweden Veal & Calf , Potato , Leek
 Stuffed Vegetables Saudi Arabia Tomato , Zucchini , Pepper
 Sturgeon Or Halibut In Tomato And Mushroom Sauce Russia Sturgeon , Halibut , Tomato
 Sturgeon Or Swordfish On Skewers Georgia Sturgeon , Swordfish
 Sukiyaki Japan Beef , Soy Sauce , Bamboo
 Sunday Chicken Bahamas Chicken , Mushroom , Wine
 Swedish Meatballs Sweden Beef , Potato , Pork
 Swedish Meatballs In Sherry Sauce Sweden Beef , Pork , Veal & Calf
 Swedish Pork & Prunes Sweden Pork , Plum & Prune , Mustard
 Sweet - And - Sour Fish Vietnam Snapper , Scallions
 Sweet - And - Sour Pork China Pork
 Sweet And Sour Meat Balls Israel Beef , Garlic , Vinegar
 Sweet And Sour Pork China Pork , Pineapple
 Sweet Pork And Egg Cambodia Pork , Egg , Onion
 Sweetbreads And Ham Under Glass USA Ham , Mushroom , Butter
 Sweetbreads In Basque Tomato Sauce Spain Veal & Calf , Flour
 Sweetbreads Or Brains In Brown Butter Sauce France Veal & Calf , Butter
 Swordfish With Lemon Juice And Almonds Morocco Swordfish
 Szechwan Duck China Duck
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 Tandoori Chicken Caribbean Islands Chicken , Ginger , Yogurt
 Tandoori Game Hens India Chicken , Yogurt , Ginger
 Tarragon Chicken France Chicken , Greens , Onion
 Teal Ducks In Port Wine Sauce Creole Duck
 Teal With Orange Sauce Caribbean Islands Duck , Orange
 Temple Of Jade Nabe Japan Cabbage , Clam , Ginkgo
 Tenderloin A La Krejcik Poland Pork , Mushroom , Mustard
 The Fainting Old Man Lebanon Lamb & Mutton , Eggplant , Corn
 The Shah's Pilau Iran Rice , Grape & Raisin , Lamb & Mutton
 Tortillas Filled With Chicken And Sour Cream Mexico Chicken , Sour Cream
 Traditional Roast Lamb With Potatoes Greece Lamb & Mutton , Potato
 Transylvanian Goulash Hungary Pork , Sauerkraut , Sour Cream
 Treasure - Ship Fish Japan Snapper , Sea Urchin , Sesame
 Tropical Chicken Bahamas Chicken , Coconut , Pineapple
 Trout In Herbed Cream Sauce Switzerland Trout , Scallions
 Trout Sauteed In Butter France Trout
 Trout Stuffed With Mushrooms Italy Trout , Mushroom , Perch
 Trout With Apples And Toasted Hazelnuts Ireland Trout , Apple , Hazelnut
 Turkey In Chocolate And Chili Sauce Mexico Turkey , Chocolate , Lard & Fat
 Tyrolean Liver Austria Veal & Calf , Lard & Fat , Sour Cream
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 Veal And Aubergines Syria Veal & Calf , Eggplant
 Veal And Pork Barbecue Serbia Veal & Calf , Pork
 Veal Cutlets Hungary Veal & Calf , Mushroom , Spinach
 Veal Cutlets Three Crowns Italy Veal & Calf , Mushroom , Cheese
 Veal Cutlets With Mushrooms Austria Veal & Calf , Mushroom
 Veal Cutlets With Paprika Australia Veal & Calf , Sour Cream
 Veal Escalopes Netherlands Veal & Calf , Bacon , Egg
 Veal Roast Stuffed With Kidney Germany Veal & Calf
 Veal Rolls Russia Veal & Calf , Mushroom , Sour Cream
 Veal Roulade With Vegetables Czech Republic Veal & Calf , Butter , Peas
 Veal Scaloppine Marsala Italy Veal & Calf , Wine , Mushroom
 Veal Shanks In Pickle Sauce Germany Veal & Calf
 Veal Strips In White Wine And Cream Sauce Switzerland Veal & Calf
 Veal Tongue, Sweetbreads And Mushrooms In White Wine Sauce Germany Veal & Calf , Mushroom , Onion
 Veal With Cream Sauce Austria Veal & Calf , Cream , Capers
 Veal With Green Peas Portugal Veal & Calf , Peas
 Veal With Mushrooms Hungary Veal & Calf , Mushroom , Parsley
 Veal With Olives Greece Veal & Calf , Olive
 Veal With "Roschti" Potatoes Switzerland Veal & Calf , Potato , Wine
 Veal, Zurick Style Austria Veal & Calf , Wine , Milk
 Vegetable Pot Turkey Lamb & Mutton , Tomato , Zucchini
 Venison Collops Scotland Venison , Butter , Flour
 Venison Cutlets With Mushrooms Germany Venison , Mushroom
 Venison Tenderloin In Spiced Brandy Sauce Germany Venison , Shallots
 Viennese Beefsteaks Austria Beef , Onion , Lard & Fat
 Viennese Steaks Austria Beef
 Vineyard Leg Of Lamb USA Lamb & Mutton
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 Walleyed Pike Baked in White Wine Germany Pike
 White - Cut Chicken And Ham In Green Paradise China Chicken , Ham , Broccoli
 White Crown Pigeon Or Any Other Dove With Cream Bahamas Pigeon , Bacon , Butter
 Whole Chicken With Masala India Chicken , Ghee , Yogurt
 Whole Stuffed Roast Lamb Turkey Lamb & Mutton , Rice , Pistachio
 Wiener Schnitzel Austria Veal & Calf , Pork , Bread
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 Yellow Rice With Chicken Cuba Chicken , Rice
 Yoghourt With Meat Lebanon Yogurt , Lamb & Mutton , Onion
 Young Wild Boar Switzerland Pork , Wine , Carrot
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 Zucchini Stuffed With Lamb And Rice Tunisia Zucchini , Lamb & Mutton , Rice
 Zurich Minced Veal Switzerland Veal & Calf , Mushroom , Cream

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