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Argentine Barbeque Or Roast
What You Need:
  • Lamb
  • Beef

  • How To Cook:
    1. The true 'asado' must be cooked in the open to yield its full savor.

    2. It is made by taking a section of the ribs of a sheep or an ox and skewering it on a long metal spike, like that of an iron hurdle.

    3. Then a wood fire is lit on the ground and when this has passed its early and smokier stages, the spike is driven into the ground at an angle, so that the meat hangs over the embers and is slowly roasted, the fire being fed carefully to keep a certain heat.

        The 'criollo', the true Argentine, pours a strong garlic sauce over the meat at intervals, but when the 'asado' is eaten, the flavor of garlic is indiscernible, leaving only a pleasant savories in the meat. He eats the resulting roast in his fingers, having hacked the piece of his choice from the appetizing joint. And if there is anyone who thinks that less primitive ways of cooking meat can compare with this one for fullness of flavor and tenderness, let him try.
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