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 Main Ingredient » Meat & Poultry » Lamb & Mutton (276 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Lamb and/or Mutton from over the world:

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 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
  A         back to top
 Argentine Barbeque Or Roast                    Main Courses Argentina
 Artichokes Stuffed With Lamb In Wine Sauce Main Courses Greece
 Aubergines With Meat                    Main Courses Lebanon
  B         back to top
 Baked Aubergines And Meat                    Appetizers Algeria
 Baked Kibbeh                    Appetizers Lebanon
 Baked Lamb And Cheese With Peppers Main Courses Tunisia
 Baked Onions With Meat-And-Chili Stuffing Appetizers USA
 Barbecued Lamb Chops                    Main Courses Bahamas
 Barbecued Leg Of Lamb                    Main Courses Greece
 Beet And Cabbage Soup                    Soup Russia
 Boiled Lamb In Marjoram Sauce                    Main Courses Austria
 Boiled Marrow Bones                    Appetizers England
 Boiled Shoulder Of Mutton                    Appetizers Wales
 Brain And Walnut Sandwiches                    Appetizers Australia
 Braised Kebab                    Stew Turkey
 Braised Lamb In Wine And Orange Sauce Stew Puerto Rico
 Braised Lamb Shoulder With Fresh Pineapple Stew Indonesia
 Braised Lamb Shoulder With Mustard And Red Wine Sauce Stew Germany
 Braised Lamb With Anchovy Sauce Stew Italy
 Braised Lamb With Egg And Lemon Sauce Stew Italy
 Braised Mutton With Wine                    Main Courses Switzerland
 Braised Shoulder Of Lamb With White Beans Stew France
 Brazilian - Style Liver                    Appetizers Brazil
 Bread And Meat Fritters                    Appetizers Spain
 Breedie Zimbabwe                    Stew Zimbabwe
 Broiled Meatballs On Spits                    Main Courses Turkey
 Broiled Skewered Ground Lamb                    Main Courses India
 Broiled Skewered Lamb                    Appetizers Indonesia
 Butterflied Leg Of Lamb, Greek Style Main Courses Greece
  C         back to top
 Cabbage And Lamb Hot - Pot                    Main Courses Finland
 Cabbage Leaf Dolmas                    Appetizers Turkey
 Cape Province Bean Stew                    Stew South Africa
 Caper Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments England
 Chargrilled Lamb With Onions And Peppers Main Courses Cuba
 Chelo Kebab                    Main Courses Iran
 Chopped Meat With Poached Eggs Appetizers Turkey
 Coachman's Pan                    Main Courses Sweden
 Cock - A - Leekie Soup                    Soup Scotland
 Cocktail Shish Kebab                    Main Courses Greece
 Colonial Goose                    Main Courses Australia
 Crown Roast Of Lamb With Peas And New Potatoes Main Courses USA
 Crumbed Chops                    Main Courses New Zealand
 Cuban Lamb Shanks                    Main Courses Cuba
 Cucumber Lamb                    Main Courses Australia
 Cured Smoked Leg Of Mutton                    Appetizers Norway
 Curried Ground Lamb With Onions Main Courses India
 Curried Lamb                    Main Courses India
 Curried Lamb                    Main Courses Jamaica
  D         back to top
 Deep - Fried Filled Pastries                    Appetizers India
 Deep - Fried Lamb Dumplings                    Appetizers Central Asia
 Deviled Kidneys                    Main Courses England
 Devonshire Squab Pie                    Pie & Tart England
 Dilled Lamb Stew                    Stew Denmark
 Dutch Mutton Stew                    Stew South Africa
  F         back to top
 French Beans With Minced Meat                    Appetizers Turkey
 Fricassee Of Lamb With Lemon And Garlic Stew Spain
 Fried Marrow Stew                    Stew Lebanon
 Fried Meats In Batter                    Appetizers Turkey
 Fried Mutton Slices                    Appetizers Chile
 Fried Stuffed Marrows                    Main Courses Lebanon
  G         back to top
 Galantlne Of Sheep's Head                    Appetizers South Africa
 Georgian Skewered Lamb                    Main Courses Georgia
 Ghana Jollof Rice                    Main Courses Ghana
 Grape Leaf Dolmas                    Appetizers Turkey
 Grapevine Leaves Stuffed With Lamb And Rice Appetizers Azerbaijan
 Green Peas With Meat                    Main Courses Lebanon
 Grilled Marinaded Meat                    Main Courses Zimbabwe
 Grilled Meat With Eggs                    Main Courses Egypt
 Grilled Skewered Lamb                    Main Courses India
 Ground Lamb Meatballs Filled With Hard - Cooked Eggs Main Courses India
 Ground Lamb Meatballs Stuffed With Almonds In Curry Sauce Main Courses India
 Ground Lamb Sausages                    Main Courses Azerbaijan
 Ground Lamb Turnovers                    Appetizers Tunisia
 Groundnut Meat Stew                    Stew Ghana
  H         back to top
 Haggis                    Main Courses Scotland
 Hand - Rolled Sausages                    Main Courses Armenia
 Holiday Meat Pie                    Pie & Tart Greece
 Hotch - Potch                    Soup Scotland
 Hunter's Dish                    Pie & Tart Netherlands
 Hunter's Lamb                    Main Courses Poland
  I         back to top
 Irish Lamb Stew With Dill                    Stew Ireland
 Irish Stew                    Stew Ireland
 Irish Stew                    Stew Ireland
  J         back to top
 Jack's Beefsteak & Kidney Pie                    Pie & Tart England
 Jellied Lamb                    Appetizers China
 Jerk Lamb Chops                    Main Courses Jamaica
  K         back to top
 Kibbas                    Appetizers Israel
 Kid Stew With Sweet Red Peppers And Coriander Stew Ecuador
 Kidney Rolls                    Main Courses Australia
 Kidney Stew                    Stew Puerto Rico
 Kidney With Onions                    Appetizers Austria
 Kidneys With Ham                    Main Courses Spain
 Koubbeh In A Tray                    Main Courses Lebanon
  L         back to top
 Lady Meat Balls                    Appetizers Turkey
 Lamb & Onions With Honey                    Main Courses Morocco
 Lamb - And - Cabbage Casserole Main Courses Norway
 Lamb and Broccoli St. Francis                    Main Courses USA
 Lamb And Cabbage Stew                    Stew Norway
 Lamb And Cardamom                    Main Courses Ethiopia
 Lamb And Chestnut Pilau                    Main Courses Iraq
 Lamb And Eggplant Parmesan                    Appetizers Greece
 Lamb And Pineapple Curry                    Main Courses India
 Lamb And Prunes With Almonds                    Main Courses Algeria
 Lamb And Vegetable Stew                    Stew Chile
 Lamb Brewats                    Appetizers Morocco
 Lamb Broth                    Soup Scotland
 Lamb Chop And Vegetable Casserole Stew Serbia
 Lamb Chops And Sausages In Tomato Sauce Main Courses Spain
 Lamb Chops In Onion Sauce                    Main Courses Germany
 Lamb Chops In Orange Sauce                    Main Courses New Zealand
 Lamb Chops In Tomato Sauce                    Main Courses Spain
 Lamb Chops With Apricots                    Main Courses South Africa
 Lamb Curry                    Main Courses India
 Lamb Curry With Bananas                    Main Courses Java
 Lamb Cutlets Navarra                    Main Courses Spain
 Lamb In Dill Sauce                    Main Courses Sweden
 Lamb Kebabs                    Main Courses Turkey
 Lamb Kufte With Eggplant                    Main Courses Armenia
 Lamb On Skewers                    Main Courses Croatia
 Lamb Pie With Phyllo                    Pie & Tart Greece
 Lamb Shank Soup                    Soup Morocco
 Lamb Shanks                    Main Courses Armenia
 Lamb Shanks With Lentils                    Main Courses Greece
 Lamb Shoulder Chops With Herb Gravy Main Courses Australia
 Lamb Soup                    Soup Croatia
 Lamb Stew                    Stew Armenia
 Lamb Stew                    Stew Ireland
 Lamb Stew                    Main Courses Morocco
 Lamb Stew With Endives                    Stew Belgium
 Lamb Stew With Spring Vegetables Stew France
 Lamb Stew With Spring Vegetables Stew France
 Lamb Tongues                    Main Courses Iran
 Lamb Vindaloo                    Stew India
 Lamb With Cashew - Nut Curry                    Main Courses India
 Lamb With Chestnuts And Raisins Main Courses Tunisia
 Lamb With Coconut Masala                    Stew India
 Lamb With Lemons And Olives                    Main Courses Morocco
 Lamb With Rice                    Main Courses Iran
 Lamb With Rice                    Main Courses Turkey
 Lamb With Yoghurt, Coconut Milk And Almond Masala Main Courses India
 Lamb's Liver And Gammon                    Appetizers Portugal
 Lamb, Bean And Artichoke Casserole Main Courses Tunisia
 Lamb, Corned Beef And Vegetable Stew Stew Caribbean Islands
 Lamb, Onion And Honey Casserole Main Courses Morocco
 Lambs' Tongues With Raisin Sauce Main Courses Netherlands
 Lancashire Hot – Pot                    Main Courses England
 Lancashire Hot Pot                    Main Courses England
 Le Hochepot                    Main Courses Belgium
 Lebanese Meatballs                    Appetizers Lebanon
 Lebanese Shish Kebab                    Main Courses Lebanon
 Leg Of Lamb A La Orensana                    Main Courses Spain
 Leg Of Lamb With Mushroom And Wine Sauce Main Courses Spain
 Lemon - Flavored Souzoukakia                    Appetizers Greece
 Lithuanian Ravioli                    Appetizers Lithuania
 Liver Kebabs                    Appetizers Turkey
  M         back to top
 Macaroni - Lamb Salad                    Salads Australia
 Marinated Lamb Brains In Lemon Sauce Appetizers Greece
 Marinated Lamb Kabobs                    Main Courses Morocco
 Marinated Leg Of Lamb                    Appetizers Serbia
 Marriage Soup                    Soup Turkey
 Mashed Curried Vegetables, Dried Peas And Beans With Lamb Main Courses India
 Meat And Cheese Balls                    Main Courses Lebanon
 Meat Balls In Spicy Sauce                    Main Courses Algeria
 Meat Balls In Spinach                    Appetizers Turkey
 Meat Balls In Tomato Sauce                    Main Courses Turkey
 Meat Burek                    Appetizers Morocco
 Meat Curry                    Appetizers Zimbabwe
 Meat Pasties                    Appetizers Algeria
 Meat Rolls                    Appetizers Serbia
 Meat Salad                    Salads Argentina
 Meat Stew With Peas                    Stew Egypt
 Meat With Sweetbreads                    Main Courses Belgium
 Meatball Stew                    Main Courses Morocco
 Minced Mutton Balls                    Main Courses Turkey
 Mixed Meat And Vegetable Casserole Main Courses Germany
 Mongolian Fire Pot (Rinsed Lamb) Stew China
 Msanif                    Appetizers Madagascar
 Mtabak                    Appetizers Kenya
 Mutton And Cabbage                    Main Courses Norway
 Mutton And Lentil Balls                    Appetizers Iran
 Mutton And Onion Stew                    Stew Algeria
 Mutton Casserole                    Main Courses Serbia
 Mutton Chops With Paprika                    Main Courses Croatia
 Mutton Cuscus                    Main Courses Egypt
 Mutton Pilaf                    Main Courses Iran
 Mutton Saucer Pies                    Pie & Tart England
 Mutton Stew                    Stew Iran
 Mutton Stew                    Stew Wales
 Mutton Stew                    Stew Bahamas
 Mutton With Aubergines                    Stew Iran
 Mutton With Mushrooms                    Main Courses Syria
 Mutton With Runner Beans                    Stew Austria
 Mutton, Rice And Chick Peas                    Main Courses Lebanon
  O         back to top
 Okra And Lamb Stew                    Stew Lebanon
 One Meatball                    Main Courses Iran
  P         back to top
 Paloc Soup                    Soup Hungary
 Pembrokeshire Mutton Pie                    Pie & Tart Wales
 Port Royal Lamb Shanks                    Main Courses Jamaica
 Portuguese Style Cutlets                    Main Courses Portugal
 Potted Lamb                    Main Courses Turkey
  R         back to top
 Ramadan Soup With Lamb                    Soup Morocco
 Raw Kibbeh                    Appetizers Lebanon
 Rice Pilaf With Lamb And Vegetables Main Courses Central Asia
 Rice, Aubergine And Meat Casserole Stew Lebanon
 Rissoles                    Appetizers Zimbabwe
 Roast Crown Of Hogget                    Main Courses New Zealand
 Roast Lamb Shanks and Lentils                    Main Courses USA
 Roast Lamb With Artichokes                    Main Courses Greece
 Roast Leg Of Lamb                    Main Courses France
 Roast Leg Of Lamb With Mint Sauce Main Courses England
 Roast Mint-Stuffed Leg Of Lamb Main Courses USA
 Roast Shoulder Of Lamb                    Main Courses Syria
 Roast Spring Lamb                    Main Courses France
 Roast Stuffed Leg Of Lamb                    Main Courses New Zealand
 Roast Welsh Lamb                    Main Courses Wales
 Roasted Lamb                    Main Courses Morocco
 Rolled Leg Of Lamb Roasted With Mint Main Courses Portugal
 Rolled Stuffed Leg Of Lamb                    Main Courses Greece
  S         back to top
 Saffron Braised Lamb                    Stew Egypt
 Saffron Rice With Ground Lamb                    Main Courses India
 Samosa                    Appetizers Ethiopia
 Sandwich Rolls                    Appetizers Norway
 Sauteed Kidneys With Mustard Sauce Main Courses France
 Sauteed Lamb Chops With Aioli Sauce Main Courses Italy
 Sauteed Sliced Kidneys                    Main Courses Italy
 Savoury Lamb Steaks                    Main Courses Hungary
 Savoury Meat Balls With Rice                    Main Courses Lebanon
 Savoury Stuffed Quinces                    Appetizers Iran
 Scalloped Aubergine With Lamb                    Main Courses Israel
 Scotch Broth                    Soup Scotland
 Serbian Sausages                    Main Courses Serbia
 Shami Kabab                    Main Courses Iran
 Shashlik                    Main Courses Georgia
 Sheep's Head Broth                    Soup Scotland
 Sheep's Tongues In Aspic                    Appetizers Australia
 Shish Kebab                    Main Courses Turkey
 Skewered Lamb - And - Beef Sausage Rolls Appetizers Serbia
 Slashed Eggplant                    Appetizers Turkey
 Smothered Chops                    Main Courses New Zealand
 Spanish Lamb                    Main Courses Spain
 Spiced Bahamian Souse                    Appetizers Bahamas
 Spiced Kebabs                    Main Courses Morocco
 Spiced Leg Of Lamb                    Main Courses India
 Spiced Saffron Rice With Lamb                    Main Courses India
 Spicy Mutton Casserole                    Stew Australia
 Spring Lamb With Onions                    Main Courses Mongolia
 Steamed Couscous With Lamb, Vegetables And Raisins Stew Morocco
 Stew With Meat And Vegetables                    Stew Lebanon
 Stewed Meat With Vegetable Marrow Stew Turkey
 Stewed Mutton                    Stew Turkey
 Stuffed Deep - Fried Pastries                    Appetizers India
 Stuffed Grape Leaves                    Appetizers Lebanon
 Stuffed Grape Leaves With Avgolemono Sauce Appetizers Greece
 Stuffed Loin Of Hogget                    Main Courses New Zealand
 Stuffed Meatballs                    Main Courses Armenia
 Stuffed Peppers                    Appetizers Austria
 Stuffed Rice Balls                    Appetizers Iraq
 Stuffed Sweet Peppers                    Main Courses Lebanon
 Stuffed Tomatoes                    Main Courses Armenia
 Stuffed Vegetables                    Appetizers Turkey
 Stuffed Vine Leaves                    Appetizers Croatia
 Swedish Hash                    Soup Sweden
  T         back to top
 Tarragon Lamb                    Stew Hungary
 The Fainting Old Man                    Main Courses Lebanon
 The Shah's Pilau                    Main Courses Iran
 Traditional Roast Lamb With Potatoes Main Courses Greece
  U         back to top
 Usbek Lamb Dumplings                    Appetizers Central Asia
  V         back to top
 Vegetable Pot                    Main Courses Turkey
 Vineyard Leg Of Lamb                    Main Courses USA
  W         back to top
 Wellington Lamb Stew                    Stew New Zealand
 Wellington Pie                    Pie & Tart New Zealand
 Whole Stuffed Roast Lamb                    Main Courses Turkey
  Y         back to top
 Yoghourt With Meat                    Main Courses Lebanon
 Yogurt Soup                    Soup Iraq
  Z         back to top
 Zucchini Stuffed With Lamb And Rice Main Courses Tunisia
 Zuni Green-Chili Stew                    Stew USA

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