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 Dish ╗ Candy (22 recipes)

Easy, quick, and simple Candy recipes:

 Recipe Name Cuisine Main Ingredient
 Almond - And - Pistachio Candy India Pistachio , Milk , Almond
 Almond Nougat Creole Almond , Butter , Vanilla
 Almond Sweetmeat Ethiopia Almond , Cardamom
 Benny Cakes Haiti Sesame , Peanut , Orange
 Butterscotch Brownies USA Butter , Vanilla , Walnut
 Chocolate Brownies USA Chocolate , Walnut , Butter
 Cocoa-Flavored Brown-Sugar Candy Netherlands Hazelnut , Walnut , Cocoa
 Coconut Drops Jamaica Coconut , Ginger , Vanilla
 Deep - Fried Banana Fritters Spain Banana , Flour , Milk
 Dried Figs Stuffed With Almonds And Chocolate Portugal Fig , Almond , Chocolate
 Egg And Almond Slices In Syrup Portugal Egg , Almond
 Fig Candies With Almonds Portugal Fig , Almond
 Grape - And - Walnut Candies Georgia Walnut , Grape & Raisin
 Honey Drops Canada Honey , Flour , Butter
 Lime Toffee Nigeria Lime , Ginger
 Nut Sticks Creole Flour , Walnut , Butter
 Pears Candied In Honey Poland Pear , Honey
 Pecan Pralines Creole Pecan
 Pistachio-Filled Candied Dates Tunisia Pistachio
 Sesame Candy Saudi Arabia Sesame , Honey
 Syrup Diamonds Norway Flour , Butter , Almond
 Walnut Honey Candy Georgia Honey , Walnut

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