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 Main Ingredient ╗ Fruits ╗ Orange (95 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Orange from over the world:

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 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
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 Almond Float                    Desserts China
 Ambrosia                    Desserts Bahamas
 Ambrosia Cake                    Cake & Muffins Sweden
 Arabian Orange Salad                    Salads Saudi Arabia
 Avocado - Citrus Salad                    Salads Brazil
  B         back to top
 Bahama Mama                      Bahamas
 Bahama Royal                      Bahamas
 Bahama Yellow Bird                      Bahamas
 Baked Alaska                    Cake & Muffins USA
 Baked Fresh Pears                    Desserts Canada
 Banana Jam                    Desserts Nigeria
 Beets With Orange Sauce                    Appetizers Caribbean Islands
 Ben Rhydding Pudding (Yorkshire) Pudding England
 Benny Cakes                    Candy Haiti
 Braised Lamb In Wine And Orange Sauce Stew Puerto Rico
  C         back to top
 Cafe Brulat                    Desserts Creole
 Caribbean Salad Bowl                    Salads Caribbean Islands
 Carrot Ambrosia                    Desserts Caribbean Islands
 Carrots With Anise                    Salads Italy
 Chestnut Preserve                    Desserts Algeria
 Chestnut Soup                    Soup Malta
 Chicken Marinated In Orange                    Marinades & Pickles Bahamas
 Chicken Steamed With Fruit Juice Appetizers Mexico
 Christmas Citrus Punch                    Desserts Bahamas
 Citrus Dressing                    Sauces & Condiments Caribbean Islands
 Citrus Glazed Chicken Wings                    Appetizers Jamaica
 Cold Orange Souffle                    Desserts USA
 Cranberry-Orange Relish                    Sauces & Condiments USA
 Creole Champagne Punch                    Desserts Creole
 Cumberland Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments England
  D         back to top
 Duck In Orange Aspic With Orange And Onion Salad Main Courses USA
 Duck With Orange                    Main Courses Brazil
  F         back to top
 Filled Pastries                    Cake & Muffins Finland
 Flavored Ices                    Desserts Italy
 Fruit Salad                    Salads Australia
 Fruited Pork - Rice Salad                    Salads Hawaii
  G         back to top
 Ginger Fruit Kabobs                    Desserts USA
 Glazed And Braised Pork                    Stew Haiti
 Glazed Oranges                    Desserts USA
 Glogg                    Desserts  
 Grandmother Brown's Rhubarb Marmalade Desserts USA
 Green - Fruit Salad                    Salads Israel
 Guava And Lime Cups                    Desserts Nigeria
  H         back to top
 Hot Orange Pudding                    Desserts China
  I         back to top
 Iberian Green Salad With Oranges Salads Spain
  J         back to top
 Jellied Orange Consomme                    Soup Caribbean Islands
 Jelly Crepes                    Cookies Creole
  K         back to top
 Kumquat Salad                    Salads Hawaii
  L         back to top
 Lemon Punch                    Desserts Kenya
 Lemon-Orange Ice                    Desserts USA
 Little Orange Sticks                    Desserts Austria
 Louisiana Bird - Of - Paradise Salad Salads USA
  M         back to top
 Marmalade Pudding                    Pudding England
 Matrimony                    Desserts Caribbean Islands
 Molded Orange - Carrot Salad                    Salads Spain
 Molded Orange-Flavored Cream                    Desserts France
 Molded Steamed Chicken, Cornmeal And Vegetables Main Courses Brazil
  N         back to top
 Naseberry Nectar                    Desserts Caribbean Islands
  O         back to top
 Orange - Onion Salad                    Salads Israel
 Orange - Radish Salad                    Salads Morocco
 Orange - Raspberry Molded Salad Desserts Austria
 Orange Bread                    Bread Bahamas
 Orange Cake                    Cake & Muffins Bahamas
 Orange Caramel Custard                    Desserts Spain
 Orange Grilled Fish                    Main Courses Bahamas
 Orange Ice Box Dessert                    Desserts Caribbean Islands
 Orange Liqueur Souffle                    Desserts France
 Orange Marmalade                    Desserts Bahamas
 Orange Omelette                    Breakfast Dishes Portugal
 Orange Sections With Orange-Blossom Water Desserts Morocco
 Orange Sesame Seed Rolls                    Bread Greece
 Orange Sorbet                    Desserts Bahamas
 Orange-Flavored Doughnuts Dipped In Honey Syrup Cake & Muffins Tunisia
 Orange-Walnut Torte                    Pie & Tart USA
  P         back to top
 Peanut - Butter Fruit Dressing Sauces & Condiments USA
 Pork Tenderloin                    Main Courses Denmark
 Pumpkin Jam                    Desserts Bahamas
  Q         back to top
 Quail With Orange - Liqueur Sauce Main Courses Creole
  R         back to top
 Radish-And-Orange Salad                    Salads Morocco
 Red Wine And Fruit Punch                    Desserts Spain
 Roast Duck, Seville Style                    Main Courses Spain
  S         back to top
 Sea Grape Jelly Or Orange Jelly Or Guava Jelly Desserts Bahamas
 Seville Orange Marmalade                    Desserts Scotland
 Smorgasbord Fruit Salad                    Salads Sweden
 Spicy Fruited Chicken                    Main Courses Mexico
 Strawberries And Orange                    Desserts Spain
 Streusel Cake                    Cake & Muffins Austria
 Stuffed Oranges                    Desserts Austria
 Sweet Potato Pie                    Pie & Tart Puerto Rico
  T         back to top
 Teal With Orange Sauce                    Main Courses Caribbean Islands
 Thai Orange Salad                    Salads Thailand
 Tropical Salsa                    Sauces & Condiments Haiti
  V         back to top
 Viennese Orange Cake                    Cake & Muffins Austria
  W         back to top
 Watermelon Marbles                    Desserts Bahamas
 West Indies Melon Salad                    Salads India

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