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 Main Ingredient ╗ Meat & Poultry ╗ Duck (41 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Duck from over the world:

 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
 Boiled Salted Duck                    Main Courses Wales
 Braised Duck With Cabbage                    Stew Romania
 Braised Duck With Coriander Rice Stew Peru
 Braised Duck With Peppers And Ginger Stew Indonesia
 Braised Duckling                    Stew Caribbean Islands
 Braised Pintail Duck                    Stew Creole
 Broiled Long Island Duckling                    Main Courses USA
 Casserole Of Duck With Rice                    Main Courses Portugal
 Casserole Of White Beans Baked With Meats Appetizers France
 Duck - And - Sausage Gumbo                    Soup Creole
 Duck And Pineapple                    Main Courses Caribbean Islands
 Duck In Orange Aspic With Orange And Onion Salad Main Courses USA
 Duck Jambalaya                    Main Courses Creole
 Duck Salad                    Salads Belgium
 Duck Sauce With Dried Cherries Main Courses Serbia
 Duck Simmered In Sake - Seasoned Sauce Main Courses Japan
 Duck With Black Olives                    Main Courses Romania
 Duck With Orange                    Main Courses Brazil
 Duck With Red Cabbage                    Main Courses Poland
 Duck With Turnips                    Main Courses France
 Eggplant With Dried - Fruit Stuffing Appetizers Ethiopia
 Eight - Jewel Duck                    Main Courses China
 Grapefruit Duck                    Main Courses USA
 Hunters Stew                    Main Courses Poland
 Pan - Broiled Duck And Vegetables With Dipping Sauce Main Courses Japan
 Peking Duck                    Main Courses China
 Roast Duck Stuffed With Apples And Prunes Main Courses Denmark
 Roast Duck With Apple And Bread Stuffing Main Courses Germany
 Roast Duck With Cashew Stuffing Main Courses India
 Roast Duck With Sausage - And - Ham - Flavored Rice Main Courses Portugal
 Roast Duck, Seville Style                    Main Courses Spain
 Roast Stuffed Duck Or Goose                    Main Courses Norway
 Roast Stuffed Duck With Pineappe Main Courses Dominican Republic
 Sake - Steamed Duck                    Appetizers Japan
 Salmi Of Duck                    Main Courses Bahamas
 Sausage - Stuffed Mallard Ducks Main Courses Creole
 Smothered Duck In Caper Sauce                    Main Courses Poland
 Spit-Roasted Wild Ducks With Olives Main Courses USA
 Szechwan Duck                    Main Courses China
 Teal Ducks In Port Wine Sauce                    Main Courses Creole
 Teal With Orange Sauce                    Main Courses Caribbean Islands

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