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 Cuisine ╗ Europe ╗ Germany (136 recipes)

Delicious recipes brought from the German table to yours:

 Recipe Name Main Ingredient
Bavarian Sausage - Potato Salad Sausage , Potato , Celery
Beef Roll - Ups                  Beef , Bacon , Mustard
Beet Salad                  Beet , Vinegar , Onion
Bouquet Salad                  Egg , Watercress , Oil
Celery Root And Apple Salad                  Celery , Mayonnaise , Apple
Celery Salad                  Celery , Beet , Dill
Fresh Ham, Mock-Boar Style                  Ham , Wine
German Potato Salad                  Potato , Sour Cream , Parsley
German Potato Salad                  Potato , Dill , Parsley
German Vegetable Salad                  Cauliflower , Peas , Mushroom
Green Bean Salad                  Beans
Ham Braised In Burgundy                  Ham
Hot Frankfurter - Macaroni Salad Sausage , Macaroni , Sauerkraut
Hot Potato Salad With Bacon                  Potato , Bacon
Jellied Ham Salad                  Ham , Gelatin
Leek Salad                  Leek
Mushrooms With Tomatoes And Bacon Mushroom , Bacon
Pickled-Beet Salad                  Beet
Potato Dumplings                  Potato , Bread , Flour
Potato Dumplings                  Potato , Flour , Egg
Potato Dumplings With Prune-Butter Filling Potato , Butter , Flour
Potatoes With Apples                  Potato
Rollmops                  Herring
Sauerbraten                  Beef , Vinegar , Wine
Stewed Cucumbers With Sour Cream And Dill Cucumber , Sour Cream , Dill
Stuffed Breast Of Veal                  Veal & Calf , Sausage , Bread
Summer Potato Salad                  Potato
Tiny Dumplings                  Flour , Milk , Egg
Yeast Dumplings                  Flour , Butter
Baked Kale With Potatoes                  Kale , Butter , Potato
Beans With Fruit And Vegetables Beans
Braised Lamb Shoulder With Mustard And Red Wine Sauce Lamb & Mutton , Mustard , Wine
Braised Rabbit In Spiced Red Wine Sauce Rabbit & Hare , Shallots , Wine
Braised Stuffed Beef Rolls                  Beef , Mustard
Braised Stuffed Veal Roll                  Veal & Calf , Onion , Sausage
Brussels Sprouts With Ham And Tomatoes Cabbage , Ham , Tomato
Chicken Giblet And Barley Soup Chicken
Cream Of Cauliflower Soup                  Cauliflower , Milk , Butter
Farina Dumplings                  Flour , Milk , Butter
German Noodles                  Flour , Egg , Milk
German Potato Apple Stew                  Ham , Potato , Apple
Hot Beer Soup                  Beer , Egg
Lentil Soup                  Lentil , Parsnip
Lima Bean Soup With Tomatoes                  Beans , Tomato
Pineapple Sauerkraut                  Sauerkraut , Pineapple
Potato Soup                  Potato
Potato Soup With Cucumber                  Potato , Cucumber
Red Cabbage                  Cabbage , Apple , Vinegar
Red Cabbage With Apples                  Cabbage
Sauerkraut                  Sauerkraut , Bacon , Wine
Sauerkraut With Wine And Grapes Sauerkraut , Wine , Grape & Raisin
Sour Potatoes                  Potato
Steamed Spiced Sauerkraut                  Sauerkraut , Pork
Vegetable-Beef Soup With Tiny Dumplings Beef
Yellow Pea Puree With Bacon                  Peas , Bacon
Dresden Christmas Fruit Bread                  Flour , Almond , Cherry
Eggs With Bacon, Onions And Potatoes Egg , Bacon , Potato
Endive Baked With Ham And Cheese Ham , Endive & Chicory
German Bread                  Flour , Cocoa
Gingerbread House                  Flour , Honey , Butter
Potato Pancakes With Applesauce Potato , Lard & Fat
White Bread With Caraway Seeds Flour
Beef In Spiced Sour-Cream Sauce Beef , Sour Cream
Beef Short Ribs With Spiced Lemon-and-Caper Sauce Beef , Onion , Capers
Beefsteak Tartar                  Beef , Anchovy , Capers
Berlin-Style Chicken Fricassee Chicken , Asparagus , Shrimp
Boiled Beef With Chive Sauce                  Beef , Cream , Chives
Braised Beef With Caper Sauce                  Beef , Capers
Bratwurst In Sweet-Sour Sauce                  Sausage
Calf's Liver With Apples And Onion Rings Veal & Calf , Apple , Onion
Corned Beef Hash With Salt Herring Beef , Lard & Fat , Herring
Fillet Of Walleyed Pike With Mustard Butter Pike , Mustard
Fish "For A Hangover" With Tomato Sauce And Pickles Tomato , Flounder & Sole
Game Birds In Burgundy                  Partridge , Quail , Pheasant
Halibut Under A Mountain Of Cream Halibut
Lamb Chops In Onion Sauce                  Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Cream
Marinated Pot Roast In Sweet-And-Sour Sauce Beef
Mixed Meat And Vegetable Casserole Lamb & Mutton , Veal & Calf , Pork
Pheasant In Red Wine                  Pheasant , Mushroom , Wine
Pheasant With Giblet And Crouton Stuffing Pheasant , Bread
Pickled Beef Roast                  Beef , Vinegar , Wine
Pickled Pork Hocks                  Pork
Poached Meatballs In Lemon-And-Caper Sauce Beef , Veal & Calf , Anchovy
Pork Chops In Aspic                  Pork , Wine
Pork Chops With Knockwurst And Potatoes Pork , Sausage , Potato
Roast Duck With Apple And Bread Stuffing Duck , Bread , Apple
Roast Goose With Apple, Raisin And Nut Stuffing Goose , Apple , Grape & Raisin
Roast Partridges With Grapes                  Partridge
Roast Saddle Of Venison With Red Wine Sauce Venison , Wine , Pear
Roasted Smoked Pork Loin                  Pork , Carrot , Lard & Fat
Short Ribs                  Beef
Spareribs With Pickle Sauce                  Pork
Steamed Bratwurst In Sour-Cream Sauce Sausage , Sour Cream
Veal Roast Stuffed With Kidney Veal & Calf
Veal Shanks In Pickle Sauce                  Veal & Calf
Veal Tongue, Sweetbreads And Mushrooms In White Wine Sauce Veal & Calf , Mushroom , Onion
Venison Cutlets With Mushrooms Venison , Mushroom
Venison Tenderloin In Spiced Brandy Sauce Venison , Shallots
Walleyed Pike Baked in White Wine Pike
Caper Dressing                  Capers , Sour Cream , Mustard
Green Herb Sauce                  Chives , Sorrel , Parsley
Old - Fashioned Boiled Dressing Milk , Flour , Vinegar
Apple and Cream Dessert - "First Frost" Apple , Cream
Apple And Pumpernickel Crumb Dessert Apple , Bread
Baked White Bread Pudding                  Bread , Milk , Egg
Cheese - Noodle Pudding                  Cheese , Noodle , Cream
Dessert Dumplings With Vanila Sauce Flour , Vanilla , Milk
Dried Fruit Compote                 
Fish Pudding                  Whitefish , Anchovy , Tomato
Hazelnut Cream Pudding                  Hazelnut , Cream , Gelatin
Lemon-Cream Dessert                  Lemon , Cream , Gelatin
Steamed Chocolate Pudding                  Chocolate , Egg , Almond
Wine Jelly With Fruit                  Pear , Wine , Gelatin
Almond Layer Cake                  Almond
Apple And Rum Custard Cake                  Apple , Flour , Egg
Apple-Filled Pancakes                  Apple
Black Forest Cherry Cake                  Cherry , Cocoa , Flour
Cake With Plums                  Plum & Prune , Flour , Ice Cream
Farina Layer Cake With Almonds Almond
German's Chocolate Cake With Coconut Frosting Chocolate , Flour , Coconut
Honey Cake                  Honey , Almond , Flour
Layer Cake With Butter-Cream Filling and Praline Topping Flour
Loaf Cake With Raisins, Almonds and Rum Almond , Grape & Raisin , Currant
Mixed Fruit Tart                  Flour , Almond , Strawberry
Onion Pie                  Onion , Sour Cream , Flour
Poppy-Seed Cake                  Flour , Poppy Seed , Grape & Raisin
Sugar-Crumb Cake                  Flour
Almond Crescent Cookies                  Flour
Brown Butter Cookies                  Flour , Vanilla , Butter
Chocolate Pretzels                  Chocolate , Cocoa , Flour
Hazelnut Macaroons                  Hazelnut , Cocoa , Vanilla
Molded Anise-Seed Cookies                  Flour
Pressed Hazelnut Cookies                  Hazelnut , Flour , Butter
S-Shaped Butter Cookies                  Flour
Spice Cookies                  Flour , Honey , Butter
Spiced Honey Cookies                  Honey

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