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 Cuisine ╗ Asia ╗ China (127 recipes)

Delicious recipes brought from the Chinese table to yours:

 Recipe Name Main Ingredient
Chinese Tea                 
Boiled Or Fried Pork Dumplings, Northern Style Pork , Flour
Braised Chinese Mushrooms Stuffed With Pork And Water Chestnuts Mushroom , Pork , Chestnut
Celery And Dried - Shrimp Salad Celery , Shrimp
Crabmeat And Cucumber Salad                  Cucumber , Crab
Cucumber Salad With Spicy Dressing Cucumber
Deep - Fried Shrimp Balls                  Shrimp , Chestnut , Oil
Deep - Fried Shrimp Toast                  Shrimp , Chestnut , Bread
Deep - Fried Wonton Filled With Pork And Shrimp Shrimp , Pork
Drunk Chicken                  Chicken , Ginger , Wine
Egg Rolls With Shrimp And Pork Shrimp , Pork , Flour
Fresh Asparagus Salad                  Asparagus , Soy Sauce
Fresh Broccoli Salad                  Broccoli , Soy Sauce , Almond
Fresh Lotus Root Salad                  Lotus Root , Vinegar , Soy Sauce
Jellied Fish                  Pike , Bass
Jellied Lamb                  Lamb & Mutton , Gelatin , Garlic
Oriental Bitter Melon Salad                  Cucumber , Scallions , Radish
Rolled Egg Pancake With Pork Filling Egg , Pork
Smoked Eggs                  Egg , Soy Sauce
Squirrel Fish                  Bass , Carp , Pike
Steamed Buns With Roast Pork Filling Pork
Steamed Crabmeat Dumplings                  Crab , Mushroom , Wheat
Steamed Pork Dumplings, Cantonese Style Pork , Bamboo
Steamed Shrimp Dumplings                  Shrimp
Stir - Fried Abalone With Chinese Cabbage Abalone , Cabbage
Stir - Fried Broccoli                  Broccoli
Stir - Fried Crabmeat With Bean Curd Crab , Tofu
Stir - Fried Icicle Radish With Clams Radish , Clam
Stir - Fried Lotus Root, Chinese Mushrooms And Bamboo Shoots Lotus Root , Mushroom , Bamboo
Stir - Fried Snow Peas With Chinese Mushrooms And Bamboo Shoots Peas , Mushroom , Bamboo
Stir - Fried String Beans And Water Chestnuts Beans , Chestnut
Stuffed Mushrooms                  Mushroom , Pork , Chestnut
Tea Leaf Eggs                  Egg
Ten - Varieties Vegetarian Dish Noodle , Bamboo , Chestnut
Watercress And Water Chestnut Salad Chestnut , Watercress
Bird's Nest Soup                  Chicken
Boiled Egg Noodles With Meat Sauce Noodle , Pork
Braised Eggplant With Dried Shrimp Eggplant , Shrimp
Braised Pork With Bean Curd Skin And Chinese Mushrooms Pork , Mushroom , Tofu
Braised Star Anise Beef                  Beef , Soy Sauce
Chicken Congee                  Rice , Chicken , Kohlrabi
Chinese Boiled Rice                  Rice
Chinese Noodle Soup                  Noodle , Bamboo , Watercress
Chrysanthemum Fire Pot                  Oyster , Flounder & Sole , Spinach
Creamed Chinese Cabbage                  Cabbage
Egg Drop Soup                  Egg
Ham And Egg Fried Rice                  Rice , Ham
Mongolian Fire Pot (Rinsed Lamb) Lamb & Mutton , Noodle
Sauteed Snow Peas                  Peas , Bacon
Shark's Fin Soup                  Chicken
Sour - And - Hot Soup                  Mushroom , Tofu , Bamboo
Spiced Pork Kidney Salad                  Pork , Soy Sauce
Stir - Fried Beans With Pickled Mustard Greens Beans , Mustard
Stir - Fried Spiced Cabbage                  Cabbage
Ten - Varieties Hot Pot                  Spinach , Pork , Bamboo
Velvet Corn Soup                  Corn
Winter Melon Soup                  Melon , Mushroom
Wonton Soup                  Pork , Spinach , Watercress
Egg Foo Yung                  Egg , Beans
Mandarin Pancakes                  Flour
Steamed Bread Dough                  Flour
Steamed Buns With Date Filling Date , Lard & Fat , Beans
Steamed Flower Rolls                  Oil , Flour
Wonton Wrappers                  Flour
Barbecued Spareribs                  Pork
Beef With Asparagus                  Beef , Asparagus
Beef With Oyster Sauce                  Beef , Oyster , Pepper
Beef With Snow Peas                  Beef , Peas
Braised Pork Chops With Onions Pork
Braised Soy Sauce Beef                  Beef , Soy Sauce
Braised Soy Sauce Chicken                  Chicken , Soy Sauce , Ginger
Braised Spareribs With Fermented Black Beans Pork
Chicken Cashew                  Chicken , Cashew , Peas
Chicken With Straw Mushrooms                  Chicken
Chinese Pot Roast                  Beef , Cabbage , Lard & Fat
Deep - Fried Phoenix - Tailed Shrimp Shrimp
Eight - Jewel Duck                  Duck , Rice
Eight - Pieces Chicken                  Chicken
Fried Squabs                  Pigeon , Oil
Ginger Beef                  Beef , Ginger , Bamboo
Lion's Head                  Pork , Cabbage
Lobster Cantonese                  Lobster
Minced Squab With Oyster Sauce Pigeon , Oyster
Noodles With Roast Pork And Chinese Cabbage Noodle , Pork , Cabbage
Pearl Balls                  Pork , Mushroom , Chestnut
Peking Duck                  Duck , Scallions
Pepper Steak                  Beef , Pepper , Ginger
Red - Cooked Fish                  Bass , Carp , Snapper
Red - Cooked Pork Shoulder                  Pork , Mushroom
Roast Pork Egg Foo Yung                  Egg , Pork
Roast Pork Strips                  Pork
Shrimp Egg Foo Yung                  Shrimp , Egg
Smoked Chicken                  Chicken
Smoked Fish                  Carp , Bass , Perch
Soft - Fried Shredded Pork And Eggs Pork
Steamed Sea Bass With Fermented Black Beans Bass
Stir - Fried Beef Tenderloin With Vegetables Beef
Stir - Fried Chcken Livers With Snow Peas Chicken , Peas
Stir - Fried Chicken Breasts With Hoisin Sauce Chicken , Cashew , Chestnut
Stir - Fried Chicken With Fresh Bean Sprouts Chicken
Stir - Fried Chicken With Fresh Mushrooms Chicken , Mushroom
Stir - Fried Chicken With Pine Nuts And Hot Peppers Chicken , Pine , Pepper
Stir - Fried Fish Fillets                  Bass , Pike
Stir - Fried Flank Steak With Cellophane Noodles Noodle , Beef
Stir - Fried Ground Beef With Smoked Oysters Beef , Oyster , Lettuce
Stir - Fried Rice Stick Noodles With Shrimp And Vegetables Noodle , Shrimp
Stir - Fried Sea Scallops And Pork Kidneys Scallop , Pork
Stir - Fried Shrimp With Lobster Sauce Shrimp
Stir - Fried Shrimp With Peas                  Shrimp , Peas
Stir - Fried Shrimp With Pepper Sauce Shrimp
Stir - Fried Spiced Bean Curd And Pork Tofu , Pork
Sweet - And - Sour Pork                  Pork
Sweet And Sour Pork                  Pork , Pineapple
Szechwan Duck                  Duck
White - Cut Chicken And Ham In Green Paradise Chicken , Ham , Broccoli
Chicken Stock                  Chicken
Marinated Radish Fans                  Radish
Roasted Salt And Pepper                  Pepper
Sweet - Sour Dressing                  Vinegar , Soy Sauce , Mustard
Almond Float                  Lychee , Orange , Gelatin
Deep - Fried Wontons With Date Filling Date , Walnut
Eight - Treasure Rice Pudding                  Rice , Date , Cherry
Hot Orange Pudding                  Orange
Peking Dust                  Chestnut , Pecan
Spun Apples                  Apple , Oil , Flour
Watermelon Shells Filled With Fruit Watermelon , Lychee
Almond Cookies                  Almond , Flour , Lard & Fat

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