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 Main Ingredient ╗ Pasta ╗ Other Types (20 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Pasta from over the world:

 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
 Ackee And Shrimp Lasagna                    Breakfast Dishes Jamaica
 Baked Lasagne With Meat And Cream Sauces Side Dishes Italy
 Baked Ziti With Feta                    Side Dishes Greece
 Cabbage, Celery, And Orzo Casserole Side Dishes Greece
 Chicken Soup With Avgolemono Sauce Soup Greece
 Chicken With Orzo                    Main Courses Greece
 Couscous In A Couscousier                    Side Dishes Morocco
 Couscous With Beef And Vegetables Appetizers Tunisia
 Couscous Without A Couscousier Side Dishes Morocco
 Egg Barley                    Side Dishes Israel
 Fettuccine Freeport                    Main Courses Dominican Republic
 Noodles With Cheese And Anchovies Main Courses Italy
 Orzo With Zucchini                    Side Dishes Greece
 Pastitsio                    Main Courses Greece
 Ramadan Soup With Lamb                    Soup Morocco
 Rice And Orzo Pilaf                    Side Dishes Greece
 Steamed Chicken Stuffed With Sweetened Couscous Main Courses Morocco
 Steamed Couscous With Chicken And Vegetables Main Courses Algeria
 Steamed Couscous With Lamb, Vegetables And Raisins Stew Morocco
 Tripe Soup                    Soup Malta

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