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 Dish ╗ Breakfast Dishes (172 recipes)

Easy, quick, and simple Breakfast Dishes recipes:

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 Recipe Name Cuisine Main Ingredient
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 Aargau Sausage Fritters Switzerland Sausage , Potato , Egg
 Ackee And Shrimp Lasagna Jamaica Ackee , Shrimp , Pasta
 Andalusian Flamenco Eggs Spain Egg , Potato , Sausage
 Asparagus Omelette Sweden Asparagus , Egg , Cream
 Austrian Rice Pudding Austria Rice , Milk , Egg
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 Bacon And Apple Switzerland Bacon , Apple , Potato
 Bacon And Egg Cake Denmark Egg , Bacon , Chives
 Baked Artichoke Heart Omelet Italy Egg , Artichoke
 Baked Aubergine Omelette Syria Eggplant , Egg , Cheese
 Baked Chayote Squash With Cake And Raisin Filling Mexico Chayote , Grape & Raisin , Egg
 Baked Chicken Omelet Tunisia Egg , Chicken
 Baked Eggs And Spinach Switzerland Egg , Spinach , Butter
 Baked Eggs With Vegetables And Meat Spain Egg , Asparagus , Sausage
 Baked Fish Bulgaria Whitefish , Haddock , Carp
 Baked Fish Omelet Japan Egg , Flounder & Sole
 Baked Ham Omelette Sweden Egg , Bacon , Milk
 Baked Noodles Russia Noodle , Sour Cream , Cheese
 Baked Polish Ham With Rice And Raisins Poland Ham , Rice , Grape & Raisin
 Baked Walnut Omelette Iran Egg , Walnut , Chives
 Beef Roll England Beef , Ham , Bread
 Bernese Ham Flan Switzerland Ham , Mushroom , Cheese
 Blinis And Caviar Russia Flour , Milk , Roe & Caviar
 Boil Fish Cuba Grouper , Potato , Onion
 Boxty Pancakes Ireland Potato , Flour , Milk
 Broiled Omelet Iran Egg , Spinach , Scallions
 Broiled Omelet With Eggplant Iran Egg , Eggplant , Ghee
 Broken Pancakes Austria Flour , Egg , Milk
 Bruges Egg Savoury Belgium Egg , Shrimp , Cheese
 Bubble & Squeak England Potato , Carrot , Cabbage
 Buckwheat Pancakes Russia Flour , Buckwheat , Roe & Caviar
 Buckwheat Porridge Denmark Buckwheat , Milk
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 Cassava Puffs Caribbean Islands Cassava , Butter , Egg
 Castilian Omelette Spain Egg , Potato , Onion
 Cauliflower With Eggs Czech Republic Cauliflower , Egg , Onion
 Cheese - Flavored Pastry Sticks England Cheese , Flour , Butter
 Cheese Dumplings Austria Cheese , Bread , Egg
 Cheese Souffle Switzerland Cheese , Egg , Milk
 Cheese Souffle France Cheese
 Cheese Toast With Scrambled Eggs Switzerland Cheese , Egg , Bread
 Chicken Omelet Over Rice Japan Egg , Chicken , Rice
 Chochos Baked With Cheese Caribbean Islands Chayote , Cheese
 Christmas Rice Porridge Sweden Rice , Milk , Vanilla
 Cold Walnut Pudding Portugal Walnut , Egg
 Cornmeal Dish With Okra Barbados Corn , Okra , Butter
 Cottage Cheese England Milk
 Crab Omelette Polynesia Egg , Crab , Onion
 Cranberries And Rice Norway Cranberry , Rice
 Cream Cheese Dumplings Russia Cream Cheese , Flour , Egg
 Cream Cheese Fritters Russia Cream Cheese , Flour , Sour Cream
 Creole Shrimp Omelets Creole Egg , Shrimp , Tomato
 Curried Finnan Haddie (Findon Haddock) With Rice Scotland Haddock , Rice , Egg
  D         back to top
 Deep - Fried Poached Eggs Cuba Egg
 Deep - Fried Rice Balls Creole Rice , Flour , Nutmeg
 Deep-Fried Prosciuto-And-Cheese Turnovers Italy Cheese
 Deep-Fried Rice-And-Cheese Balls Italy Rice , Cheese
 Dutch Pancakes Netherlands Flour , Butter , Egg
 Dutch Rusks With Red - Currant Sauce Netherlands Bread , Currant , Lemon
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 Egg And Yam Fritters Nigeria Yam , Egg , Tomato
 Egg Dish A La Flamenca Spain Egg , Sausage , Ham
 Egg Foo Yung China Egg , Beans
 Egg Ragout Switzerland Egg , Onion , Butter
 Eggs And Chicken Livers Greece Egg , Chicken
 Eggs Benedict USA Egg , Bread , Ham
 Eggs In Oil With Sumac Lebanon Egg , Oil
 Eggs In Sour Cream Austria Egg , Sour Cream , Chives
 Eggs Tyrolean Style Austria Egg , Potato , Anchovy
 Eggs With Bacon, Onions And Potatoes Germany Egg , Bacon , Potato
 Eggs With Garlic Sausage Spain Egg , Sausage
 Eggs With Tomatoes And Onions Greece Egg , Tomato , Onion
 Endive Baked With Ham And Cheese Germany Ham , Endive & Chicory
  F         back to top
 Filled French Pancakes France Flour , Mushroom , Shrimp
 Finnan Haddie Scotland Haddock , Lard & Fat , Milk
 Flaky Rolled Omelet Japan Egg , Radish
 Fluffy Egg Dumplings Ukraine Flour
 French Omelet France Egg
 Fresh Ham Makaronada Greece Ham , Macaroni , Cheese
 Fried Cheese Croquettes England Cheese , Egg
 Fried Cornmeal Creole Corn , Lard & Fat
 Fried Rice Pastries Algeria Flour , Rice , Milk
 Fried Soft - Boiled Eggs Czech Republic Egg , Bread , Lard & Fat
 Fruit - And Rolled Oats Switzerland Oatmeal , Milk , Walnut
 Fruit And Nut Semolina Russia Cream , Almond , Grape & Raisin
  G         back to top
 Grisons Meat Doughnuts Switzerland Flour , Veal & Calf , Pork
 Grits and Cheddar Cheese Casserole USA Cheese
  H         back to top
 Ham And Garlic Omelette Portugal Egg , Ham , Garlic
 Ham And Noodles Austria Ham , Noodle , Egg
 Ham Dumplings Sweden Flour , Potato , Ham
 Hamine Eggs Egypt Egg , Onion
 Herb And Onion Omelette Iraq Egg , Parsley , Onion
 Homemade Yogurt Saudi Arabia Milk
 Hot Cheese Souffle Netherlands Cheese , Egg , Milk
 Hot Melted Cheese With Toast Italy Cheese , Bread
  K         back to top
 Kedgeree England Haddock , Rice , Butter
  L         back to top
 Lazy Vareniki Ukraine Flour , Cream Cheese , Egg
 Lecso Eggs Hungary Egg , Pepper , Tomato
 Leek Porridge Wales Leek
  M         back to top
 Macaroni, Ham and Cheese Casserole USA Cheese , Ham , Macaroni
 Maize Porridge Argentina Corn
 Mealie Crenchie Ireland Oatmeal , Bacon , Onion
 Mealie Fritters South Africa Corn , Flour
 Mexican Omelet Mexico Egg , Milk , Cheese
 Mexican Sunset Omelet Mexico Egg , Noodle , Tomato
 Moreno Fried Eggs Spain Egg , Tomato , Onion
 Moroccan Omelet Morocco Egg , Potato , Peas
 Mushroom Omelet Spain Egg , Mushroom , Butter
  N         back to top
 Nassau Macaroni And Cheese Bahamas Macaroni , Cheese , Milk
 Noodle Kugel Israel Noodle , Wheat , Milk
 Northumberland Pan Haggerty England Onion , Cheese , Potato
  O         back to top
 Omelet With Feta Greece Egg , Artichoke , Asparagus
 Onion-And-Cheese Tart Switzerland Cheese , Onion , Flour
 Open-Faced Omelet With Peppers, Tomatoes And Ham France Egg , Ham , Pepper
 Orange Omelette Portugal Egg , Orange , Lemon
  P         back to top
 Pancakes Wales Flour , Cream , Buttermilk
 Pancakes Austria Flour , Milk , Apricot
 Pancakes With Mushrooms Poland Mushroom , Flour , Cream
 Pancakes With Red - Currant Jelly Norway Flour , Egg , Currant
 Peas Portuguese Portugal Peas , Egg , Sausage
 Piragi Latvia Flour , Pork , Bacon
 Pizza Italy Flour , Cheese
 Poached Cheese Dumplings Poland Cheese
 Poached Eggs And Crabmeat With Brandied Cream Sauce Colombia Egg , Crab
 Poached Eggs On Yoghourt Bulgaria Egg , Yogurt , Butter
 Poached Eggs With Artichoke Bottoms And Creamed Spinach Creole Egg , Artichoke , Spinach
 Poached Eggs With Yogurt Greece Yogurt , Egg
 Poached Eggs, Canadian Bacon And Tomato On Rusks With Marchand De Vin And Hollandaise Sauces Creole Egg , Bacon , Tomato
 Portuguese Hard - Boiled Eggs Portugal Egg , Tomato
 Potato And Onion Omelet Spain Egg , Potato , Onion
 Potato Balls Canada Potato , Egg , Bread
 Potato Pancakes Poland Potato , Flour , Lard & Fat
 Potato Pancakes Russia Potato , Flour
 Potato Pancakes With Applesauce Germany Potato , Lard & Fat
 Prawn Rissoles Portugal Shrimp , Flour , Butter
 Pressed Cheese Lithuania Cheese , Sour Cream
  Q         back to top
 Quorn Bacon Roll England Bacon , Onion
  R         back to top
 Ranch - Style Eggs Mexico Egg , Avocado , Tomato
 Rice Porridge Denmark Rice , Milk , Cream
  S         back to top
 Salmon A La King Canada Salmon , Mushroom , Flour
 Salmon Burgers Canada Salmon , Bread , Onion
 Sausage And Eggs Scotland Egg , Sausage , Bread
 Sausage Spartan - Style Greece Sausage , Pepper , Onion
 Sausages Baked In Batter England Sausage , Flour , Egg
 Savoury Fried Eggs Argentina Egg , Bread , Tomato
 Savoury Macaroni Sweden Macaroni , Milk , Ham
 Savoury Pancakes Russia Flour , Egg , Milk
 Savoury Rice And Bananas Argentina Rice , Banana , Egg
 Scrambled Eggs On Anchovy Toast Scotland Anchovy , Egg
 Scrambled Eggs With Coriander And Ginger India Egg , Onion , Coriander
 Scrambled Eggs With Hot Sausage And Peppers Tunisia Egg , Sausage
 Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes And Peas Cuba Egg , Tomato , Peas
 Scrapple Canada Corn , Butter
 Shrimp-And-Cheese Fritters Belgium Cheese , Shrimp
 Spagetti With Egg And Bacon Sauce Italy Egg , Spaghetti , Bacon
 Spanish Eggs Spain Egg , Tomato , Wine
 Spanish Omelette Spain Egg , Tomato , Peas
 St. Gall Cheese Balls Switzerland Cheese , Egg , Flour
 Stuffed Hard - Boiled Eggs Jamaica Egg , Mayonnaise , Cheese
 Stuffed Spinach Roulade Hungary Spinach , Ham , Butter
 Swedish Pancakes Sweden Flour , Egg , Milk
 Sweet Cheese Fritters Russia Cheese , Flour , Sour Cream
 Sweet Corn With Eggs Madagascar Egg , Corn , Cheese
  T         back to top
 Toad In The Hole England Sausage , Flour
 Tyrolean Dumplings Austria Bread , Ham , Bacon
  V         back to top
 Vegetable Omelet Polynesia Spinach , Beet , Carrot
 Velvet Porridge Denmark Butter , Milk , Flour
  W         back to top
 Welsh Pikelets Wales Flour , Buttermilk
 Welsh Rabbit England Cheese , Bread , Beer
 Welsh Rarebit Wales Cheese , Bread , Butter
 West African Pumpkin Omelette Ghana Pumpkin , Bacon
 Whitebait Omelette Algeria Smelt , Egg , Parsley
  Y         back to top
 Yam Casserole Bahamas Yam , Egg , Cheese
  Z         back to top
 Zucchini Frittata Italy Egg , Zucchini
 Zucchini Omelet Italy Egg , Zucchini

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