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 Main Ingredient ╗ Fruits ╗ Guava (17 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Guava from over the world:

 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
 Devil's Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments Bahamas
 Floating Island                    Desserts Jamaica
 Guava And Lime Cups                    Desserts Nigeria
 Guava Butter                    Desserts Bahamas
 Guava Cheese                    Desserts Bahamas
 Guava Duff                    Desserts Bahamas
 Guava Duff                    Cake & Muffins Dominican Republic
 Guava Jelly                    Desserts Ethiopia
 Guava Jelly Cookies                    Cookies Bahamas
 Guava Layer Cake                    Cake & Muffins Bahamas
 Guava Mousse                    Desserts Bahamas
 Guava Pie                    Pie & Tart Bahamas
 Guava Pie                    Pie & Tart Jamaica
 Guava Plate Pie                    Pie & Tart Ethiopia
 Sea Grape Jelly Or Orange Jelly Or Guava Jelly Desserts Bahamas
 West African Fruit Salad With Honey Dressing Desserts Nigeria
 West Indies Guava Salad                    Salads India

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