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 Dish ╗ Sauces & Condiments (335 recipes)

Easy, quick, and simple Sauces & Condiments recipes:

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 Recipe Name Cuisine Main Ingredient
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 2 Minute Mayonnaise Bahamas Oil , Milk , Mustard
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 A Basic White Sauce Bahamas Butter , Flour , Milk
 A Dressing For Seafood Bahamas Mayonnaise , Curry , Lime
 A Hot Dressing Bahamas Peanut , Milk , Ketchup
 African Peanut - Butter Dressing Ethiopia Peanut , Garlic , Lemon
 Aioli Sauce Italy Garlic , Oil
 Almond And Hot Pepper Sauce Spain Pepper , Almond , Garlic
 Ancho Sauce Mexico Pepper
 Anchovy Butter Sauce Austria Anchovy
 Annatto Oil Philippines Oil
 Annatto Oil Philippines Oil
 Annatto Oil Caribbean Islands Oil
 Annatto Oil Bolivia Oil
 Apple Chutney England Apple , Onion , Grape & Raisin
 Apple Sauce England Apple , Butter
 Apricot Chutney Zimbabwe Apricot , Vinegar , Grape & Raisin
 Apricot-Cream Dressing USA Apricot , Cream
 Arabian Sauce Saudi Arabia Garlic
 Arabian Sesame Dressing Saudi Arabia Sesame , Oil , Parsley
 Argentine Spiced Parsley Sauce Argentina Pepper , Parsley , Oil
 Aubergine Sauce Iraq Eggplant , Garlic , Onion
 Avgolemono Sauce Greece Egg , Lemon
 Avocado Cream Cheese Dip Jamaica Avocado , Cream Cheese
 Avocado Dip Mexico Avocado
 Avocado Sauce With Tomato And Coriander Mexico Avocado , Tomato , Coriander
 Avocado-and-Tomato Sauce Mexico Avocado , Tomato , Vinegar
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 Baked Coconut Cream Polynesia Coconut
 Baked Onion Custard France Onion , Cream , Oil
 Balkan Tomato - Yogurt Dressing Serbia Tomato , Yogurt , Garlic
 Barbecue Sauce Australia Mustard , Tomato , Onion
 Barbecue Sauce Haiti Ketchup , Vinegar , Butter
 Basic French Dressing France Oil , Vinegar , Mustard
 Basic Soup Stock Japan Mackerel , Kelp & Seaweed
 Basic Sour Cream Dressing France Sour Cream , Mustard , Lemon
 Basil, Garlic And Cheese Sauce Italy Basil , Oil , Cheese
 Basque Sauce Spain Wine , Mushroom , Flour
 Basque Tomato Sauce Spain Tomato , Garlic , Onion
 Batter-Fried Chilies With Cheese Filling Mexico Pepper
 Bearnaise Sauce Creole Parsley , Egg , Butter
 Bechamel Sauce Greece Milk , Flour , Egg
 Beer Batter For Fish Caribbean Islands Beer , Flour , Egg
 Berbere Sauce Ethiopia Pepper , Wine , Oil
 Blender Hollandaise USA Butter
 Blender Mayonnaise France Egg , Oil , Lemon
 Blender Mayonnaise USA Oil
 Blue Cheese Dressing Denmark Cheese , Oil
 Brandy Butter Scotland Butter
 Bread Dressing Australia Bread , Onion , Parsley
 Bread Sauce England Bread , Milk
 Bread Sauce England Bread , Milk
 Brown Roux Creole Flour , Oil
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 Caper Dressing Germany Capers , Sour Cream , Mustard
 Caper Sauce England Lamb & Mutton , Beef , Capers
 Cassareep Caribbean Islands Cassava
 Caviar Sauce Sweden Roe & Caviar , Milk , Dill
 Celery Sauce Switzerland Celery , Cream , Butter
 Central American Avocado Dressing Bolivia Avocado , Pepper , Onion
 Cheese And Green Chili Dip Mexico Cheese , Cream , Tomato
 Cheese Sauce Caribbean Islands Cheese , Flour , Milk
 Chick - Pea And Tahini Dip Greece Peas , Oil , Sesame
 Chicken Curry Sauce Dominican Republic Chicken , Curry , Flour
 Chicken Stock China Chicken
 Chilean Hot Sauce Chile Pepper , Oil
 Chiles Rellenos USA Pepper
 Chili - And - Coconut - Milk Sauce Indonesia Pepper , Coconut
 Chili And Sweet - Soy - Sauce Condiment Indonesia Pepper , Lime
 Chili Con Carne Mexico Pork , Beef , Garlic
 Chili Jelly Mexico Pepper
 Chili, Onion And Lime - Juice Condiment Indonesia Pepper , Onion , Lime
 Chili, Onion And Lime - Juice Sauce Haiti Onion , Lime , Pepper
 Citrus Dressing Caribbean Islands Pineapple , Orange , Mint
 Cocoa Syrup Ghana Cocoa , Milk , Vanilla
 Coconut - Cream Sauce Cuba Coconut , Egg , Cream
 Coconut Cream Kenya Coconut
 Coconut Cream Polynesia Coconut
 Coconut Milk Hawaii Coconut
 Coconut Milk Tahiti Coconut
 Coconut Sauce For Fish Polynesia Coconut , Onion , Lemon
 Cold Vanilla Sauce Sweden Egg , Cream , Vanilla
 Coltsfoot In Sake - Flavored Sauce Japan Sake
 Conch Marinara Sauce Dominican Republic Conch , Tomato , Basil
 Cooked Salad Dressing Bahamas Butter , Vinegar , Milk
 Cooking Stock For Vegetables Japan Mackerel
 Corn In Yogurt India Corn , Yogurt , Ghee
 Cornish Clotted Cream England Milk
 Cranberry-Orange Relish USA Cranberry , Orange
 Crawfish Dip Bahamas Crawfish , Cheese , Wine
 Cream - And - Nut Sauce India Pistachio , Almond , Cream
 Cream Sauce Norway Milk , Onion , Butter
 Creamed Onions and Peas USA Peas , Onion
 Creole Sauce - The Trinity Haiti Onion , Tomato , Pepper
 Creole Tartar Sauce Creole Egg , Oil , Scallions
 Creole Vinaigrette Sauce Creole Mustard , Oil , Vinegar
 Cucumber And Yogurt Dip Greece Cucumber , Yogurt
 Cucumber Condiment Sweden Cucumber , Vinegar , Peanut
 Cucumbers In Sour-Cream-And-Dill Sauce Poland Cucumber , Sour Cream , Vinegar
 Cumberland Rum Butter England Butter , Nutmeg
 Cumberland Sauce England Lemon , Orange
 Cumberland Sauce Poland Currant , Grape & Raisin , Vinegar
 Curried Dressing Indienne India Curry , Mayonnaise , Almond
 Curry Paste Thailand Pepper , Scallions
 Custard Sauce England Milk
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 Delicate Soy - Based Dipping Sauce For Sashimi Japan Soy Sauce , Sake , Radish
 Devil's Sauce Bahamas Guava , Vinegar , Ketchup
 Dill Coleslaw USA Cabbage , Dill , Sour Cream
 Dilled Buttermilk Dressing Finland Buttermilk , Lemon , Onion
 Dipping Sauce For Domburi Japan Soy Sauce , Sake
 Dipping Sauce For Noodles Japan Soy Sauce , Sake
 Dominican Pepper Sauce Dominican Republic Pepper , Papaya
 Douro Sauce Portugal Tomato , Flour , Wine
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 Egg - Sour Cream Dressing Ireland Egg , Sour Cream , Dill
 Egg And Lemon Sauce Or Soup Greece Egg , Lemon
 Egg And Vinegar Sauce Netherlands Egg , Vinegar , Butter
 Egg Dressing England Egg , Parsley , Oil
 Egg Sauce England Egg , Milk , Butter
 Egg Sauce Bahamas Egg , Milk
 Eggplant - Tomato Sauce Greece Eggplant , Tomato
 Eggplant Sauce Polynesia Eggplant , Onion , Curry
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 Feta Dip Greece Cheese , Milk , Walnut
 Feta Dressing Greece Cheese , Vinegar , Mayonnaise
 Fish Stock Caribbean Islands Whitefish , Onion , Parsley
 Fish Stock Creole Swordfish , Whitefish
 French Oil And Vinegar Dressing France Oil , Vinegar
 Fresh Cucumber Condiment Thailand Cucumber , Pepper , Vinegar
 Fresh Red Chili Sauce USA Pepper
 Fried Chili, Shallot And Shrimp - Paste Condiment Indonesia Pepper , Shallots , Oil
  G         back to top
 Garam Masala India Coriander , Pepper , Cardamom
 Garlic Mayonnaise Spain Garlic , Oil , Egg
 Garlic Sauce Greece Garlic , Potato , Vinegar
 Garlic Sauce Philippines Garlic , Vinegar
 Garlic Sauce With Walnuts Greece Garlic , Walnut , Oil
 Ghee Iran Butter
 Gherkin Sauce Poland Cucumber , Cream , Butter
 Gooseberry Sauce England Gooseberry , Sorrel , Spinach
 Greek Spinach Dip Greece Spinach , Yogurt
 Green - Tomato Chutney England Tomato , Apple , Onion
 Green Goddess Dressing USA Shrimp , Mayonnaise , Anchovy
 Green Herb Sauce Germany Chives , Sorrel , Parsley
 Green Pepper And Tomato Sauce Hungary Tomato , Pepper , Lard & Fat
 Green Shrimp Curry Thailand Shrimp , Coconut , Basil
 Green Tomato And Coriander Sauce Mexico Tomato , Pepper , Coriander
 Ground Spice Mixture India Greens , Coriander , Cardamom
 Guacamole Mexico Avocado , Lime , Onion
  H         back to top
 Hard Sauce Dominican Republic Butter , Wine
 Herbed Anchovy Dressing Spain Anchovy , Garlic , Oil
 Herbed Tomato Sauce Scotland Tomato , Bacon
 Hereford Cider Sauce England Wine
 Herring Cream Poland Herring , Egg , Sour Cream
 Hollandaise Sauce Creole Butter , Egg
 Hollandaise Sauce Canada Butter , Egg , Lemon
 Hollandaise With Tarragon And White Wine France Wine , Scallions , Parsley
 Homemade Mayonnaise Greece Egg , Oil , Mustard
 Homemade Mayonnaise France Oil , Egg , Lemon
 Homemade Salsa Mexico Tomato , Pepper , Onion
 Honey Dressing For Fruit Salads Bahamas Honey , Lime , Pineapple
 Horse - Radish Butter Norway Butter , Horseradish
 Horseradish And Apple Sauce Czech Republic Horseradish , Apple , Vinegar
 Horseradish Butter Norway Horseradish , Butter , Lemon
 Horseradish Cream England Horseradish , Cream , Vinegar
 Horseradish Cream Sauce Austria Horseradish , Cream , Vinegar
 Horseradish Sauce Austria Horseradish
 Horseradish Sauce England Horseradish , Vinegar
 Hot Chili And Beef Relish Indonesia Beef , Pepper
 Hot Chili And Lime Condiment Indonesia Pepper , Lime
 Hot Ginger Pepper Sauce Dominican Republic Ginger , Pepper , Pineapple
 Hot Oil Sauce Portugal Pepper , Oil
 Hot Pepper Creole Sauce Puerto Rico Pepper , Oil
 Hot Pepper Sauce Bahamas Pepper , Oil , Ketchup
 Hot Pepper Sauce Dominican Republic Pepper , Ketchup , Vinegar
 Hot Salad Dressing Netherlands Bacon , Egg , Vinegar
  I         back to top
 Indian Butter Oil India Butter
 Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce Indonesia Soy Sauce
 Island Jerk Seasoning Jamaica Pepper , Garlic , Ginger
  J         back to top
 Jalapeno Chili Sauce Mexico Pepper
 Jiffy Barbecue Sauce Bahamas Ketchup , Mustard
  K         back to top
 Kei Apple Jelly Madagascar Apple
 Key Lime Mustard Sauce Haiti Lime , Mayonnaise , Mustard
  L         back to top
 Laver Sauce Wales Kelp & Seaweed , Butter , Lemon
 Lemon And Salt Dip Japan Lemon
 Lemon And Sour - Cream Salad Dressing Austria Sour Cream , Lemon
 Lemon Sauce Sweden Lemon , Cream , Butter
 Lime Salad Dressing Polynesia Lime , Oil
 Liptauer (liptov) Cheese Austria Cheese , Sour Cream , Butter
 Lobster Sauce Sweden Lobster , Cream , Butter
 Lolo In Taro Leaves Polynesia Greens , Coconut , Breadfruit
 Low - Calorie Cottage Cheese Dressing Italy Cheese , Yogurt
 Low - Calorie Tomato Dressing Greece Tomato , Basil , Lemon
 Lumpia Sauce Philippines Soy Sauce , Garlic
  M         back to top
 Madeira Sauce Switzerland Wine , Butter , Flour
 Mango Chutney Jamaica Mango , Vinegar , Tamarind
 Maple Cream Sauce Canada Cream , Butter
 Marchand De Vin Sauce Creole Mushroom , Ham , Butter
 Marina Sauce Bahamas Tomato , Parsley , Oil
 Marmalade Sauce Bahamas Mustard , Soy Sauce
 Mayonnaise USA Egg , Mustard
 Meat Sauce For Macaroni Greece Beef , Tomato
 Mint Chutney India Mint , Coriander , Peanut
 Mint Dressing Bulgaria Mint , Yogurt , Lemon
 Mint Sauce England Mint , Vinegar
 Mirin - And - Soy Dipping Sauce For Tempura And Noodles Japan Soy Sauce , Radish , Ginger
 Miso Soup Garnishes Japan Scallions , Tofu , Mustard
 Mrs. Bessie Byam's Mango Relish Trinidad & Tobago Mango
 Mushroom Sauce For Boiled Beef Austria Mushroom , Butter
 Mustard - And - Dill Sauce Sweden Mustard , Vinegar , Dill
 Mustard Sauce England Mustard , Milk
 Mustard Sauce For Cold Poached Salmon Sweden Mustard , Sour Cream , Dill
 My Salad Dressing Bahamas Vinegar , Mint
  N         back to top
 Navratna Chutney India Garlic , Grape & Raisin , Vinegar
 North Italian Meat Sauce Italy Beef , Ham , Chicken
  O         back to top
 Oil And Vinegar Dressing Bahamas Oil , Vinegar , Mustard
 Okra and Tomatoes USA Tomato , Okra
 Old - Fashioned Boiled Dressing Germany Milk , Flour , Vinegar
 Old - Fashioned Milk Dressing Netherlands Milk , Oil , Vinegar
 Olive Oil And Lemon Sauce Greece Oil , Lemon
 Oriental Sesame - Soy Dressing Korea Sesame , Soy Sauce , Oil
  P         back to top
 Paprika Gravy Hungary Pepper , Onion , Sour Cream
 Parsley Sauce Denmark Greens , Parsley
 Peach Chutney With Walnuts And Raisins India Peach , Vinegar , Walnut
 Peanut - Butter Fruit Dressing USA Peanut , Honey , Orange
 Peanut Sauce Bahamas Peanut , Tomato , Curry
 Pepper And Lemon Sauce Brazil Pepper , Lemon
 Pepper Wine Caribbean Islands Pepper
 Peppermint Sauce Caribbean Islands Egg , Cream
 Piquant Green Sauce Italy Anchovy , Parsley , Capers
 Piquant Sauce Caribbean Islands Oil , Vinegar , Onion
 Poppy-Seed Dressing USA Oil , Poppy Seed , Vinegar
 Pork Seasoning Serbia Pepper
 Portuguese Cooking Sauce For Meat Portugal Tomato , Wine , Garlic
 Prawn Mayonnaise Denmark Shrimp , Mayonnaise
 Prepared Sesame Seed Korea Sesame
 Pumpkin Honey Polynesia Pumpkin , Butter , Lemon
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 Red Beans And Rice Haiti Beans , Rice , Scallions
 Red Beans With Plum Sauce Georgia Beans , Plum & Prune
 Red Chicken Curry Thailand Chicken , Coconut , Curry
 Red Chili Paste Paraguay Pepper , Oil , Garlic
 Red Chili Sauce Mexico Pepper , Oil
 Red Currant Jelly England Currant
 Red Pepper Sauce Morocco Pepper , Garlic , Oil
 Red Pepper Spice Tunisia Pepper
 Red Stripe Batter For Fish Jamaica Beer , Egg , Flour
 Red Tomato Taco Sauce Mexico Tomato
 Refried Beans Mexico Beans
 Remoulade Sauce USA Mustard , Mayonnaise , Parsley
 Remoulade Sauce Denmark Mayonnaise , Parsley , Mustard
 Rice Vinegar And Soy Dipping Sauce Japan Vinegar , Soy Sauce
 Rice, Mushroom, And Chicken - Liver Stuffing France Rice , Mushroom , Garlic
 Roasted Salt And Pepper China Pepper
 Roquefort Cheese Dressing France Cheese , Sour Cream , Vinegar
 Rose Petal Preserve England Greens
 Rosemary Sauce Greece Oil , Vinegar , Flour
 Rum Sauce Puerto Rico Butter , Wine
 Rum Sauce Caribbean Islands Butter , Wine
  S         back to top
 Saba Pepper Sauce Caribbean Islands Pepper , Onion , Vinegar
 Sabayon Sauce Caribbean Islands Egg
 Salsa Roja Mexico Tomato , Pepper , Onion
 Salsa Verde Mexico Onion , Pepper
 Salted Lemons Morocco Lemon
 Sauce Creole Caribbean Islands Pepper , Onion , Olive
 Sauce Hollandaise France Butter
 Sauce Mayonnaise France Oil
 Sauce Piquante Caribbean Islands Pepper , Onion , Shallots
 Sauce Provencale France Wine , Onion , Mushroom
 Sauce Verde Italy Parsley , Cheese , Oil
 Savoury Avocado Mousse Kenya Avocado , Mayonnaise , Cream
 Savoury Corn And Carrot Custard Kenya Corn , Carrot , Egg
 Seasoned Egg Custard Japan Egg
 Seasoned Salt Dominican Republic Pepper , Garlic
 Sesame Salt Korea Sesame
 Sesame Seed Sauce Greece Sesame , Garlic , Lemon
 Shaker Herb Salad Dressing Spain Greens , Parsley , Oil
 Shellfish Boil Creole Dill , Mustard , Coriander
 Shrimp And Zucchini Curry Malaysia Shrimp , Zucchini , Pepper
 Shrimp Sauce Norway Shrimp , Milk , Dill
 Sour - Pickle Sauce Austria Cucumber , Beef , Dill
 Sour Cream Dressing Russia Sour Cream , Egg , Capers
 Sour Cream Sauce Hungary Sour Cream , Scallions , Dill
 Sour Prune Sauce Georgia Plum & Prune , Coriander
 Spice Iranian Mixture Iran Coriander , Nutmeg , Cardamom
 Spiced Butter Ethiopia Butter , Garlic , Ginger
 Spiced Peanut Sauce Indonesia Peanut , Shallots
 Spiced Tomato Cooking Sauce Caribbean Islands Tomato , Pepper
 Spiced Vinegar For Pickles England Vinegar , Ginger , Pepper
 Spicy Apricot Sauce Hawaii Apricot , Honey , Vinegar
 Spicy Dipping Sauce For Sashimi Japan Sake , Soy Sauce , Radish
 Spicy Dressing Bahamas Ginger , Vinegar
 Spinach Mold Italy Spinach , Milk
 Strawberry And Sour Cream Dressing USA Strawberry , Sour Cream
 Sweet - Sour Dressing China Vinegar , Soy Sauce , Mustard
 Sweet And Hot Pepper Relish Bulgaria Pepper , Vinegar , Onion
 Sweet And Sour Sauce Caribbean Islands Shallots , Vinegar , Pineapple
 Sweet Sauce Philippines Greens
  T         back to top
 Tamarind Sauce Thailand Tamarind , Vinegar
 Tamarind Water Thailand Tamarind
 Tartar Sauce With Gherkins Poland Egg , Mustard , Horseradish
 The Authentic Jamaican Jerk Sauce Jamaica Pepper , Nutmeg , Vinegar
 Toasted Spiced Coconut Indonesia Coconut , Coriander
 Tofu - And - Sesame - Seed Dressing With Vegetables Japan Tofu , Sesame
 Tomato And Garlic Sauce Italy Tomato , Garlic
 Tomato Butter Norway Butter
 Tomato Relish Creole Tomato , Onion , Pepper
 Tomato Sauce Greece Tomato , Onion
 Tomato Sauce Italy Tomato , Basil
 Tomato Soup Dressing USA Tomato , Oil , Mustard
 Trinidad Pepper Sauce Trinidad & Tobago Pepper , Papaya
 Tropical Salsa Haiti Mango , Banana , Orange
 Turnip And Lime-Juice Relish Tunisia Turnip
  U         back to top
 Uncooked Sauce For Fried Fish Brazil Garlic , Vinegar , Parsley
 Uncooked Spiced Tomato Sauce Mexico Tomato , Pepper
 Uncooked Vegetable Sauce Mexico Tomato , Vinegar
  V         back to top
 Vanilla Sauce Sweden Vanilla , Cream , Egg
 Vietnamese Dipping Sauce Vietnam Vinegar , Carrot , Radish
 Vinaigrette Dressing France Oil , Vinegar , Dill
 Vinegar - Soya Sauce Korea Vinegar , Soy Sauce , Pine
  W         back to top
 Walnut Dressing Bulgaria Walnut , Garlic , Oil
 Walnut Sauce Iran Walnut , Onion , Butter
 Watercress Dressing England Watercress , Sour Cream , Vinegar
 Welsh Rarebit Wales Cheese , Mustard , Butter
 West Indies Avocado Dressing India Avocado , Mayonnaise , Scallions
 Whipped Cream Dressing Austria Cream , Lemon
 White Beans With Tomatoes And Garlic Italy Beans , Tomato
 White Miso Dressing Japan Egg , Sake , Miso
 White Radish And Red Pepper Garnish Japan Radish , Pepper , Scallions
 White Sauce For Crawfish Bahamas Butter , Flour , Milk
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 Yellow Beef Curry Thailand Beef , Coconut , Curry
 Yellow Chili Paste Peru Pepper , Oil
 Yoghurt With Baked Spiced Eggplant India Eggplant , Yogurt
 Yoghurt With Banana And Grated Coconut India Banana , Coconut , Yogurt
 Yoghurt With Cucumber And Tomato India Cucumber , Tomato , Yogurt
 Yoghurt With Miniature Deep - Fried Chick - Pea Flour Balls India Coriander , Yogurt
 Yoghurt With Mint, Onion And Hot Chili India Onion , Mint , Yogurt
 Yoghurt With Spiced Potatoes India Potato , Yogurt
 Yogurt Dressing Turkey Yogurt , Cucumber , Mint
 Yogurt Salad Dressing Greece Yogurt , Dill , Mayonnaise
 Yogurt Sauce Serbia Yogurt , Cucumber , Garlic
 Yogurt-And-Honey Dressing USA Honey , Yogurt , Mint

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