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 Dish » Desserts (348 recipes)

Easy, quick, and simple Desserts recipes:

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 Recipe Name Cuisine Main Ingredient
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 Ackee Souffle Caribbean Islands Ackee , Butter , Egg
 Afghan Biscuit New Zealand Butter , Cocoa , Walnut
 Akee Souffle Jamaica Ackee , Milk
 Almond Float China Lychee , Orange , Gelatin
 Almond Mousse With Apricot Sauce Israel Almond , Apricot , Egg
 Almond Sweetmeat Spain Honey , Almond
 Ambrosia Bahamas Orange , Coconut , Wine
 Anzac Biscuits New Zealand Coconut , Butter , Oatmeal
 Apple and Cream Dessert - "First Frost" Germany Apple , Cream
 Apple And Pumpernickel Crumb Dessert Germany Apple , Bread
 Apple Dumplings England Apple , Currant
 Apple Fritters Belgium Apple , Flour , Beer
 Apple Puree Slovenia Apple , Flour
 Apple Snow Finland Apple
 Apple Strudel Filling Austria Apple , Grape & Raisin , Almond
 Apple Tapioca Switzerland Apple , Cassava , Grape & Raisin
 Authentic Creole Coffee Creole Coffee
 Avocado And Grapefruit Jamaica Avocado , Grapefruit
  B         back to top
 Baked Apple Halves With Almond Topping Sweden Apple , Almond
 Baked Apple Sweet Sweden Apple , Butter , Bread
 Baked Apples USA Apple
 Baked Bananas Ghana Banana , Lime
 Baked Bananas With Cream Cheese Caribbean Islands Banana , Cream Cheese
 Baked Fresh Pears Canada Pear , Orange
 Baked Lime Custard Philippines Egg , Milk
 Baked Papaya Dessert Tahiti Papaya
 Baked Pineapple Zimbabwe Pineapple , Almond , Peach
 Baked Pureed Tropical Fruits Tahiti Pineapple , Mango , Banana
 Baklava Greece Walnut , Almond , Honey
 Baklava Turkey Flour , Walnut , Butter
 Banana Cream Portugal Banana , Gelatin , Cream
 Banana Fritters Brazil Banana
 Banana Fritters Caribbean Islands Banana
 Banana Ice Cream Trinidad & Tobago Banana , Milk , Egg
 Banana Jam Nigeria Banana , Orange , Lemon
 Banana Jam Polynesia Banana , Lemon
 Banana Milk Shake Caribbean Islands Banana , Milk , Ice Cream
 Banana Mould Polynesia Banana , Lemon , Corn
 Banana Pudding Caribbean Islands Banana , Wine , Butter
 Banana Rolls Polynesia Banana , Coconut
 Bananas Foster Creole Ice Cream , Banana , Butter
 Bananas In Batter Bahamas Banana , Milk , Flour
 Bananas Stuffed With Coconut Polynesia Banana , Coconut
 Basic Banana Fritters Dominican Republic Banana
 Basque Red And White Wine "Lemonade" Spain Lemon , Wine
 Berry Cream Poland Strawberry , Gooseberry , Blueberry
 Blackberry Jam Creole Blackberry
 Blender Grapefruit Marmalade Caribbean Islands Grapefruit , Lime , Gelatin
 Blue Drawers - Tie Leaf Jamaica Yam , Coconut , Corn
 Bombay Mango Fool Caribbean Islands Mango , Milk , Cream
 Bombay Mango Special Jamaica Mango , Ice Cream
 Bramble Jelly England Blackberry
 Brandied Eggnog Norway Egg
 Brandy Snaps England Flour , Cream , Butter
 Burnt Cream - Creme Brulee England Cream , Egg , Lemon
  C         back to top
 Cafe Brulat Creole Orange , Lemon
 Cake, Fruit And Custard Dessert With Whipped Cream England Raspberry , Almond , Cream
 Caramel Cream Dessert England Egg , Cream , Vanilla
 Caramel Custard France Milk , Vanilla , Egg
 Carrageen Moss Blancmange Ireland Kelp & Seaweed , Milk , Lemon
 Carrageen Souffles Ireland Kelp & Seaweed , Milk , Egg
 Carrot Ambrosia Caribbean Islands Carrot , Orange , Butter
 Carrots In Milk Mexico Carrot , Milk
 Cashew Nut Ice Cream Caribbean Islands Cashew , Grape & Raisin , Ice Cream
 Cheese-And-Sour-Cream Souffle Romania Cheese , Sour Cream
 Cherries Jubilee Creole Cherry , Ice Cream
 Cherry Tapioca Switzerland Cherry , Cassava , Milk
 Chestnut Preserve Algeria Chestnut , Orange
 Chestnuts Cooked In Green Tea Japan Chestnut
 Chilled Coconut Milk And Pineapple Drink Dominican Republic Coconut , Pineapple
 Chilled Fruit Salad Syria Apricot , Plum & Prune , Fig
 Chocolate - Nut Meringue Filling Hungary Egg , Chocolate , Pecan
 Chocolate Cream Dessert Norway Chocolate , Egg , Milk
 Chocolate Glaze Hungary Chocolate
 Chocolate Mousse France Chocolate , Cream , Butter
 Chocolate Mousse France Chocolate , Egg , Cocoa
 Chocolate Mousse Bahamas Chocolate , Egg , Coffee
 Christmas Citrus Punch Bahamas Grapefruit , Orange , Honey
 Christmas Punch Sweden Wine , Grape & Raisin , Cardamom
 Coco Fritters Caribbean Islands Coconut , Flour , Scallions
 Coconut - Milk Sherbet Barbados Coconut
 Coconut Chips Hawaii Coconut
 Coconut Chips Bahamas Coconut
 Coconut Cream Dessert Kenya Coconut , Gelatin , Egg
 Coconut Fingers Kenya Coconut , Flour , Egg
 Coconut Fritters Polynesia Coconut , Flour , Butter
 Coconut Ice Madagascar Coconut , Milk
 Coconut Milk Venezuela Coconut , Milk
 Coconut Mould Bahamas Coconut , Milk , Gelatin
 Coconut Sweet Brazil Coconut , Egg , Cream
 Coconut Trifle Bahamas Coconut , Milk , Flour
 Coffee Custard Argentina Coffee , Milk , Cream
 Cold Grapefruit Soufflé New Zealand Grapefruit , Cream , Gelatin
 Cold Orange Souffle USA Orange , Gelatin , Egg
 Cold Rum Souffle Jamaica Egg , Gelatin , Milk
 Compote Of Chestnuts Spain Chestnut
 Cooper's Ranch Punch Hawaii
 Cootamundra Cream Australia Egg , Milk , Lemon
 Cottage Cheese Dumplings Hungary Cheese , Flour
 Cottage Cheese Filling For Strudel Austria Cheese , Egg , Grape & Raisin
 Cream Of Avocado Dessert Brazil Avocado , Lime
 Creole Champagne Punch Creole Pineapple , Strawberry , Orange
 Crystallised Green Figs Madagascar Fig
 Crystallised Rose Petals Turkey Greens
 Crystallised Watermelon Kenya Watermelon , Lime
 Cumberland Rum Butter England Butter , Wine , Nutmeg
 Cumberland Sloe Jelly England Plum & Prune
 Custard With Marsala Italy Egg
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 Date Filling Canada Date
 Deep - Fried Pretzel - Shaped Sweets India Flour
 Deep - Fried Wontons With Date Filling China Date , Walnut
 Deep-Fried Wheat Tortillas With Fruit Filling Mexico Apple , Apricot , Flour
 Dessert Crepes With Lemon Souffle Filling France Lemon
 Dessert Dumplings With Vanila Sauce Germany Flour , Vanilla , Milk
 Dessert Pancakes Estonia Flour , Milk , Lingonberry
 Doncaster Butterscotch England Butter , Milk , Cream
 Dried Fruit Compote Germany
 Dried Fruit Filling Israel Grape & Raisin , Plum & Prune , Apricot
 Duckanoo Caribbean Islands Corn , Coconut , Grape & Raisin
 Durham Cinder Toffee England
 Durham Fluffin England Barley , Milk , Nutmeg
  E         back to top
 Easter Cheese Pyramid With Candied Fruit And Nuts Russia Cheese , Almond , Cream
 Easter Nog Sweden Egg , Wine
 Egg Yolk Icing Portugal Egg
 Eight - Treasure Rice Pudding China Rice , Date , Cherry
  F         back to top
 Fig Ice Cream Creole Fig , Milk , Egg
 Fig Squares USA Fig , Flour , Walnut
 Fig Syrup Turkey Fig
 Flambéed Baked Bananas Caribbean Islands Banana
 Flamed Bananas France Banana
 Flan Cuba Egg , Milk , Vanilla
 Flavored Ice Creams Italy Pistachio , Chocolate , Cream
 Flavored Ices Italy Lemon , Orange , Strawberry
 Flemish Waffles Belgium Flour , Egg , Cream
 Floating Island Jamaica Egg , Guava , Cream
 Flower Syrup Turkey
 Foo Foo Barbados Banana , Plantain
 French Huguenot Wafers South Africa Flour , Butter , Wine
 Fresh Peaches Stuffed With Macaroons Italy Peach
 Freshly Grated Coconut Bolivia Coconut
 Fried Bread And Nut Dessert India Almond , Pistachio , Bread
 Fried Milk Balls With Cardamom Syrup India Milk , Cardamom
 Fried Pastries Denmark Flour , Egg , Lard & Fat
 Frosted Pineapple - Lime Salad Mold Bolivia Pineapple , Lime , Gelatin
 Frothy Wine Dessert Romania
 Frozen Cranberry Mousse USA Cranberry
 Fruit Fool Denmark Currant , Raspberry
 Fruit Fool With Cream Denmark Currant , Raspberry , Almond
 Fruit Poached In Vanilla Syrup France Peach , Apricot , Vanilla
 Fruit Potpourri With Brandy Or Rum Egg Sauce Norway Egg , Banana , Walnut
 Fruit Punch Polynesia Cherry , Pineapple
 Fruit Puree Russia Currant , Apricot , Raspberry
 Fruity Callaloo Caribbean Islands Callaloo , Grapefruit
  G         back to top
 Gaelic Coffee Ireland Coffee , Cream
 Ginger Fruit Kabobs USA Orange , Banana , Pineapple
 Ginger Mousse Trinidad & Tobago Ginger , Egg , Gelatin
 Glazed Oranges USA Orange , Wine
 Glogg Almond , Cardamom , Orange
 Golden Dumplings Austria Flour , Almond , Grape & Raisin
 Grandmother Brown's Rhubarb Marmalade USA Orange , Rhubarb , Walnut
 Grapefruit Marmalade England Grapefruit
 Grapefruit Marmalade Greece Grapefruit
 Grapefruit With Shrimp And Sour Cream Bahamas Grapefruit , Shrimp , Sour Cream
 Greek Coffee Greece
 Grilled Soybean Curd With Miso Dressing Japan Tofu , Spinach , Miso
 Guava And Lime Cups Nigeria Guava , Lime , Orange
 Guava Butter Bahamas Guava
 Guava Cheese Bahamas Guava
 Guava Duff Bahamas Flour , Guava , Butter
 Guava Jelly Ethiopia Guava , Lemon
 Guava Mousse Bahamas Guava , Cream , Gelatin
  H         back to top
 Halva (Stove - Top Style) Greece Cereal , Milk
 Hibiscus Drink Jamaica Ginger , Sorrel
 Homemade Cheese Balls In Sweet Syrup India Milk , Yogurt
 Hominy Grits Souffle Bahamas Corn , Milk , Cheese
 Honeyed Apples Spain Apple , Honey , Fig
 Honeyed Squash Mexico Squash
 Hot Chocolate With Milk Mexico Chocolate , Milk
 Hot Orange Pudding China Orange
 Hungarian Apples Hungary Apple
  I         back to top
 Ice Cream Russia Almond , Cream , Vanilla
 Ice Cream Aloha Polynesia Ice Cream , Banana
 Iced Milk And Papaya Frappe Dominican Republic Papaya , Milk , Lime
  J         back to top
 Jamaican Ginger Beer Jamaica Ginger , Lime
 Junket England Milk , Nutmeg
  L         back to top
 Lemon Cream Filling Sweden Lemon , Egg , Wine
 Lemon Curd Switzerland Lemon , Butter , Egg
 Lemon Delicious New Zealand Lemon , Egg , Milk
 Lemon Punch Kenya Lemon , Orange , Strawberry
 Lemon Rum Souffle Romania Lemon , Butter , Egg
 Lemon Souffle Denmark Lemon , Gelatin , Egg
 Lemon-Cream Dessert Germany Lemon , Cream , Gelatin
 Lemon-Orange Ice USA Orange , Lemon
 Lime Curd Caribbean Islands Lime , Egg , Butter
 Lime Souffle Barbados Lime , Egg , Gelatin
 Lingonberry Or Cranberry Cream Finland Lingonberry , Cranberry , Cream
 Lips Of The Beauty Turkey Butter , Flour , Egg
 Little Baskets Hungary Cream Cheese , Flour , Butter
 Little Orange Sticks Austria Orange , Walnut , Cashew
  M         back to top
 Mango Ice Jamaica Mango
 Mango Mousse Barbados Mango , Cream , Egg
 Mango Sherbet Caribbean Islands Mango , Milk , Gelatin
 Maple Mousse USA Egg , Cream , Gelatin
 Maple Syrup Cream Canada Milk , Egg , Flour
 Marchegger Stangerl Austria Almond , Egg
 Matrimony Caribbean Islands Apple , Orange , Milk
 May Day Crullers Finland Flour
 Melon With Ouzo Greece Melon
 Melons Stuffed With Cherries And Whipped Cream Austria Melon , Cherry , Cream
 Meringues With Chocolate Sauce Sweden Egg , Chocolate , Cocoa
 Milk - And - Rice Pudding With Cardamom And Nuts India Rice , Milk , Almond
 Milk And Cream - Of - Rice Pudding With Rose Water And Nuts India Milk , Cereal
 Milk Punch Creole Cream
 Milk Sweet Uruguay Milk , Vanilla
 Mini Pots Of Gold Ireland Milk , Cocoa , Chocolate
 Mint - Green Tea Cooler Ireland Ginger , Mint
 Mint Glazed Carrots Bahamas Carrot , Mint , Butter
 Mocha Mousse With Orange Liqueur Barbados Egg , Cocoa , Butter
 Molded Custard With Glaceed Fruits France Apricot , Cream , Gelatin
 Molded Orange-Flavored Cream France Orange , Cream , Gelatin
 Moulded Sweet Turkey Butter , Grape & Raisin , Almond
  N         back to top
 Naseberry Nectar Caribbean Islands Sapodilla & Naseberry , Orange
 New Year's Waffles Belgium Flour , Butter
 Norwegian "Junket" Norway Milk , Sour Cream
  O         back to top
 Oatmeal And Rum Dessert Scotland Oatmeal , Cream
 Old-Fashioned Apple Butter USA Apple
 Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream USA Ice Cream , Cream , Vanilla
 Orange - Raspberry Molded Salad Austria Orange , Raspberry , Gelatin
 Orange Caramel Custard Spain Orange , Milk , Egg
 Orange Ice Box Dessert Caribbean Islands Orange , Milk , Egg
 Orange Liqueur Souffle France Orange
 Orange Marmalade Bahamas Orange
 Orange Sections With Orange-Blossom Water Morocco Orange
 Orange Sorbet Bahamas Orange , Lime , Wine
 Oven - Baked Halva Greece Cereal , Walnut , Almond
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 Pancakes With Spicy Coconut Filling India Coconut , Flour , Milk
 Pascha Russia Cream Cheese , Grape & Raisin , Sour Cream
 Passion - Fruit Cream New Zealand Passion Fruit , Cream , Gelatin
 Pastry Cones Filled With Whipped Cream And Berries Sweden Strawberry , Lingonberry , Cream
 Pawpaw And Mango Jam Caribbean Islands Mango , Papaya
 Pawpaw And Pineapple Jam Kenya Pineapple , Papaya , Lemon
 Pawpaw Fool Nigeria Papaya
 Peanut - And - Coconut - Milk Wafers Indonesia Flour , Peanut , Coconut
 Pears Poached In Red Wine France Pear , Wine
 Pears Stuffed With Gorgonzola Cheese Italy Pear
 Peasant Girl With Veil Denmark Bread , Apple , Chocolate
 Peking Dust China Chestnut , Pecan
 Pickled Walnuts England Walnut , Vinegar
 Pickney's Sweet Caribbean Islands Strawberry , Cream , Almond
 Pina Colada Coconut , Pineapple
 Pina Colada Cuba Coconut , Pineapple
 Pineapple Custard Venezuela Milk , Pineapple
 Pineapple Dessert Jamaica Pineapple , Cream Cheese , Cashew
 Pineapple Dessert Bahamas Pineapple , Cashew
 Pineapple Dessert Caribbean Islands Pineapple , Cream Cheese , Cashew
 Pineapple Fool Jamaica Pineapple , Cream , Vanilla
 Pineapple Jam Bahamas Pineapple
 Pineapple Jam Nigeria Pineapple , Lime
 Pineapple Jam Polynesia Pineapple , Lemon
 Pineapple Punch Ethiopia Pineapple
 Plantation Rum Punch Bahamas Lime , Honey
 Plum Jam England Plum & Prune
 Plum Preserves Serbia Plum & Prune
 Poached Peaches With Raspberry Puree France Peach , Vanilla , Raspberry
 Poppy Seed And Honey Filling Israel Honey , Milk , Poppy Seed
 Porcupine Apples Denmark Apple , Almond , Cream
 Portuguese Baked Caramel Custard Portugal Milk , Egg , Cream
 Pumpkin Dessert Turkey Pumpkin , Walnut
 Pumpkin Jam Bahamas Pumpkin , Lime , Orange
 Pureed Apple Dessert Russia Apple
 Pureed Apricot Dessert Russia Apricot
 Pureed Cranberry Dessert Russia Cranberry
 Pureed Fruit Dessert England Raspberry , Blackberry , Gooseberry
 Pureed Rhubarb Dessert Russia Rhubarb
 Pureed Strawberry Dessert Russia Strawberry
  Q         back to top
 Quince Preserves Greece Quince
  R         back to top
 Raisin Compote Turkey Grape & Raisin
 Red Wine And Fruit Punch Spain Lemon , Orange , Apple
 Rhubarb Compote Denmark Rhubarb , Almond
 Rhubarb Compote Norway Rhubarb , Vanilla , Cream
 Rhubarb Mousse Switzerland Rhubarb , Egg
 Rice And Almond Dessert Denmark Rice , Almond , Milk
 Rice Souffle Hungary Rice , Milk , Egg
 Rose - Petal Jam Turkey Greens
 Royal Eggs Mexico Egg , Cherry , Grape & Raisin
 Rum Coffee Jelly Bahamas Coffee , Sour Cream , Gelatin
 Rum Cream Filling Spain Milk , Vanilla , Flour
 Rum Ice Cream USA Ice Cream , Cream , Vanilla
  S         back to top
 Salzburger Nockerl Austria Egg , Butter , Flour
 San Antonio Fruit Ice Cream USA Banana , Grapefruit , Pear
 Scalloped Bananas Nigeria Banana , Butter , Bread
 Scorpion Hawaii
 Sea Grape Jelly Or Orange Jelly Or Guava Jelly Bahamas Grape & Raisin , Orange , Guava
 Seville Orange Marmalade Scotland Orange
 Sherry - Baked Bananas Creole Banana
 Sighs Of A Nun Portugal Butter , Egg , Lemon
 Sliced Banana Fritters Haiti Banana
 Soft Custard Spain Milk , Egg
 Sorrel Jelly Caribbean Islands Sorrel
 Sour Cherry Preserves Greece Cherry
 Soursop Punch Caribbean Islands Soursop
 Spanish Cream Spain Milk , Egg , Gelatin
 Spiced Apple Tea Ireland Apple
 Spiced Whipped Topping Austria Milk , Nutmeg
 Spun Apples China Apple , Oil , Flour
 Star Apple Dessert Caribbean Islands Apple
 Strawberries And Orange Spain Strawberry , Orange , Cream
 Strawberry Ice Cream Creole Strawberry , Cream , Vanilla
 Strawberry Preserve Serbia Strawberry
 Strawberry Snow Finland Strawberry , Cream , Egg
 Strudel Apple Filling Hungary Apple , Walnut , Grape & Raisin
 Strudel Cheese Filling Hungary Cheese , Grape & Raisin , Egg
 Strudel Cherry Filling Hungary Cherry , Almond , Bread
 Strudel Poppy Seed Filling Hungary Honey , Lemon , Poppy Seed
 Stuffed Oranges Austria Orange , Cream , Flour
 Stuffed Pears Milanese Style Italy Pear , Almond , Cherry
 Sunshine Dessert Australia Apricot , Flour , Milk
 Sweet Carrot Dessert India Carrot , Almond , Cream
 Sweet Chestnuts Japan Chestnut
 Sweet Clouds Portugal Egg , Milk
 Sweet Cranberry Juice Norway Cranberry
 Syllabub England Cream , Lemon , Wine
 Syrupy Walnut Dessert Azerbaijan Walnut
  T         back to top
 Tangy Cheese Filling Hungary Cream Cheese , Cream , Lemon
 Tapioca Bananas Polynesia Banana , Cassava , Coconut
 Tapioca Cream With Vermouth France Milk , Cream , Wine
 The Professor's Glogg Sweden Grape & Raisin , Almond , Cardamom
 The Wassail Bowl England Apple , Beer
 Tomato Jam Bahamas Tomato , Lime , Grape & Raisin
 Trappers' Fruit USA Apple , Pumpkin
 Turkish Coffee Turkey Coffee
 Tzimmes Of Dried Fruits Israel Rice , Honey , Plum & Prune
  V         back to top
 Vanilla Cream Denmark Egg , Milk , Vanilla
 Vanilla Crunchies Poland Egg , Sour Cream , Flour
 Veiled Country Lass Denmark Apple , Butter , Cream
  W         back to top
 Watermelon Marbles Bahamas Watermelon , Orange
 Watermelon Preserves Serbia Watermelon , Vanilla , Lemon
 Watermelon Shells Filled With Fruit China Watermelon , Lychee
 West African Fruit Salad With Honey Dressing Nigeria Honey , Guava , Pineapple
 Whipped - Cream - And - Wine Dessert England Cream , Wine , Lemon
 Whipped Cream Cornets Austria Cream , Egg , Strawberry
 Wine Jelly With Fruit Germany Pear , Wine , Gelatin
  Y         back to top
 Yam Souffle Barbados Yam , Egg , Milk
 Yam Stuffed Bananas Hawaii Banana , Yam , Pineapple
 Yeast Fruit Dumplings Czech Republic Flour , Plum & Prune , Apricot
 Yogurt Greece Milk , Yogurt
 Yogurt Dessert Turkey Yogurt , Egg , Flour
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 Zabaglione Italy Egg , Wine

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