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 Main Ingredient ╗ Fish ╗ Snapper (33 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Snapper from over the world:

 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
 Baked Fish With Olive And Pimiento Sauce Appetizers Mexico
 Baked Fish With Onions And Almonds Main Courses Cuba
 Baked Grunts                    Appetizers Caribbean Islands
 Baked Red Mullet With Black Olives And Capers Main Courses Italy
 Baked Red Snapper In Savoury Barbecue Sauce Appetizers Bahamas
 Baked Spicy Snook                    Appetizers Caribbean Islands
 Baked Stuffed Redfish                    Main Courses Creole
 Baked Stuffed Striped Bass                    Main Courses USA
 Bouillabaisse, Creole - Style                    Soup Creole
 Broiled Fish                    Main Courses Greece
 Broiled Redfish                    Main Courses Creole
 Clear Soup With Fish                    Soup Japan
 Cold Poached Fish With Avocado Sauce Main Courses Cuba
 Curried Fish                    Appetizers Venezuela
 Fish In Ti Leaves                      Tahiti
 Fish Stew                    Stew Puerto Rico
 Jerk Snapper Stuffed With Callaloo Main Courses Jamaica
 Jiffy Fish                    Appetizers Hawaii
 Kakavia                    Soup Greece
 Paella                    Main Courses Puerto Rico
 Pickled Fish                    Appetizers Jamaica
 Poached Fish With Mayonnaise                    Appetizers Greece
 Red - Cooked Fish                    Main Courses China
 Red Snapper Baked With Potatoes Main Courses Spain
 Red Snapper With Almond Paste                    Main Courses Morocco
 Red Snapper With Tomato Sauce, Olives And Potatoes Main Courses Mexico
 Redfish Courtbouillon                    Soup Creole
 Sashimi Wrapped In Nori                    Appetizers Japan
 Sliced Raw Fish                    Appetizers Japan
 Spanish Bream                    Appetizers Spain
 Stewed Fish With Onion                    Stew Greece
 Sweet - And - Sour Fish                    Main Courses Vietnam
 Treasure - Ship Fish                    Main Courses Japan

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