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EGG NOODLES (chinese): Long, thin noodles no more than 1/8 inch wide made of flour, eggs and water. Sold, by the pound, fresh or dried, in Chinese specialty stores. Fresh ones may be stored in plastic bags in the freezer for months or in the refrigerator for 1 week. Substitute any other narrow egg noodle
ENDIVE (belgian endive, french endive, witloof): One of Europe's most highly prized salad ingredients is Belgian endive, also called ‘witloof’ (white leaf) and Brussels chicory (or chicoree). Its growth is as curious as its name, and its discovery was accidental. In 1845, a gardener in Brussels, experimenting to improve chicory roots, found that a group of them, left in a cellar for several days, had begun to sprout firm white leaves. Further testing led to the development of white-leaved heads. Over the years the pampered production of endive in especially prepared underground "growing houses" became an important Belgian industry. Endive does not thrive as well anywhere else. Raw, the slightly bitter leaves are great favorites for salad. This is an elegant salad to serve as a first course or side dish for a special dinner party.
EPAZOTE (pazote, goosefoot): Strongly flavored, crumbled dried herb leaves used in Mexican tortilla dishes and beans. Store tightly covered in a cool, dark place
ERUSALEM ARTICHOKE: Edible tuber of a variety of sunflower native to the United States. The tubers look like small rough-skinned sweet potatoes, but their flesh is white
ESCABECHE: The word literally means "pickled" and is used to describe a Spanish and Portuguese method of preparing fish, seafood, poultry or game birds. Recipes vary, but typically the food is cooked and then pickled in a vinegar marinade
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