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TAHINI: A light paste made of toasted sesame seeds and sesame oil-almost like peanut butter. Used in many Middle Eastern dishes, it is to be found in Middle Eastern delicatessens or fancy supermarkets
TAKENOKO: Young bamboo shoots, available whole in cans in Oriental markets. Chinese sliced bamboo shoots are more widely available in supermarkets
TAMARIND: Brown pulp of the seed pod of a tree cultivated throughout the tropics; used for flavoring. The pod is brittle, cinnamon-colored and shaped somewhat like a pea pod, but is up to 8 inches long. The pulp has a somewhat acid taste. The dried variety is the only kind suitable for cooking
TANGELO: Hybrid fruit created in the 1890s by crossing a tangerine with grapefruit. It can be round or pear-shaped, with rough or smooth orange-colored skin. The flesh of some is rather acid tasting; others are sweeter. Available in better fruit stores and Latin American markets in the fall and early winter
TANSY: The aromatic, tender leaves of tansy have an appealing, bitter flavor that will add an unusual touch to mixed green salads and are also a good salad garnish.
TAPIOCA FLOUR: Waxy-textured flour made from the same cassava root that is the basis of tapioca. Sold in 1-pound plastic bags in Oriental and health-food shops. Store like regular wheat flour. No substitute
TARAMA (Greece): Fish roe from the gray mullet
TARAMOSALATA: Fish roe spread
TARO (dasheen, tannia, malanga, elephant's ear, yautfa): Tberous edible plant root, about the size of a large baking potato with darkbrown barklike skin. Taro's firm flesh can be white, green, gray or violet and has a somewhat nutty taste. The word taro can also refer to the leaves of the plant. These, also known as CALLALOO and elephant's ears, are green, somewhat heart-shaped, and may be as much as 3 feet long; their flavor is faintly bitter and reminiscent of spinach. Leaves and roots are available year round in Latin American and Oriental markets and in some groceries, especially in the Southeastern United States
TARRAGON: A most popular herb for salad. Its pointed, dark-green leaves have a slight licorice flavor and are good additions to mixed green, chicken, egg, mushroom, seafood, and tomato salads. They are also excellent salad garnishes and flavorings for vinegar.
THIMARI (thyme): A member of the mint family with small silvery-green leaves that lend an aromatic and slightly pungent flavor to aspic, seafood, tomato, and vegetable salads. This aromatic herb used extensively in soups, stews, and sauces and for seasoning meats. Buy it whole, dried, or grow your own.
THOUSAND-YEAR EGGS: Duck eggs that have been coated with a paste of ashes, lime and salt, and buried for several months. Sold individually in Chinese specialty stores. Will keep for about a month. No substitute
TIGER LILY BUDS, DRIED: Pale gold, stringy lily buds about 2 to 3 inches long. Sold by weight in Oriental specialty shops. Store in a covered container. No substitute
TIROPETES (Greece): Phyllo stuffed with cheese
TOFU: Custard likes cake of soybean curd, about 3 inches square. Sold fresh in Japanese markets. Will keep for two to three days if refrigerated and kept in fresh cold water, changed every day. Tofu is also available canned and in instant powdered form
TOMATOES, MEXICAN GREEN (tomatitos verdes, pelados, tomatillos enteros): This small green tomato with a distinctive flavor was the tomato of the Aztecs. It is sold canned in Latin American food stores, delicacy shops and gourmet food sections. No substitute
TORTILLAS: If it is not convenient to make your own tortillas, they may be purchased freshly packaged in Latin American specialty shops, and occasionally in groceries and supermarkets. Tortillas are also sold in specialty and gourmet shops in cans containing 1˝ to 2˝ dozen
TOULOUMOTYRI: A semi-hard, flaky white Greek cheese prepared and aged in animal hides. Similar to feta, but less salty, touloumotyri is excellent with fruit, especially grapes
TRASSI (indonesian shrimp paste): Thick, dark brown, salty shrimp paste, sold in small sausagelike rolls by sources specializing in Philippine or Indonesian foods or in some Oriental groceries. Because it is strong smelling, cover or wrap it tightly to store. Will keep almost indefinitely
TROUT, SPECKLED: Louisiana name for the spotted sea trout. It is related to the weakfish or gray sea trout, which may be used as a substitute
TSAKISTES (Greece): Cracked olives marinated in brine
TSUKEMONO: Pickled vegetables, in bottles in Japanese markets
TURMERIC: Bitter orange-colored spice of the ginger family, that gives the flavor and saffron color to many Indian dishes. Also a main ingredient in curry powder. Buy it ground. Cheaper in Middle Eastern and Indian stores
TURMERICS: The aromatic ground root of a plant of the ginger family has a beautiful yellow color and slightly bitter flavor. It is an important ingredient of curry powder and prepared mustard. It may be used to flavor egg, fish, poultry, and meat salads, as well as some salad dressings.
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