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Glossary - H
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HABICHUELAS: Spanish name for red kidney beans See BEANS.
HAKUSAI: A Chinese cabbage that has 12- to 16-inch-long smooth white stalks and large green leaves. Sold fresh by the bunch or by weight in Oriental markets. Will keep for one week refrigerated in a plastic bag. Substitute celery cabbage or white cabbage
HALOUMI: A semi-soft Greek cheese, similar to mozzarella but quite salty. Good as a snack with crackers
HARUSAME: Bean-gelatin noodles, literally, "spring rain." This vermicelli, also called cellophane or transparent noodles, is available in Oriental markets. Usually softened in water before using
HAUPIA: Cornflour pudding made with coconut cream.
HEARTS OF PALM: Heart of palm, the stripped white heart, core, or "bud" of a young palm or palmetto tree, is a popular food in Florida, the West Indies, and South America. It is also called palm cabbage because of its resemblance to a small cabbage, and in Florida by the unflattering name of swamp cabbage. The hearts have a bland and delicate flavor and taste something like chestnuts. They may be boiled as a vegetable or eaten raw in salads. Raw hearts of palm have an appealingly crisp and mild flavor reminiscent of asparagus. Canned hearts do not have the crispness but retain the delicacy. Fresh hearts of palm are available in areas where they are grown. Elsewhere they are sold in cans in specialty food stores and some supermarkets.
HERBSAINT: Greenish-amber anise-flavored liqueur
HIBISCUS BLOSSOMS (sorrel blossoms): These make a delicious iced tea. Find in Latin and Caribbean markets
HICHIMI TOGARASHI: Seven-pepper spice, available in small bottles. Powdered blend of hot mustard seed, sesame seed, pepper leaf, poppy seed, rape seed, and hemp seed and dried tangerine peel
HIJIKI: A form of dried seaweed. Find in Japanese markets
HIYAMUGI: Thin noodles, usually eaten cold. Available in bags or boxes at Japanese markets. Substitute Italian vermicelli
HOISIN SAUCE: Sweet, brownish-red sauce made from soybeans, flour, sugar, water, spices, garlic and chili, for use in cooking. Sold in 1-pound cans and up. After opening, can be stored for several months in the refrigerator in tightly covered container. No substitute
HOMINY (hulled corn): Whole kernels of dried corn prepared by removing the hulls-by soaking in baking soda or lue then boiling
HOP SPROUTS: Hop sprouts, called in French ‘jets de houblon’, and in German ‘Hopfensprossen’, are the edible flowers of a perennial herb important to the brewing of ale and beer. The young shoots are cut in spring from the hop vines and are considered great delicacies in Belgium, France, and Germany. They are boiled and served with butter and cream, with sauces, or cold as a salad. Many cooks point out that the hops may be prepared in the same way as asparagus and are especially good with lemon-flavored mayonnaise, hollandaise, or a vinaigrette sauce. In one good salad the hops are combined with chopped, cooked ham, hard-cooked eggs, and tomatoes, bound with mayonnaise, and served watercress. In Europe) and some areas of America, the hop sprouts are available for only a few weeks in spring. To cook, boil in a little salted water with a few drops of lemon juice until tender; drain and cool. Serve as suggested above.
HORSERADISH: A member of the mustard family with dark-green leaves and a long white root that, when grated or ground, has a pungent or peppery flavor. The young, tender leaves may be added to mixed green salads, while the ground root is used to flavor some meat and vegetable salads and salad dressings
HRISA (North Africa): A combination of spices, predominantly crushed red pepper, used to flavor and season almost anything except desserts
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