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Glossary - G
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GALANGAL ROOT, DRIED: A member of the ginger family used especially in Thai cooking. Buy this in small packages in dried slices. It is very hard, so reconstitute in warm water for 1 hour before trying to mince. Find in Oriental markets
GARAM MASALA: Blend of dried spices combined and ground together in the home for use as a seasoning
GARBANZO FLOUR (ceci flour): Flour ground from dried garbanzo beans. Found in fancy delicatessens and Italian specialty shops
GARLIC AND RED CHILI PASTE: Very hot Chinese sauce made of red peppers and garlic. Good condiment for other Asian cuisines as well. Find in Oriental markets or substitute garlic and Tabasco. It is worth the effort to find this delicious sauce
GHEE: Butter oil made by cooking butter over low heat for a long period of time to clarify it and enrich its flavor. Simple clarified butter is not exactly the same thing, but may be substituted for ghee if necessary
GINGER ROOT, FRESH: The pungent, spicy, gnarled brown root, about 3 inches long of the ginger plant has a slightly lemony flavor. It may be used to flavor fruit salads as well as salad dressings. Sold by weight in Oriental and Puerto Rican specialty shops. Whole ginger root will keep for a few weeks wrapped in paper towels in the refrigerator. Available ground, cracked, and whole. Peeled, sliced fresh ginger root, placed in a jar of dry sherry and refrigerated, can safely be kept for several months without losing or changing its flavor. Peeled, sliced ginger root in brine, available in cans, may be substituted; ground or crystallized ginger may not.
GINNAN: Ginkgo nuts, available canned in Oriental markets and specialty shops. The opened ginkgo nuts may be refrigerated tightly closed, for weeks
GLIKANISO (Greece): Anise. This is the source of ouzo's licorice flavor
GOBO: Burdock, a long, slender root popular as a vegetable in Japan. Available fresh in Japanese markets, gobo may be kept for two weeks in the refrigerator
GOLDEN SYRUP: Popular British product, lightly caramelized syrup of refined cane sugar, sold in gourmet shops. Substitute a mixture of 1 part molasses to 5 parts light corn syrup
GOMA: Sesame seeds, both black and white, available in boxes. A popular spice in Japanese cooking, sesame seeds are generally warmed in a pan to release their aroma and flavor, and are often ground. Italian sesame seeds are a good substitute
GOMA - ABURA: Sesame-seed oil, available canned or bottled in Oriental markets. Middle Eastern Sesame seed oil, which may be more easily available, has a different taste and weight but may be used if diluted with lighter vegetable oils
GOUDA (Netherlands): A smooth, mellow cheese made from whole milk, similar in taste and texture to EDAM. Also made in the United States
GOUVETSI: The Greek word for "casserole" or baked in the oven
GRAPE LEAVES: The leaves of the grapevine. Find in supermarkets and delicatessens packed in jars in brine. You can also use fresh grape leaves, but blanch them first in boiling water for 1 minute
GRAVIERA (kefalograviera): A mild Gruyere-type Greek cheese made of sheep's or cow's milk. A good all-purpose cheese
GUAVA: Oval or somewhat pearshaped fruit of an evergreen tree native to tropical America. Guavas are usually from 2 to 5 inches in diameter and their skin is thin and a pale yellow. Guavas taste sweet and are eaten raw or stewed. They are also made into jams, jellies and guava paste, a rich preserve, but the fresh fruit may be eaten raw and used in salads. It comes in many varieties and has high vitamin content. These are often eaten in the islands with cream cheese. Canned guava shells, guava paste and guava jelly are available in most Latin American markets and some better groceries
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