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QUESO BLANCO (white cheese): A fresh, moist, unripened whey cheese made from partly skimmed cow's milk. Compressed and slightly rubbery; in appearance it is somewhat similar to fresh mozzarella, although the flavor is more reminiscent of a lightly salted fresh ricotta. Will keep in plastic wrap in the refrigerator for about two weeks. It is carried by Latin American markets and some specialty cheese stores. Substitute fresh mozzarella or Munster cheese
QUICK-RISING YEAST: There are a couple of brands on the market now that will cause the dough to rise in half the time. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package for best results. You can find these in any supermarket
QUINCE PASTE (membrillo, dulce de membrillo, membrillate): Thick dull-pink concentrate of quince pulp cooked with sugar. Packed in 1- and 2-pound flat tins or various sizes of cellophane-wrapped bars. Available in Latin American groceries and in some shops specializing in fine imported European foods. After opening, keep covered or wrapped in plastic in a dry place. No substitute
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