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Glossary - Y
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YAM: Large tropical tuberous vegetable that occasionally may weigh as much as 100 pounds. It has a thick, somewhat hairy skin. The flesh may be white, yellow or red and is starchy and slightly sweet. Available in Latin American markets. (In the United States the terms yam and Louisiana yam are often erroneously applied to the soft orange-colored SWEET POTATO; they do not belong to the same botanical family.)
YARD BEANS (Chinese long beans, yard-long beans): Far Eastern species of bean prized for the tenderness of the slender young green pods, ˝ inch wide, often growing to 3 feet long. Available seasonally in some Oriental vegetable markets
YUCA (aipim, sweet cassava, sweet manioc): Long, irregularly shaped root at least 2 inches in diameter, with rough brown barklike skin and hard white starchy interior. Available fresh year round at most Latin American and Puerto Rican groceries and vegetable markets. Sold whole or in pieces. Store refrigerated for 2 or 3 weeks. No substitute
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