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Glossary - W
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WAKAME: Long, curling dried strands of seaweed. Available packaged in Oriental markets. Reconstitute by soaking in water, and then strip the leaves from the tough center vein and use as a garnish
WASABI: Green horseradish, available canned in powdered form, to which cold water is added
WATER CHESTNUTS: Walnut-sized bulbs with tough, brown skins and crisp, white meat. Sold fresh by weight in Oriental specialty shops and canned (whole, sliced or diced) in supermarkets as well. Store fresh ones refrigerated for several days. After opening canned water chestnuts, drain and refrigerate them in water in a covered jar for as long as a month, changing the water daily. No substitute
WATERCRESS: A member of the mustard family, with small, shiny leaves that have an appealing, peppery taste. It may be served alone or with other greens and is a popular garnish. The leaves are fragile and should be carefully cleaned, washed, and used as soon as possible. The leaves wilt quickly when dressed
WHEAT STARCH: Wheat flour with the gluten extracted. Sold in 1-pound sacks in Chinese specialty shops. Store like regular flour. No substitute
WILD GREENS: There are many varieties of wild greens that can be used in salads. They should be picked when young and tender and eaten as soon as possible, since old and tough greens develop a harsh flavor
WINTER MELON: Round, green skinned melons of varying sizes. The pulp is translucent and white. Its flavor most resembles zucchini or other soft-skinned squash. Sold fresh in slices by weight in Chinese specialty stores. Keep in refrigerator for 3 to 5 days with cut surfaces covered with plastic wrap. Substitute zucchini or cucumber
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