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Glossary - O
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OJEN: Anise-flavored 84-proof liqueur made in Spain
OPIHI: A shell fish.
ORANGE-BLOSSOM WATER (North Africa): An extract of orange blossoms used as a flavoring agent. Available in Middle Eastern or specialty stores
ORANGE-FLOWER WATER: A flavor in agent made from distilled orange-blossom petals. Available at fancy apothecary shops and Middle Eastern grocers
OREGANO (rigani): The strong, aromatic leaves of oregano, a member of the mint family, impart an interesting flavor to cheese, egg, potato, seafood, and tomato salads, and are added to some salad dressings. It is also called wild marjoram. Basic to the kitchen. For salads, meats, sauces. You can grow your own, or buy the whole tiny leaves dried.
ORGEAT: Syrup prepared from powdered dried almonds
ORZO: Tiny oval-shaped pasta resembling grains of rice in appearance
OUZO (Greece): A colorless alcoholic drink, flavored with anise. Like Pernod and other anise-based liqueurs, ouzo turns milky white when combined with water or poured over ice
OYSTER SAUCE: Thick, brown sauce with a rich flavor, made from oysters, soy sauce and brine. Sold in 6- or 12- ounce bottles in Oriental specialty shops. It will keep indefinitely. No substitute
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