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RACLETTE (Switzerland): A melted-cheese dish; also the name of a cheese for making it that is exported to the United States
RADICCHIO (rosso, castelfranco): Radicchio is an interesting salad green with an appealing flavor. It grows only in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy and is highly prized by the cooks of that area. A form of chicory or curly endive, radicchio comes in two varieties. ‘Rosso’, light red or rose and white veins, is grown in the environs of Treviso. The other, named ‘Castelfranco’ for its place of origin, has leaves sprinkled with bright colors; it is both blander and sweeter. In lute fall and winter, the markets of the Veneto region are bright with these colorful greens, which are as beautiful as they are tasty. An Italian poet called radicchio "a flower to eat." Although some cooks combine the two varieties in salads, purists insist that each be prepared and served separately. They are usually dressed with an olive oil-vinegar dressing.
RED - BEAN PASTE: Thick, sweet paste made from red soybeans. Available in cans in Oriental specialty shops. It will keep for months refrigerated in a covered jar. No substitute
RED CURRY PASTE: A spicy condiment used in Thai cooking. Rather hot, with its main ingredient being red chili peppers. Found in Oriental markets
RED KIDNEY BEANS: Large, reddish-brown, of a definite kidney shape
REDFISH (red drum, channel bass): Copper- or bronze-colored salt-water inshore commercial or game fish with a distinctive black spot at the base of the tail
RENKON: Lotus root, sold fresh in sections about 2 to 3 inches in diameter and 4 to 6 inches long, and canned in various sizes. Store in the refrigerator
RETSINA: White or rose wine flavored with pine resin
RICE FLOUR (harina de arroz): Rice milled into flour form. Available in 10-ounce cellophane packages in Latin American markets and in various sizes at Oriental and health-food stores. No substitute
RICE STICK NOODLES (Chinese rice sticks, py mei fun): Thin, brittle white rice noodles, dried in 8-inch looped skeins. Packaged in layers, sold by weight in Oriental specialty stores
RICE WINE: Called “shao hsing” in Chinese markets. A good dry sherry is a fine substitute
RICE WINE VINEGAR: Delicious vinegar used in Oriental cooking. Find in Oriental markets
RICE, BASUMATI: Long-grain white rice of high quality grown in various parts of India and distinguished by its faintly nutlike flavor and aroma
RICE, BROKEN: A name sometimes used for short-grain rice, which produces a stickier jambalaya than the long-grain variety
RICE, GLUTINOUS: A variety of short grain rice which becomes sticky when cooked. Sold by weight in Chinese specialty stores. Store in a covered container. No substitute
RIGANI (oregano): The indispensable herb of Greece, oregano grows everywhere and is used in countless dishes
RIVER SHRIMP: Tiny fresh-water shrimp found in the Mississippi and other Louisiana rivers and available only in that area
ROSE PETALS: The fragrant and attractive fresh petals of this well known flower impart a delicate flavor to fruit salads and make good garnishes.
ROSE WATER: Distilled water flavored with rose extract. Available at fancy apothecary shops, but a heavier rose water, specifically sold for food flavoring, can be found at Middle Eastern grocery stores. No substitute
ROSELLE (rosella): See SORREL.
ROSEMARY: A fragrant, aromatic, strong, sweet herb of an evergreen shrub of the mint family with leaves like pine needles. Rosemary should be used sparingly since a little goes a long way. If used fresh, the leaves should be chopped, and if dried, they should be crushed or crumbled. The herb is a good addition to meat and vegetable salads. Basic herb in Mediterranean cooking. Grow your own or buy it whole dried.
ROUX: A mixture of flour and fat used as a thickening agent for sauces, soups and gravies
RUE: The bitter, bluish-green leaves of rue impart an unusual flavor to chicken, tuna, veal, and vegetable salads, but should be used sparingly.
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