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 Main Ingredient ╗ Fish ╗ Halibut (35 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Halibut from over the world:

 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
 Baked Fish With Tomato Sauce                    Main Courses Algeria
 Baked Halibut Fillets                    Appetizers Canada
 Baltic Fish - Vegetable Salad                    Salads Estonia
 Baluk Plakki                    Appetizers Israel
 Bergen Fish Soup                    Soup Norway
 Curried Halibut                    Main Courses India
 Fish - Vegetable Salad                    Salads Norway
 Fish And Shrimp In Ginger - Flavored Peanut Sauce Appetizers Brazil
 Fish And Tomatoes                    Appetizers Brazil
 Fish Braised With Tomatoes                    Main Courses Egypt
 Fish In Aspic                    Appetizers Russia
 Fish In Coconut Milk                    Appetizers Hawaii
 Fish In Egg And Lemon Sauce                    Appetizers Polynesia
 Fish Marinated In Lime Juice With Onions Marinades & Pickles Tahiti
 Fish Pickled With Carrots, Onions And Bay Leaves Marinades & Pickles Portugal
 Fish Salad With Horse - Radish Sauce Salads Norway
 Fish Soup                    Soup Bulgaria
 Fish Soup With Garlic Sauce                    Soup Romania
 Fish Soup With Onions, Cucumbers And Tomatoes Soup Russia
 Fish Soup, Mariner's Style                    Soup Portugal
 Fish Stew                    Stew Puerto Rico
 Fresh Tuna And Potato Stew                    Stew Spain
 Halibut Under A Mountain Of Cream Main Courses Germany
 Island Fish Tea                    Soup Bahamas
 Jamaica Fish Tea                    Soup Jamaica
 Kadavu Fish                    Main Courses Polynesia
 Lemon Stew With Liver Balls                    Appetizers Israel
 Liver Balls                    Appetizers Israel
 Marinated Mahi - Mahi                    Appetizers Cuba
 Poached Fish With Vegetables                    Appetizers Belgium
 Pollock In Green Sauce                    Appetizers Spain
 Polynesian Fish                    Main Courses Polynesia
 Polynesian Raw - Fish Salad                    Salads Tahiti
 Seafood Stew                    Stew Portugal
 Sturgeon Or Halibut In Tomato And Mushroom Sauce Main Courses Russia

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