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 Dish ╗ Marinades & Pickles (86 recipes)

Easy, quick, and simple Marinades & Pickles recipes:

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 Recipe Name Cuisine Main Ingredient
  B         back to top
 Beets In Soya Sauce Korea Beet , Soy Sauce , Vinegar
 Braised Marinated Fish With Tomato Shallot And Garlic Sauce Caribbean Islands Whitefish , Tomato , Shallots
 Bread and Butter Pickles USA Cucumber , Vinegar
 Bread And Butter Pickles Bahamas Cucumber , Onion , Garlic
  C         back to top
 Cape Pickled Fish South Africa Flounder & Sole , Vinegar , Onion
 Chicken Marinated In Orange Bahamas Chicken , Orange , Basil
 Chicken Souse Haiti Chicken , Lemon , Potato
 Coconut Chutney India Coconut , Onion
 Cooked Kelp Japan Kelp & Seaweed , Vinegar
 Cooked Tomato Chutney India Tomato , Onion
 Corn Relish Bahamas Corn , Vinegar , Onion
 Cucumber Namasu Japan Cucumber , Vinegar , Ginger
 Cucumber Pickle Korea Cucumber , Pepper , Scallions
 Cucumber-And-Pepper Relish Tunisia Cucumber , Pepper
  D         back to top
 Daikon Kimchee Cubes Korea Radish , Garlic , Chives
 Date And Lemon Chutney India Date , Coconut
 Dill - Okra Pickles Creole Okra , Garlic , Mustard
  E         back to top
 Escoveitch Of Grouper Bahamas Grouper , Vinegar , Onion
  F         back to top
 Fish Marinated In Lime And Lemon Juice Peru Flounder & Sole , Lemon , Lime
 Fish Marinated In Lime Juice With Onions Tahiti Halibut , Tuna
 Fish Pickled With Carrots, Onions And Bay Leaves Portugal Halibut , Carrot , Onion
 Fresh Coriander Chutney India Coriander , Coconut , Ginger
 Fresh Ginger Chutney India Ginger
 Fresh Mango Chutney With Coconut India Coconut , Mango
 Fresh Mango Chutney With Hot Chili India Mango
 Fresh Mint Chutney India Onion , Mint
  G         back to top
 Garlic Vinegar Bahamas Garlic , Vinegar
  H         back to top
 Herb Vinegars Bahamas Parsley , Basil , Spinach
 Hot Mustard Pickle England Mustard , Onion , Vinegar
 Hot Peppers And Shallots Bahamas Shallots , Pepper , Vinegar
 Hot Pickled Fish Philippines Perch , Porgy , Vinegar
  J         back to top
 Jerusalem - Artichoke Pickles Creole Artichoke , Pepper , Vinegar
  L         back to top
 Lemon Pickle India Lemon , Garlic , Ginger
  M         back to top
 Mango Chutney Bahamas Mango , Grape & Raisin , Soy Sauce
 Marinade Greece Lemon , Oil , Wine
 Marinated Eel Italy Eel , Vinegar , Garlic
 Marinated Eggplant Italy Eggplant
 Marinated Herrings Poland Herring , Vinegar , Onion
 Marinated Mushrooms Italy Mushroom
 Marinated Mushrooms France Mushroom
 Marinated Pork Chops Bahamas Pork
 Marinated Radish Fans China Radish
 Marinated Vegetables, Greek Style France Zucchini , Onion , Pepper
 Mirliton Pickles Creole Squash , Garlic , Pepper
  P         back to top
 Philippine Relish Philippines Pepper , Cauliflower , Ginger
 Pickled Beetroots Denmark Beet , Vinegar
 Pickled Beetroots Israel Beet , Horseradish , Lemon
 Pickled Beets Denmark Beet , Vinegar
 Pickled Cabbage England Cabbage , Vinegar
 Pickled Chicken Bolivia Chicken , Vinegar , Onion
 Pickled Daikon Japan Radish , Vinegar
 Pickled Eggs England Egg , Vinegar , Ginger
 Pickled Fish Polynesia Cod , Vinegar , Curry
 Pickled Fish Belgium Eel , Perch , Carp
 Pickled Mushrooms Russia Mushroom , Vinegar
 Pickled Onions England Onion , Vinegar
 Pickled Peaches Creole Peach , Vinegar , Garlic
 Pickled Plums Poland Plum & Prune , Vinegar
 Pickled Pork India Pork , Onion , Vinegar
 Pickled Pork Hocks Philippines Pork
 Pickled Smelts Norway Smelt , Vinegar , Gelatin
 Pickled Vegetables Tunisia Celery , Carrot , Turnip
 Pickled Watermelon Bahamas Watermelon , Vinegar
 Pineapple Pickle Polynesia Pineapple , Vinegar
 Poached Marinated Fish In Lime - And - Herb Broth Caribbean Islands Whitefish , Lime , Parsley
 Preserve Fresh Tomatoes Caribbean Islands Tomato , Oil
 Preserved Lemons Morocco Lemon
  R         back to top
 Raw Fish Pickled In Lime Juice Polynesia Trout , Vinegar , Lime
 Red Devil Bahamas Pepper , Vinegar , Onion
  S         back to top
 Salmon Marinated In Dill Sweden Salmon , Dill
 Salt Cod With Tomatoes, Onions And Garlic Spain Cod , Tomato , Onion
 Salt Fish And Ackee Jamaica Ackee , Cod , Butter
 Shredded Daikon Kimchee Korea Radish , Garlic , Chives
 Sour Pickle And Vinegar Potatoes Austria Potato , Cucumber
 Soused Mackerel England Mackerel , Vinegar , Onion
 Soused Salt Herring Sweden Herring , Vinegar , Dill
 Spiced Beef England Beef
 Spiced Herrings Norway Herring , Vinegar , Tomato
 Spiced Red Cabbage Netherlands Cabbage , Vinegar , Apple
 Spiced Tongue Slices Sweden Beef , Celery , Vinegar
 Spinach With Sesame And Miso Japan Spinach , Miso , Sesame
  T         back to top
 Tamarind Chutney India Lemon , Coriander , Tamarind
 Turnips In Vinegar Dressing Japan Turnip , Vinegar
  V         back to top
 Vegetable Relish Bahamas Carrot , Chayote , Olive
  Y         back to top
 Yellow Pickles Indonesia Shallots , Cucumber , Carrot
  Z         back to top
 Zucchini With Dill Sauce Austria Zucchini , Sour Cream , Dill

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