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 Main Ingredient ╗ Vegetables ╗ Sauerkraut (34 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Sauerkraut from over the world:

 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
 Black Pudding And Sauerkraut                    Appetizers Luxembourg
 Braised Sauerkraut With Meat                    Side Dishes France
 Chicken And Sauerkraut                    Main Courses Serbia
 Gammon With Sauerkraut                    Appetizers Netherlands
 Hot Frankfurter - Macaroni Salad Salads Germany
 Hunter's Stew                    Stew Poland
 Meat Platter                    Main Courses Switzerland
 Pineapple Sauerkraut                    Side Dishes Germany
 Pork - Stuffed Cabbage Rolls                    Side Dishes Hungary
 Pork And Sauerkraut                    Main Courses Croatia
 Pork Chops With Sauerkraut                    Main Courses Greece
 Pork Stew                    Stew Hungary
 Potato - Sauerkraut Salad                    Salads Czech Republic
 Raw Sauerkraut With Caraway                    Side Dishes Lithuania
 Roast Goose With Sauerkraut                    Main Courses Czech Republic
 Sauerkraut                    Side Dishes Germany
 Sauerkraut And Bean Soup                    Soup Hungary
 Sauerkraut And Onions                    Side Dishes Serbia
 Sauerkraut Salad                    Salads Netherlands
 Sauerkraut Salad                    Salads Poland
 Sauerkraut Salad                    Salads Hungary
 Sauerkraut Salad With Carrots And Apples Salads Poland
 Sauerkraut Soup                    Soup Russia
 Sauerkraut Soup                    Soup Poland
 Sauerkraut With Mushrooms                    Side Dishes Poland
 Sauerkraut With Pork                    Main Courses Russia
 Sauerkraut With Wine And Grapes Side Dishes Germany
 Savory Sauerkraut Dumplings                    Appetizers Ukraine
 Steamed Spiced Sauerkraut                    Side Dishes Germany
 Stuffed Cabbage Leaves With Sauerkraut Main Courses Romania
 Stuffed Cabbage Rolls                    Appetizers Hungary
 Transylvanian Goulash                    Stew Hungary
 Transylvanian Goulash                    Main Courses Hungary
 Transylvanian Layered Cabbage                    Stew Hungary

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