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 Dish ╗ Bread (139 recipes)

Easy, quick, and simple Bread recipes:

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 Recipe Name Cuisine Main Ingredient
  A         back to top
 A Tasty, Low - Cholesterol Recipe For Pastry Caribbean Islands Flour , Oil , Milk
 Aberffraw Cake Or Shortbread Wales Flour , Butter
 American White Bread USA Flour , Milk
  B         back to top
 Bacon Buns Lithuania Bacon , Flour , Milk
 Baking Powder Biscuits Bahamas Flour , Milk
 Banana Bread Bahamas Flour , Banana
 Banana Bread Dominican Republic Banana , Flour , Egg
 Banana Bread Jamaica Flour , Banana , Butter
 Banana Loaf Madagascar Banana , Flour , Butter
 Bannocks Scotland Flour , Oatmeal , Milk
 Basic Bread Dough Bahamas Flour
 Basque Bread Spain Flour
 Bernese Holiday Bread Switzerland Flour , Milk , Grape & Raisin
 Bird-Of-Piradise Bread Bulgaria Flour , Cheese
 Bread Cups Jamaica Bread
 Bread Dumplings Hungary Bread , Milk , Egg
 Bread Dumplings Czech Republic Flour , Bread
 Bread With Zartar Lebanon Oil , Bread , Sesame
 Bullas Caribbean Islands Flour , Butter
  C         back to top
 Candied Fruit And Nut Bread Portugal Flour , Almond
 Caraway Twists USA Flour
 Cassava Bammy Caribbean Islands Cassava
 Cassava Biscuits Barbados Flour , Coconut , Cassava
 Challah Israel Flour , Lard & Fat , Egg
 Chapati Bread India Flour , Ghee
 Christmas Bread Greece Flour , Almond , Grape & Raisin
 Clover Leaf Rolls USA Bread , Butter
 Corn Bread Jamaica Corn , Flour , Milk
 Corn Pancakes Colombia Corn
 Corn Tortillas Mexico Flour
 Cornmeal Dumplings Trinidad & Tobago Corn , Flour
 Cornmeal Fritters Jamaica Corn , Flour , Milk
 Cowboy Soda Biscuits USA Flour , Buttermilk , Lard & Fat
  D         back to top
 Danish Christmas Fruit Loaf Denmark Flour , Cardamom , Butter
 Dark Soda Bread Ireland Flour , Buttermilk
 Date, Pecan and Orange Bread USA Flour , Date , Pecan
 Deep - Fried Unleavened Whole - Wheat Bread India Flour , Ghee
 Deep-Fried Breads Mexico Flour
 Dill And Onion Bread Russia Flour , Dill , Cheese
 Dresden Christmas Fruit Bread Germany Flour , Almond , Cherry
 Dumplings Dominican Republic Flour , Milk
  E         back to top
 Easter Bread Russia Flour , Egg , Milk
 Egg Bread Bahamas Flour , Egg
 Envelope Bread Greece Flour
  F         back to top
 Farmer - Style Sour Cream Bread Ireland Flour , Sour Cream , Poppy Seed
 Festival Jamaica Flour , Corn , Oil
 Finnish Bread Finland Flour
 Flaky Salmon Or Cabbage Loaf Russia Flour , Cabbage , Salmon
 Flat Armenian Bread With Sesame Seeds Armenia Flour , Sesame
 Flat Bread Norway Potato , Flour
 Flat Onion Breads Central Asia Flour , Onion
 Flat Whole - Wheat Bread With Spiced Cauliflower Filling India Flour , Cauliflower , Ghee
 Flat Whole - Wheat Bread With Spiced Potato Filling India Flour , Potato , Ghee
 French Bread Creole Flour
 Fresh Caraway Pretzel Latvia Flour , Milk
 Fried Bammy Jamaica Cassava , Milk , Oil
 Fried Biscuits Trinidad & Tobago Flour , Lard & Fat
 Fried Whole - Wheat Bread India Flour , Ghee
 Fried Yeast Bread Trinidad & Tobago Flour , Lard & Fat , Oil
 Fruit Bread Wales Flour , Lard & Fat , Grape & Raisin
  G         back to top
 Georgian Cheese Bread Georgia Flour , Cheese
 German Bread Germany Flour , Cocoa
 Gingerbread England Ginger , Butter , Flour
 Gingerbread House Germany Flour , Honey , Butter
 Gnocchi With Sauce Verde Italy Flour , Milk , Cheese
 Green Corn Tamales Mexico Flour
 Ground - Lentil - And - Rice Bread With Coriander And Ginger India Flour , Lentil , Rice
  H         back to top
 Hot Coconut Bread Bahamas Flour , Coconut , Milk
 Hungarian White Bread Hungary Flour
  I         back to top
 Indian Bread India Flour , Butter
 Injera Bread Ethiopia Flour
 Irish Fruit Loaf Ireland Flour
 Irish Soda Bread Ireland Flour , Butter , Lard & Fat
 Irish Soda Bread Ireland Flour , Buttermilk
 Islander Corn Bread Greece Corn , Flour , Honey
  J         back to top
 Johnny Cake Dominican Republic Flour , Milk
 Johnny Cake - Corn Bread Bahamas Flour , Corn , Milk
 Johnny Cake With Cornmeal Puerto Rico Corn , Flour , Milk
  K         back to top
 Knot Rolls Armenia Flour , Milk , Egg
  L         back to top
 Laver Bread Wales Kelp & Seaweed
 Lazy Dumplings Poland Flour , Cheese , Egg
 Leaf - Shaped Bread India Flour , Ghee
 Leola's Cornbread USA Flour
 Lumpia Wrappers Philippines Flour
  M         back to top
 Mandarin Pancakes China Flour
 Meat Loaf In Sour - Cream Pastry Finland Flour , Beef , Pork
 Millet Bread Ethiopia Flour
 Monkey Bread USA Flour , Potato , Butter
 Mormon Rye Bread USA Flour
  N         back to top
 Navajo Fry Bread USA Flour , Lard & Fat
  O         back to top
 Olive Muffins Greece Olive , Flour
 Orange Bread Bahamas Flour , Orange
 Orange Sesame Seed Rolls Greece Flour , Orange , Milk
  P         back to top
 Pain Perdu Creole Egg , Bread , Lard & Fat
 Paraguayan Cornbread Paraguay Corn
 Pear Bread Switzerland Pear , Flour
 Portuguese Cornbread Portugal Flour , Corn
 Portuguese Cornbread Portugal Corn , Flour
 Portuguese Sweet Bread Portugal Flour
 Potato Bread Pancake Norway Flour , Potato
 Puff Pastry Turkey Flour , Butter , Egg
 Puffed Whole - Wheat Bread India Flour
 Pull - A - Parts Ireland Bread , Cheese
 Pumpkin Bread Bahamas Flour , Pumpkin
  R         back to top
 Rice Fritters Creole Rice , Flour
 Roasted Breadfruit Jamaica Breadfruit , Oil
 Round Bread Russia Flour , Milk
  S         back to top
 Saffron Bread Sweden Flour , Milk , Cardamom
 Semolina Pastry Rounds Tunisia Flour
 Settlers' Mealie Bread South Africa Corn
 Short Bread Bahamas Corn , Flour , Butter
 Soda Bread Bahamas Flour , Milk
 Soda Bread Ireland Flour , Buttermilk
 Spiced Corn Fritters Indonesia Corn , Flour
 Spinach Loaf France Spinach , Bread , Egg
 Spoon Bread USA Egg , Corn , Milk
 Steamed Bread Dough China Flour
 Steamed Buns With Date Filling China Date , Lard & Fat , Beans
 Steamed Fish Loaf Japan Whitefish , Flour , Kelp & Seaweed
 Steamed Flower Rolls China Oil , Flour
 Stir "N" Stir Pastry Canada Flour , Lard & Fat , Butter
 Sunny Corn Bread Canada Corn , Flour , Milk
 Sweet - Potato Bread Haiti Yam , Butter , Banana
 Sweet Corn Bread Dominican Republic Flour , Corn , Coconut
 Sweet Empanadas Argentina Flour , Pear , Peach
 Sweet Potato Bread Ghana Yam , Corn , Flour
 Sweetbreads En Brochette France Bread , Bacon , Mushroom
  T         back to top
 Tea - Time Bread Belgium Flour , Grape & Raisin , Milk
 Thin Bread Armenia Flour
 Tortillas Mexico Flour
  V         back to top
 Violet Hurdle's Coconut Bread Barbados Flour , Coconut
  W         back to top
 Welsh Bread Wales Flour , Milk
 Welsh Speckled Bread England Flour , Milk , Currant
 Wheat Tortillas Mexico Flour , Lard & Fat
 Wheat-Germ Hamburger Buns USA Flour , Wheat
 White Bread With Caraway Seeds Germany Flour
 Whole Wheat Biscuits Greece Flour
 Wonton Wrappers China Flour
  Y         back to top
 Yule Bread Norway Flour , Cardamom , Butter

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