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 Main Ingredient ╗ Grains & Cereals ╗ Rice (279 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Rice from over the world:

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 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
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 A Different Stuffing For Roasted Chicken Side Dishes Caribbean Islands
 Arabic Yogurt Soup                    Soup Iran
 Austrian Rice Pudding                    Breakfast Dishes Austria
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 Baked Abalone In Cream And Cheese Sauce Appetizers Chile
 Baked Cucumbers And Sour Cream Side Dishes Russia
 Baked Eggplant And Rice Casserole Side Dishes Greece
 Baked Kid                    Main Courses Portugal
 Baked Polish Ham With Rice And Raisins Breakfast Dishes Poland
 Baked Rice                    Side Dishes Greece
 Baked Scallops In Cream And Cheese Sauce Appetizers Chile
 Bali Beef Casserole                    Main Courses India
 Basmati Rice With Garnishes                    Side Dishes India
 Beef And Rice Casserole                    Main Courses Bahamas
 Beef Stuffed Cabbage Leaves                    Appetizers Sweden
 Black Beans And Rice                    Side Dishes Cuba
 Black Beans And Rice                    Side Dishes Cuba
 Boiled Rice With Lemon                    Side Dishes Italy
 Braised Rice And Peas                    Side Dishes Italy
 Braised Rice With Crab And Coconut Milk Side Dishes Trinidad & Tobago
 Braised Rice With Crab, Shallots And Chives Side Dishes Caribbean Islands
 Braised Rice With Saffron                    Side Dishes Italy
 Braised Rice With Shrimp                    Main Courses Italy
 Braised Rice With Shrimp And Tomatoes Main Courses Dominican Republic
 Braised Veal And Rice                    Stew Austria
 Brazilian - Style Liver                    Appetizers Brazil
 Brown Rice                    Side Dishes India
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 Cabbage Leaf Dolmas                    Appetizers Turkey
 Casserole Of Chicken With Rice Main Courses Portugal
 Casserole Of Duck With Rice                    Main Courses Portugal
 Catfish Etouffee                    Main Courses Creole
 Charleston Shrimp - Rice Salad Salads New Zealand
 Chelo Kebab                    Main Courses Iran
 Chicken - And - Rice Stew                    Stew Puerto Rico
 Chicken - Giblet Pilaf With Pine Nuts And Raisins Main Courses Egypt
 Chicken - Rice Pie                    Pie & Tart Russia
 Chicken And Rice                    Main Courses Spain
 Chicken And Rice                    Main Courses Bahamas
 Chicken And Rice Pie                    Pie & Tart Russia
 Chicken And Rice With Mushrooms Side Dishes Japan
 Chicken Breasts Stuffed With Seasoned Butter Main Courses Russia
 Chicken Cashew                    Main Courses Cuba
 Chicken Casserole                    Main Courses Polynesia
 Chicken Congee                    Side Dishes China
 Chicken Curry With Coconut                    Main Courses Dominican Republic
 Chicken Long Rice                    Main Courses Hawaii
 Chicken Mould                    Appetizers Polynesia
 Chicken Omelet Over Rice                    Breakfast Dishes Japan
 Chicken Pilaf                    Main Courses Greece
 Chicken Pilau                    Main Courses Iran
 Chicken Soup                    Soup Portugal
 Chicken Soup                    Soup Brazil
 Chicken Soup With Avgolemono Sauce Soup Greece
 Chicken Stew                    Main Courses Puerto Rico
 Chicken Stuffed With Rice                    Appetizers Turkey
 Chicken With Rice                    Main Courses Spain
 Chicken With Saffron Rice And Peas Main Courses Spain
 Chicken, Ham And Rice Soup                    Soup Brazil
 Chili With Meat                    Main Courses Mexico
 Chinese Boiled Rice                    Side Dishes China
 Christmas Rice Porridge                    Breakfast Dishes Sweden
 Coconut Rice                    Main Courses India
 Cold Rice - Vegetable Salad                    Salads Switzerland
 Conch Rice                    Side Dishes Bahamas
 Crab Soup                    Soup Bahamas
 Crab Soup                    Soup Scotland
 Cranberries And Rice                    Breakfast Dishes Norway
 Crawfish And Rice                    Main Courses Bahamas
 Crawfish Etouffee                    Stew Creole
 Crawfish Jambalaya                    Main Courses Creole
 Cumberland Clipping - Time Pudding Pudding England
 Curried Finnan Haddie (Findon Haddock) With Rice Breakfast Dishes Scotland
 Curried Ground Lamb With Onions Main Courses India
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 Deep - Fried Chick - Pea Noodles, Peanuts, Pounded Rice And Dal Side Dishes India
 Deep - Fried Chips Topped With Chutney Appetizers India
 Deep - Fried Rice Balls                    Breakfast Dishes Creole
 Deep - Fried Shrimp Coated With Rice Appetizers Japan
 Deep-Fried Rice-And-Cheese Balls Breakfast Dishes Italy
 Dirty Rice                    Side Dishes Creole
 Duck - And - Sausage Gumbo                    Soup Creole
 Duck Jambalaya                    Main Courses Creole
  E         back to top
 Eggplant With Dried - Fruit Stuffing Appetizers Ethiopia
 Eight - Jewel Duck                    Main Courses China
 Eight - Treasure Rice Pudding                    Desserts China
  F         back to top
 Fig And Rice Conde                    Pudding Portugal
 Fijian Tomato Soup                    Soup Polynesia
 Fish And Rice                    Main Courses Lebanon
 Fish And Rice Casserole                    Main Courses Syria
 Fish Casserole With Mustard Sauce Main Courses Netherlands
 Fish In Spicy Tomato Sauce                    Appetizers Brazil
 Fish Kedegeree                    Main Courses Caribbean Islands
 Fish Soup                    Soup Greece
 Fried Chicken                    Main Courses Ghana
 Fried Rice Pastries                    Breakfast Dishes Algeria
 Fried Rice With Sausage, Shrimp And Crab Meat Side Dishes Vietnam
 Fruited Pork - Rice Salad                    Salads Hawaii
  G         back to top
 Ghana Jollof Rice                    Main Courses Ghana
 Grape Leaf Dolmas                    Appetizers Turkey
 Grapevine Leaves Stuffed With Lamb And Rice Appetizers Azerbaijan
 Green Rice                    Side Dishes Creole
 Green Rice                    Side Dishes Mexico
 Ground - Lentil - And - Rice Bread With Coriander And Ginger Bread India
  H         back to top
 Haddock Kedge                    Main Courses South Africa
 Ham And Egg Fried Rice                    Side Dishes China
 Holiday Meat Pie                    Pie & Tart Greece
  I         back to top
 Indonesian Savoury Rice                    Side Dishes Netherlands
 Iranian Rice                    Side Dishes Iran
  K         back to top
 Kadavu Fish                    Main Courses Polynesia
 Kateh Rice Cake                    Cake & Muffins Iran
 Kedgeree                    Breakfast Dishes England
 Kent Pudding Pies                    Pie & Tart England
 Kibbas                    Appetizers Israel
  L         back to top
 Lady Meat Balls                    Appetizers Turkey
 Lamb And Chestnut Pilau                    Main Courses Iraq
 Lamb Curry                    Main Courses India
 Lamb Curry With Bananas                    Main Courses Java
 Lamb With Rice                    Main Courses Turkey
 Lamb With Rice                    Main Courses Iran
 Lebanese Rice Pilaf                    Side Dishes Lebanon
 Lentil And Rice Soup                    Soup Iran
 Lentils And Rice                    Side Dishes Lebanon
 Lentils And Rice                    Side Dishes Saudi Arabia
 Lentils And Rice                    Side Dishes India
 Liver - And - Rice Casserole                    Main Courses Finland
 Liver Pudding                    Appetizers Finland
  M         back to top
 Matabele Fried Chicken                    Main Courses Zimbabwe
 Meat With Rice                    Main Courses Austria
 Milk - And - Rice Pudding With Cardamom And Nuts Desserts India
 Mixed Rice And Vegetables                    Side Dishes Japan
 Mussels Pilaf With Pine Nuts                    Appetizers Greece
 Mussels With Rice                    Appetizers New Zealand
 Mutton Pilaf                    Main Courses Iran
 Mutton, Rice And Chick Peas                    Main Courses Lebanon
  N         back to top
 Nassau Chop Suey                    Main Courses Bahamas
 Nassau Peas And Rice                    Side Dishes Bahamas
 Nassi Goreng Rice                    Side Dishes Java
 Nigerian Jollof Rice                    Main Courses Nigeria
  O         back to top
 Okra And Rice                    Side Dishes Bahamas
 One Meatball                    Main Courses Iran
 Oregon Wild Rice - Salmon Salad Salads USA
  P         back to top
 Paella                    Main Courses Puerto Rico
 Paella                    Main Courses Spain
 Paella                    Main Courses Spain
 Paella Valencia                    Main Courses Spain
 Peas And Rice                    Side Dishes Bahamas
 Peas And Rice                    Side Dishes Dominican Republic
 Persian Chicken With Rice                    Main Courses Iran
 Pigeon With Rice Stuffing                    Main Courses Bahamas
 Pilaf Egyptian                    Side Dishes Egypt
 Pilaf Of Quail With Currant                    Main Courses Belgium
 Pilaf With Artichokes                    Side Dishes Greece
 Pilaf With Cream Sauce Avgolemono Side Dishes Greece
 Pilau Bengal                    Main Courses India
 Plain Rice Pilaff                    Side Dishes Turkey
 Pork And Onion Casserole                    Main Courses Serbia
 Pork And Tomato Casserole                    Main Courses Serbia
 Pork And Veal                    Main Courses Serbia
 Pork Liver Kabob, Swiss Style, With Celery Sauce Main Courses Switzerland
 Pork Loaf                    Appetizers Croatia
 Portuguese - Style Rice With Tomatoes Side Dishes Portugal
 Portuguese Risotto                    Side Dishes Portugal
 Puree Of Carrot Soup                    Soup France
  Q         back to top
 "Quarter - Hour" Clam, Shrimp, Ham And Rice Soup Soup Spain
  R         back to top
 Rabbit And Rice Casserole With Egg Crust Main Courses Spain
 Ragout                    Main Courses Argentina
 Red - Cooked Festival Rice                    Side Dishes Japan
 Red Beans And Rice                    Side Dishes Haiti
 Red Beans And Rice                    Sauces & Condiments Haiti
 Red Beans And Rice                    Side Dishes Creole
 Red Mexican Rice                    Side Dishes Mexico
 Red Pork Chili                    Main Courses USA
 Rice - Mushroom Salad                    Salads Spain
 Rice - Stuffed Tomatoes                    Appetizers Italy
 Rice - Stuffed Vine Leaves                    Appetizers Turkey
 Rice And Almond Dessert                    Desserts Denmark
 Rice And Bean Sprouts                    Appetizers Korea
 Rice And Bean Sprouts                    Side Dishes Korea
 Rice And Beans                    Side Dishes Jamaica
 Rice And Coconut - Milk Pudding Pudding Brazil
 Rice And Fresh - Vegetable Pilaf Main Courses India
 Rice And Mushrooms                    Side Dishes Korea
 Rice And Orzo Pilaf                    Side Dishes Greece
 Rice And Peas                    Side Dishes Jamaica
 Rice And Pumpkin                    Side Dishes Bahamas
 Rice And Spinach                    Side Dishes Lebanon
 Rice And Tomato Soup                    Soup Luxembourg
 Rice Fritters                    Bread Creole
 Rice In Vinegar Dressing                    Appetizers Japan
 Rice Or Macaroni Salad                    Salads Caribbean Islands
 Rice Pilaf                    Side Dishes Greece
 Rice Pilaf With Dried Fruit And Nuts Side Dishes Azerbaijan
 Rice Pilaf With Lamb And Vegetables Main Courses Central Asia
 Rice Porridge                    Breakfast Dishes Denmark
 Rice Pudding                    Pudding Norway
 Rice Pudding                    Pudding Greece
 Rice Pudding                    Pudding Portugal
 Rice Pudding                    Pudding Portugal
 Rice Souffle                    Desserts Hungary
 Rice Tart                    Pie & Tart Luxembourg
 Rice With Almonds And Sesame Seeds Side Dishes Azerbaijan
 Rice With Chicken Giblets                    Side Dishes Argentina
 Rice With Egg And Lemon                    Side Dishes Italy
 Rice With Parmesan Cheese                    Side Dishes Italy
 Rice With Pigeon Peas                    Side Dishes Puerto Rico
 Rice With Potatoes, Coriander And Mint Side Dishes India
 Rice With Shrimp And Tomatoes                    Main Courses Dominican Republic
 Rice With Tomatoes And Onion                    Side Dishes Brazil
 Rice, Aubergine And Meat Casserole Stew Lebanon
 Rice, Mushroom, And Chicken - Liver Stuffing Sauces & Condiments France
 Roast Chicken With Rice And Sultana Stuffing Main Courses Australia
 Roast Chicken With Rice Stuffing Main Courses Jamaica
 Roast Duck With Sausage - And - Ham - Flavored Rice Main Courses Portugal
 Roast Rock Cornish Game Hens With Pine-Nut Stuffing Main Courses USA
 Roast Shoulder Of Lamb                    Main Courses Syria
 Roast Stuffed Pork                    Main Courses Brazil
 Roast White Crown Pigeon With Rice Stuffing Main Courses Bahamas
 Rolled Sushi With Shiitake                    Appetizers Japan
  S         back to top
 Saffron Rice                    Side Dishes India
 Saffron Rice                    Side Dishes Spain
 Saffron Rice With Ground Lamb                    Main Courses India
 Saffron Rice With Lime                    Main Courses India
 Saffron Rice With Seafood And Chicken Main Courses Spain
 Salmon Loaf In Pastry                    Pie & Tart France
 Salmon With Rice Lisbon Style                    Main Courses Portugal
 Sausage - And - Eggplant Jambalaya Main Courses Creole
 Sauteed Rice With Dried Black Mushrooms Side Dishes Haiti
 Sauteed Shrimp With Tomato, Pumpkin Seed And Coriander Sauce Stew Mexico
 Savoury Fritters                    Cake & Muffins Ghana
 Savoury Meat Balls With Rice                    Main Courses Lebanon
 Savoury Patties                    Appetizers Finland
 Savoury Rice                    Side Dishes Portugal
 Savoury Rice And Bananas                    Breakfast Dishes Argentina
 Serbian Soup                    Soup Serbia
 Shrimp Creole                    Appetizers Creole
 Spice Pudding                    Pudding Lebanon
 Spiced Baked Rice Cone Dinner                    Side Dishes Indonesia
 Spiced Saffron Rice With Lamb                    Main Courses India
 Spinach And Rice                    Side Dishes Greece
 Spinach And Rice Casserole                    Side Dishes Greece
 Squirrel - And - Oyster Gumbo                    Soup Creole
 Steamed Plain Rice                    Side Dishes Iran
 Steamed Rice                    Side Dishes Japan
 Stuffed Cabbage                    Appetizers Poland
 Stuffed Grape Leaves                    Appetizers Lebanon
 Stuffed Grape Leaves                    Appetizers Greece
 Stuffed Green Peppers                    Appetizers Hungary
 Stuffed Ham Rolls                    Appetizers South Africa
 Stuffed Kohlrabies                    Side Dishes Hungary
 Stuffed Mussels                    Appetizers Greece
 Stuffed Peppers                    Main Courses Armenia
 Stuffed Peppers                    Appetizers Austria
 Stuffed Rice Balls                    Appetizers Iraq
 Stuffed Tomatoes                    Main Courses Armenia
 Stuffed Tomatoes With Rice                    Side Dishes Greece
 Stuffed Vegetables                    Appetizers Turkey
 Stuffed Vine Leaves                    Appetizers Lebanon
 Stuffed Vine Leaves                    Appetizers Greece
 Sushi Balls In Sesame                    Appetizers Japan
 Sushi Rice                    Appetizers Japan
  T         back to top
 Tahini Soup                    Soup Greece
 Tessin Mushroom Risotto                    Appetizers Switzerland
 The Shah's Pilau                    Main Courses Iran
 Tomato Rice Pilaff                    Side Dishes Turkey
 Tripe Soup With Rice                    Soup Bulgaria
 Tripe Stew With Veal, Chicken, Sausage, Ham And Beans Stew Portugal
 Tzimmes Of Dried Fruits                    Desserts Israel
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 Venetian Green Pea - Rice Salad Salads Italy
 Vinegared Rice - And - Fish Balls Appetizers Japan
 Vinegared Rice - And - Fish "Sandwiches" Appetizers Japan
 Vinegared Rice And Vegetables Rolled In Seaweed Appetizers Japan
 Vinegared Rice Mixed With Vegetables And Seafood Appetizers Japan
  W         back to top
 Wellington Lamb Stew                    Stew New Zealand
 White Mexican Rice                    Side Dishes Mexico
 White Sausage                    Appetizers Creole
 Whole Stuffed Roast Lamb                    Main Courses Turkey
 Wild Rice                    Side Dishes Canada
 Wild Rice With Mushrooms                    Side Dishes USA
  Y         back to top
 Yellow Rice                    Side Dishes Cuba
 Yellow Rice With Chicken                    Main Courses Cuba
  Z         back to top
 Zucchini Stuffed With Lamb And Rice Main Courses Tunisia

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