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 Main Ingredient ╗ Condiments ╗ Wine (173 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Wine from over the world:

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 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
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 Alexandre Dumas' Potato Salad                    Salads France
 Ambrosia                    Desserts Bahamas
 Artichokes Stuffed With Lamb In Wine Sauce Main Courses Greece
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 Baked Fish With Dubrovnik Sauce Appetizers Croatia
 Baked Fish With Port Wine Sauce Main Courses Portugal
 Baked Kid                    Main Courses Portugal
 Baked Sterlet                    Main Courses Romania
 Banana Pudding                    Desserts Caribbean Islands
 Barbecued Leg Of Lamb                    Main Courses Greece
 Basque Oxtails                    Main Courses Spain
 Basque Red And White Wine "Lemonade" Desserts Spain
 Basque Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments Spain
 Beef Casserole                    Main Courses Serbia
 Beef Marinated And Braised In White Wine Stew Italy
 Beef Stew With Burgundy                    Stew France
 Beef Tongue Braised In Red Wine Stew Italy
 Beef With Bacon                    Appetizers Austria
 Belgian - Style Eels                    Appetizers Belgium
 Belly Of Pork                    Appetizers England
 Berbere Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments Ethiopia
 Black Bean Soup With Madeira Wine Soup France
 Black Pudding And Sauerkraut                    Appetizers Luxembourg
 Boiled Red Cabbage                    Side Dishes Norway
 Braised Chicken                    Stew South Africa
 Braised Lamb Shoulder With Mustard And Red Wine Sauce Stew Germany
 Braised Mutton With Wine                    Main Courses Switzerland
 Braised Ox Tongue                    Appetizers Algeria
 Braised Pork Chops                    Stew France
 Braised Rabbit In Spiced Red Wine Sauce Stew Germany
 Braised Red Cabbage In Red Wine With Chestnuts Side Dishes France
 Braised Sauerkraut With Meat                    Side Dishes France
 Bread Mountain                    Cake & Muffins Portugal
 Broccoli Braised With White Wine Appetizers Italy
 Burgundy Meat Balls                    Appetizers France
 Burgundy Meatballs                    Main Courses Finland
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 Cabbage In White Wine                    Side Dishes USA
 Casseroled Pheasant                    Stew Spain
 Cheese Fondue                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Cheese Soup                    Soup Switzerland
 Chicken Braised In White Wine With Almonds And Garlic Stew Spain
 Chicken Catalonian Style                    Main Courses Spain
 Chicken In Wine                    Main Courses France
 Chicken Martini                    Main Courses Italy
 Chicken Poached In White Wine                    Main Courses France
 Chicken With Mushrooms                    Main Courses Romania
 Chicken With Mushrooms                    Main Courses Poland
 Chicken, Basque Style                    Main Courses Spain
 Christmas Punch                    Desserts Sweden
 Cold Pickled Chicken                    Appetizers Chile
 Crab Legs In A Wine Sauce                    Appetizers France
 Crawfish                    Appetizers Belgium
 Crawfish                    Appetizers Luxembourg
 Crawfish Dip                    Sauces & Condiments Bahamas
 Cumberland Rum Butter                    Desserts England
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 Douro Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments Portugal
 Drunk Chicken                    Appetizers Caribbean Islands
 Drunk Chicken                    Appetizers China
 Duck Sauce With Dried Cherries Main Courses Serbia
 Duck With Orange                    Main Courses Brazil
 Duck With Red Cabbage                    Main Courses Poland
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 Easter Nog                    Desserts Sweden
 Elk With Sour Cream Sauce                    Stew Canada
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 Fenikia With Wine                    Cookies Greece
 Fillet Of Rex Sole Santa Monica Main Courses USA
 Fillet Steak With Madeira                    Main Courses Spain
 Fillets Of Sole With Mushroom And Wine Sauce Main Courses France
 Fillets Of Sole With White Wine Sauce Main Courses France
 Fish Cooked In White Wine                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Flounder Florentine                    Main Courses Italy
 Fondue Romande                    Appetizers Switzerland
 French Huguenot Wafers                    Desserts South Africa
 Fresh Ham, Mock-Boar Style                    Appetizers Germany
 Fricadelles                    Main Courses Belgium
 Fruit And Wine Stuffing For Turkey Side Dishes Australia
  G         back to top
 Geneva Pork Fricassee                    Stew Switzerland
 Glazed Oranges                    Desserts USA
 Grouse With Grapes                    Main Courses Armenia
 Guadalajara "Drunken Sponge"                    Cake & Muffins Spain
  H         back to top
 Ham In Madeira Sauce                    Appetizers Denmark
 Ham In Wine Sauce With Grapes                    Appetizers France
 Hard Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments Dominican Republic
 Hare - Flanders Style                    Main Courses Belgium
 Hedgehog Tipsy Cake                    Cake & Muffins England
 Hereford Cider Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments England
 Hollandaise With Tarragon And White Wine Sauces & Condiments France
 Home - Made Jellied Pork                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Hot Meat Pie                    Pie & Tart Switzerland
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 Jniper Pork Stew                    Stew Sweden
 Jugged Hare                    Main Courses England
  K         back to top
 Kidneys In Madeira Sauce                    Appetizers Russia
 Kidneys With Ham                    Main Courses Spain
 King Fish Fillets                    Appetizers Caribbean Islands
  L         back to top
 Lamb's Liver And Gammon                    Appetizers Portugal
 Lemon Cream Filling                    Desserts Sweden
 Liver And Kidneys In Red Wine                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Lobster Braised With Wine And Tomatoes Stew Italy
  M         back to top
 Madeira Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments Switzerland
 Marinade                    Marinades & Pickles Greece
 Marinated Liver With Red Wine Sauce Main Courses Portugal
 Marinated Pork Loin With Sweet Red Peppers Main Courses Portugal
 Meat Balls In Red Wine Sauce                    Main Courses Norway
 Mediterranean Fish Chowder                    Soup Italy
 Minced Tripe                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Mushrooms In Madeira Sauce                    Side Dishes France
 Mushrooms Sauteed In Wine                    Appetizers France
 Mussels With Wine Sauce                    Appetizers Greece
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 Octopus In Red Wine Sauce                    Appetizers Greece
 Orange Sorbet                    Desserts Bahamas
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 Pan - Fried Venison Cutlets With Cream Sauce Main Courses Austria
 Pears Poached In Red Wine                    Desserts France
 Peppers And Tomatoes                    Salads Austria
 Pheasant In Red Wine                    Main Courses Germany
 Pickled Beef Roast                    Main Courses Germany
 Pig's Trotters In Madeira                    Main Courses Switzerland
 Poached Apple Halves Stuffed With Prunes In Port Wine Side Dishes Denmark
 Pork And Clams                    Main Courses Portugal
 Pork Chops In Aspic                    Main Courses Germany
 Pork Chops With Prune Sauce                    Main Courses Russia
 Pork Jelly                    Appetizers Luxembourg
 Pork Roast In Wine Sauce                    Main Courses Spain
 Pork Tenderloin                    Main Courses Denmark
 Pork Teriyaki                    Main Courses Japan
 Pork With Green Olives                    Main Courses Greece
 Portuguese Cod                    Main Courses Portugal
 Portuguese Cooking Sauce For Meat Sauces & Condiments Portugal
 Portuguese Loin Of Veal                    Main Courses Portugal
 Pot Roast Braised In Red Wine                    Main Courses South Africa
 Pot Roast Of Beef Braised In Red Wine Stew France
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 Quail In Lemon-Wine Sauce                    Main Courses USA
 Quail With Orange - Liqueur Sauce Main Courses Creole
  R         back to top
 Rabbit Braised In Spiced Sherry And Pimiento Sauce Stew Puerto Rico
 Rabbit Braised In Wine With Chocolate Stew Spain
 Rabbit In Wine Sauce                    Main Courses France
 Rabbit Roast With Red Wine                    Main Courses Croatia
 Rabbit Stew                    Stew Sweden
 Rabbit Stewed In White Wine Sauce Stew France
 Rabbit With Prunes                    Main Courses Belgium
 Roast Marinaded Beef                    Main Courses Australia
 Roast Saddle Of Venison With Red Wine Sauce Main Courses Germany
 Roast Spring Lamb                    Main Courses France
 Roast Veal Assisi                    Main Courses Italy
 Rum Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments Caribbean Islands
 Rum Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments Puerto Rico
  S         back to top
 Salade Parisienne                    Salads France
 Salmon In Wine Sauce                    Appetizers Poland
 Sauce Provencale                    Sauces & Condiments France
 Sauerbraten                    Appetizers Germany
 Sauerkraut                    Side Dishes Germany
 Sauerkraut With Mushrooms                    Side Dishes Poland
 Sauerkraut With Wine And Grapes Side Dishes Germany
 Sauteed Steak With Red Wine Sauce Main Courses France
 Scallops With Mushrooms In White Wine Sauce Appetizers France
 Spanish Eggs                    Breakfast Dishes Spain
 Spanish Lamb                    Main Courses Spain
 Spiced Cherry Soup                    Soup Hungary
 Spicy Mutton Casserole                    Stew Australia
 Steamed Sterlet Or Sturgeon                    Appetizers Russia
 Stewed Pike                    Stew Switzerland
 Stuffed Vine Leaves                    Appetizers Croatia
 Sunday Chicken                    Main Courses Bahamas
 Swiss Fish A La Meuniere                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Syllabub                    Desserts England
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 Tapioca Cream With Vermouth                    Desserts France
 Tongue In Grey Sauce                    Appetizers Poland
  V         back to top
 Veal Kidney                    Appetizers Belgium
 Veal Roll                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Veal Scaloppine Marsala                    Main Courses Italy
 Veal With "Roschti" Potatoes                    Main Courses Switzerland
 Veal, Zurick Style                    Main Courses Austria
  W         back to top
 Whipped - Cream - And - Wine Dessert Desserts England
 Wine Jelly With Fruit                    Desserts Germany
  Y         back to top
 Young Wild Boar                    Main Courses Switzerland
  Z         back to top
 Zabaglione                    Desserts Italy

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