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 Main Ingredient » Meat & Poultry » Lard & Fat (139 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Lard & Fat from over the world:

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 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
  A         back to top
 Almond Cookies                    Cookies China
 Apple Pie                    Pie & Tart USA
 Austrian Breaded Fried Chicken Main Courses Austria
  B         back to top
 Bacon And Broad Beans                    Side Dishes Luxembourg
 Baked Halibut Fillets                    Appetizers Canada
 Baked Mackerel With Fat Pork                    Appetizers Canada
 Banana Cream Pie                    Pie & Tart USA
 Beef Carbonades                    Appetizers Luxembourg
 Beef Olives                    Appetizers Belgium
 Beetroot Puree                    Side Dishes Russia
 Black Pudding And Sauerkraut                    Appetizers Luxembourg
 Booyanga Nests                    Appetizers Australia
 Braised Pork Roast With Paprika, Capers And Caraway Stew Austria
 Breaded Veal Cutlets                    Main Courses Austria
 Buck Fillets                    Main Courses Madagascar
 Buckwheat Cakes                    Cake & Muffins Luxembourg
  C         back to top
 Cabbage                    Side Dishes Russia
 Cabbage Soup                    Soup Sweden
 Calf's Liver Tyrolian Style                    Appetizers Austria
 Caraway Dumplings                    Side Dishes Hungary
 Carnival Jelly Doughnuts                    Cake & Muffins Austria
 Casserole-Roasted Veal                    Main Courses France
 Challah                    Bread Israel
 Chicken And Sauerkraut                    Main Courses Serbia
 Chicken Paprikas                    Main Courses Hungary
 Chicken Stew                    Stew Brazil
 Chinese Pot Roast                    Main Courses China
 Chopped Calf's Or Ox Liver                    Appetizers Israel
 Chopped Liver                    Appetizers Israel
 Chremzlach                    Cake & Muffins Israel
 Codfish With Scrambled Eggs                    Appetizers Puerto Rico
 Cooked Beans                    Side Dishes Mexico
 Corn On The Cob                    Appetizers Bolivia
 Corned Beef Hash With Salt Herring Main Courses Germany
 Cornish Pasties                    Appetizers England
 Cow Peas Soup                    Soup Jamaica
 Cowboy Soda Biscuits                    Bread USA
 Crab Soup                    Soup Bahamas
 Crawfish Pie                    Pie & Tart Creole
 Creamy Bacon Soup                    Soup Czech Republic
 Crisp - Fried Crullers                    Cookies Spain
 Curried Chicken                    Main Courses Bahamas
  D         back to top
 Deviled Carp                    Appetizers Hungary
 Durham Bacon Cake                    Cake & Muffins England
  E         back to top
 Egg Barley                    Side Dishes Israel
  F         back to top
 Finnan Haddie                    Breakfast Dishes Scotland
 Flemish Beef-And-Beer Stew                    Stew Belgium
 Fresh Lima Beans Andalusian Style Side Dishes Spain
 Fresh Sausage                    Appetizers Lithuania
 Fried Beef - Filled Turnovers                    Appetizers Chile
 Fried Biscuits                    Bread Trinidad & Tobago
 Fried Cabbage                    Side Dishes Brazil
 Fried Chicken                    Main Courses Philippines
 Fried Cornmeal                    Breakfast Dishes Creole
 Fried Pasties                    Appetizers Argentina
 Fried Pastries                    Desserts Denmark
 Fried Soft - Boiled Eggs                    Breakfast Dishes Czech Republic
 Fried Tripe                    Appetizers Luxembourg
 Fried Veal                    Main Courses Czech Republic
 Fried Yeast Bread                    Bread Trinidad & Tobago
 Fruit Batch Cake                    Cake & Muffins Wales
 Fruit Bread                    Bread Wales
  G         back to top
 Geneva Pork Fricassee                    Stew Switzerland
 Green Pepper And Tomato Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments Hungary
  H         back to top
 Hamantashen                    Cookies Israel
 Hare With Sour Cream                    Main Courses Russia
 Honey Rings                    Cookies Malta
 Hot - Water Pastry                    Pie & Tart England
 Hungarian Dumplings                    Appetizers Hungary
 Hunter's Lamb                    Main Courses Poland
  I         back to top
 Irish Soda Bread                    Bread Ireland
  K         back to top
 Kasha Varnishkes                    Side Dishes Israel
  L         back to top
 Lamb Shoulder Chops With Herb Gravy Main Courses Australia
 Lard-And-Yoghurt Cookies                    Cookies Bulgaria
 Larded Beef Pot Roast With Capers Main Courses Venezuela
 Lau – Lau                    Appetizers Polynesia
 Leek Soup                    Soup Luxembourg
 Licorice Cookies                    Cookies Mexico
 Liver Pate                    Appetizers Norway
  M         back to top
 Meat Filling For Strudel                    Appetizers Austria
 Meat Pasties                    Appetizers Chile
 Meat Pie                    Pie & Tart Caribbean Islands
 Melton Mowbray Pork Pie                    Pie & Tart England
  N         back to top
 Navajo Fry Bread                    Bread USA
  O         back to top
 Oat Cakes                    Cake & Muffins Wales
 Onion Stew                    Stew Romania
 Oxtail Stew                    Stew England
 Oyster Fritters                    Appetizers New Zealand
  P         back to top
 Pain Perdu                    Bread Creole
 Paprika Veal Fillets                    Appetizers Hungary
 Pecan Pie                    Pie & Tart USA
 Pig's Head Cheese                    Appetizers Norway
 Pipi Pancakes                    Appetizers Australia
 Pork And Beans                    Main Courses Serbia
 Pork Steak                    Main Courses Hungary
 Pork Vegetable Stew                    Stew Poland
 Pot Roast Braised In Red Wine                    Main Courses South Africa
 Potato Pancakes                    Breakfast Dishes Poland
 Potato Pancakes With Applesauce Breakfast Dishes Germany
 Prawn Savoury                    Appetizers Bolivia
 Prune and Apricot Pie                    Pie & Tart USA
 Pumpkin Pie                    Pie & Tart USA
  R         back to top
 Ragout Of Beef                    Main Courses Norway
 Red Beans And Rice                    Side Dishes Haiti
 Red Pork Chili                    Main Courses USA
 Refried Beans                    Side Dishes Mexico
 Roast Hare - Flemish Style                    Main Courses Belgium
 Roast Venison                    Main Courses Norway
 Roasted Smoked Pork Loin                    Main Courses Germany
 Rough Puff Pastry                    Cake & Muffins England
  S         back to top
 Saddle Of Hare With Horseradish Sauce Main Courses Belgium
 Sauerkraut And Onions                    Side Dishes Serbia
 Savoury Beef And Onion Stew                    Stew Netherlands
 Semolina Cakes                    Cake & Muffins Lebanon
 Shaggy Dumplings                    Side Dishes Czech Republic
 Short - Crust Pastry                    Pie & Tart Hawaii
 Short-Crust Pastry                    Cake & Muffins USA
 Shredded Kale Greens                    Salads Brazil
 Small Pastries Filled With Meat Appetizers Russia
 Sour Cabbage                    Side Dishes Croatia
 Southern Fried Chicken with Cream Gravy Main Courses USA
 Spiced Kebabs                    Main Courses Morocco
 Spinach And Onion                    Side Dishes Nigeria
 Steamed Buns With Date Filling Bread China
 Steamed Meat - Filled Cornhusks Appetizers Mexico
 Stewed Steak                    Stew Netherlands
 Stir "N" Stir Pastry                    Bread Canada
 Stuffed Corn Leaves                    Appetizers Bolivia
 Sweet - Currant Fried Biscuit                    Cake & Muffins Wales
 Sweet Browned Potatoes                    Side Dishes Denmark
 Sweet Cheese Tarts                    Pie & Tart Portugal
  T         back to top
 Tongue And Beef Sausages                    Appetizers Ethiopia
 Turkey In Chocolate And Chili Sauce Main Courses Mexico
 Tyrolean Liver                    Main Courses Austria
  V         back to top
 Viennese Beefsteaks                    Main Courses Austria
  W         back to top
 Welsh Pudding                    Pudding Wales
 Wheat Tortillas                    Bread Mexico
 Wiltshire Lardy Cake                    Cake & Muffins England
  Y         back to top
 Yorkshire Parkin                    Cake & Muffins England

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