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 Main Ingredient ╗ Fish ╗ Haddock (41 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Haddock from over the world:

 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
 Andalusian Fried Hake                    Appetizers Spain
 Baked Fish                    Breakfast Dishes Bulgaria
 Baked Fish And Bananas                    Main Courses Spain
 Baked Fish Mousse                    Appetizers Sweden
 Braised Fish                    Appetizers Egypt
 Cold Fish Salad                    Salads Brazil
 Cold Fried Fish                    Appetizers Portugal
 Curried Finnan Haddie (Findon Haddock) With Rice Breakfast Dishes Scotland
 Finnan Haddie                    Appetizers Scotland
 Finnan Haddie                    Breakfast Dishes Scotland
 Finnan Haddie Salad                    Salads Scotland
 Fish And Chips                    Appetizers England
 Fish And Potatoes                    Main Courses Norway
 Fish And Rice Casserole                    Main Courses Syria
 Fish Baked In Lolo                    Appetizers Polynesia
 Fish Braised With Tomatoes                    Main Courses Egypt
 Fish Chowder                    Soup Bahamas
 Fish Chowder                    Soup Barbados
 Fish Cocktail                    Appetizers Israel
 Fish Pie                    Pie & Tart England
 Fish Souffle                    Appetizers Norway
 Fish Stew                    Stew Ghana
 Fried Flying Fish                    Main Courses Barbados
 Gefilte Fish                    Appetizers Israel
 Haddock Kedge                    Main Courses South Africa
 Hake Baked With Sliced Potatoes And Tomato Sauce Appetizers Spain
 Kedgeree                    Breakfast Dishes England
 Minced Fish                    Appetizers Norway
 Oceanian Fish - Vegetable Salad Salads New Zealand
 Poached Bass With White Butter Sauce Main Courses France
 Poached Haddock With Parsley Sauce Main Courses England
 Polynesian Raw - Fish Salad                    Salads Tahiti
 Rolled Fish Fillets With Lemon Sauce Appetizers Sweden
 Scottish Haddock Soup                    Soup Scotland
 Serbian Fish                    Appetizers Serbia
 Smoked Haddock                    Appetizers Scotland
 Spiced Fresh Fish                    Appetizers Nigeria
 Stewed Fish With Onion                    Stew Greece
 Stockfish                    Appetizers Netherlands
 Stuffed Calapeeva                    Main Courses Caribbean Islands
 Stuffed Fish                    Appetizers Iran

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