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 Main Ingredient ╗ Fish ╗ Salmon (39 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Salmon from over the world:

 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
 Alaskan Summer Salmon Salad                    Salads USA
 Baked Fish With Spinach Stuffing Main Courses France
 Boiled Salmon                    Appetizers Norway
 Broiled Salmon Steaks With Garlic And Herb Butter Main Courses France
 Broiled Salmon With Sauce                    Appetizers Turkey
 Brown Fish Stew                    Stew Israel
 Cold Salmon Salad                    Salads Hawaii
 Cured Salmon                    Appetizers Sweden
 Dilled Salmon Souffle                    Main Courses USA
 Fish And Potato Casserole                    Main Courses Finland
 Fish In Aspic                    Appetizers Sweden
 Fish Kedegeree                    Main Courses Caribbean Islands
 Fish Pie                    Pie & Tart Jamaica
 Fish Pie                    Pie & Tart Russia
 Flaky Salmon Or Cabbage Loaf                    Bread Russia
 Fried Salmon Or Trout                    Appetizers Norway
 Green Vegetable Soup With Fish Soup Russia
 Grilled Severn Salmon                    Appetizers England
 Lime - Marinated Salmon With Tomatoes Appetizers Hawaii
 Lomi Lomi Salad                    Salads Polynesia
 Lomi Lomi Salmon                    Main Courses Polynesia
 Newcastle Potted Salmon                    Appetizers England
 Oregon Wild Rice - Salmon Salad Salads USA
 Raw Fish With Seaweed                    Appetizers Hawaii
 Salmon - Filled Avocados                    Appetizers Canada
 Salmon - Potato Salad                    Salads Canada
 Salmon A La King                    Breakfast Dishes Canada
 Salmon Aspic                    Appetizers Norway
 Salmon Burgers                    Breakfast Dishes Canada
 Salmon In Cheese Sauce                    Appetizers France
 Salmon In Miso                    Appetizers Japan
 Salmon In Wine Sauce                    Appetizers Poland
 Salmon Loaf In Pastry                    Pie & Tart France
 Salmon Marinated In Dill                    Marinades & Pickles Sweden
 Salmon Salad                    Salads Sweden
 Salmon With Rice Lisbon Style                    Main Courses Portugal
 Smoked Salmon Roses                    Appetizers Ireland
 Speedy Salmon Patties                    Appetizers Ireland
 Sweet-And-Sour Jewish-Style Carp Appetizers Poland

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