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 Main Ingredient ╗ Dairy ╗ Cheese (234 recipes)

Quick and easy recipes using Cheese from over the world:

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 Recipe Name Dish Cuisine
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 Ackee With Cheese                    Appetizers Caribbean Islands
 Almond - Cheese Pastry Crescents Cake & Muffins Austria
 Apple - Cheese Pudding                    Pudding Mexico
 Apple - Cheese Salad                    Salads Switzerland
 Apricot - Cheese Pastry Hearts Cake & Muffins Austria
 Asparagus With Butter And Parmesan Cheese Appetizers Italy
 Asparagus With Swiss Cheese And Tomato Sauce Appetizers Italy
 Aubergine With Cheese                    Appetizers Israel
 Austrian Lobster                    Appetizers Austria
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 Baked Abalone In Cream And Cheese Sauce Appetizers Chile
 Baked Aubergine Omelette                    Breakfast Dishes Syria
 Baked Cabbage                    Side Dishes Bahamas
 Baked Cheese And Beef Mold                    Appetizers Caribbean Islands
 Baked Christophenes With Onion And Cheese Filling Appetizers Caribbean Islands
 Baked Edam Cheese With Shrimp Stuffing Appetizers Caribbean Islands
 Baked Eggplant With Cheese And Tomatoes Side Dishes France
 Baked Lamb And Cheese With Peppers Main Courses Tunisia
 Baked Lobster Tails With Feta                    Appetizers Greece
 Baked Noodles                    Breakfast Dishes Russia
 Baked Oysters With Bread Crumbs And Garlic Appetizers Italy
 Baked Scallops In Cream And Cheese Sauce Appetizers Chile
 Baked Ziti With Feta                    Side Dishes Greece
 Basil, Garlic And Cheese Sauce Sauces & Condiments Italy
 Bean Encidlada                    Appetizers Mexico
 Bernese Ham Flan                    Breakfast Dishes Switzerland
 Bird-Of-Piradise Bread                    Bread Bulgaria
 Blue Cheese Dressing                    Sauces & Condiments Denmark
 Borek                    Appetizers Turkey
 Broiled Fillets With Kasseri And Tomatoes Appetizers Greece
 Bruges Egg Savoury                    Breakfast Dishes Belgium
 Buckinghamshire Pie                    Pie & Tart England
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 Caesar Salad                    Salads USA
 Cauliflower And Eggplant In Parmesan Sauce Side Dishes Italy
 Cheddar Cheese Soup                    Soup USA
 Cheese - Flavored Pastry Sticks Breakfast Dishes England
 Cheese - Noodle Pudding                    Pudding Germany
 Cheese - Stuffed Tomatoes - Lower Valais Appetizers Switzerland
 Cheese - Vegetable Salad                    Salads USA
 Cheese And Green Chili Dip                    Sauces & Condiments Mexico
 Cheese And Ham Savoury                    Appetizers Netherlands
 Cheese Balls                    Appetizers USA
 Cheese Balls                    Appetizers Venezuela
 Cheese Balls                    Appetizers Brazil
 Cheese Burek                    Appetizers Morocco
 Cheese Cakes                    Cake & Muffins Malta
 Cheese Corn Sticks                    Appetizers Puerto Rico
 Cheese Dumplings                    Breakfast Dishes Austria
 Cheese Fingers                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Cheese Fondue                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Cheese Fondue, French Style                    Appetizers France
 Cheese Gateau                    Cake & Muffins Denmark
 Cheese Kreplach                    Appetizers Israel
 Cheese Pasties                    Appetizers Egypt
 Cheese Phyllo Pie                    Pie & Tart Greece
 Cheese Phyllo Triangles                    Appetizers Greece
 Cheese Pie                    Pie & Tart Malta
 Cheese Pie                    Pie & Tart Italy
 Cheese Pie Fribourg                    Pie & Tart Switzerland
 Cheese Puffs                    Appetizers Netherlands
 Cheese Ramekin                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Cheese Sauce                    Sauces & Condiments Caribbean Islands
 Cheese Souffle                    Breakfast Dishes Switzerland
 Cheese Souffle                    Breakfast Dishes France
 Cheese Soup                    Soup Switzerland
 Cheese Soup                    Soup Austria
 Cheese Sticks                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Cheese Swirls                    Appetizers Canada
 Cheese Toast A La Vaudoise                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Cheese Toast With Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Dishes Switzerland
 Cheese With Chicken Stuffing                    Main Courses Venezuela
 Cheese-And-Sour-Cream Souffle                    Desserts Romania
 Cheesecake                    Cake & Muffins Austria
 Cheesecake                    Cake & Muffins Israel
 Chick - Pea Salad                    Salads Chile
 Chicken Kapama                    Main Courses Greece
 Chicken Novska                    Appetizers Denmark
 Chicken Soup With Flakes Of Eggs And Cheese Soup Italy
 Chicken With Chick-Peas And Cheese Croquettes Main Courses Algeria
 Chicory With Cheese And Ham                    Appetizers Belgium
 Chicory With Cheese Sauce                    Side Dishes Netherlands
 Chochos Baked With Cheese                    Breakfast Dishes Caribbean Islands
 Cocktail Savouries                    Appetizers Netherlands
 Cod With Crab Stuffing                    Appetizers Sweden
 Collard Greens And Spiced Cheese Appetizers Ethiopia
 Cornmeal Mush With Cheese                    Side Dishes Romania
 Cottage Cheese Dumplings                    Desserts Hungary
 Cottage Cheese Filling For Strudel Desserts Austria
 Cottage Cheese Pancakes                    Cake & Muffins Austria
 Cottage Cheese Sweet                    Cake & Muffins Malta
 Country - Style Salad                    Salads Greece
 Crab Pudding                    Pudding Chile
 Crawfish Dip                    Sauces & Condiments Bahamas
 Crawfish Soup                    Soup Bahamas
 Creamed Egg Chartres                    Appetizers Creole
 Cumin Sticks                    Cookies Greece
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 Danish Cheese Salad                    Salads Denmark
 Deep-Fried Cheese Sandwiches                    Appetizers Italy
 Deep-Fried Cheese Squares                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Deep-Fried Folded Tortillas With Beef Filling Main Courses Mexico
 Deep-Fried Prosciuto-And-Cheese Turnovers Breakfast Dishes Italy
 Deep-Fried Rice-And-Cheese Balls Breakfast Dishes Italy
 Dessert Dumplings Filled With Cheese Or Fruit Appetizers Ukraine
 Dill And Onion Bread                    Bread Russia
  E         back to top
 Easter Cheese Pyramid With Candied Fruit And Nuts Desserts Russia
 Easter Cookies                    Cookies Greece
 Egg Noodle - And - Cottage - Cheese Casserole Side Dishes Ukraine
 Egg Noodles With Butter And Cheese Side Dishes Italy
 Eggplant And Meat                    Appetizers Greece
 Eggplant Souffle                    Side Dishes Creole
 Eggplant With Cheese And Tomatoes Side Dishes Caribbean Islands
 Enchiladas Salsa Roja                    Appetizers Mexico
 Enchiladas Verde Con Queso                    Appetizers Mexico
  F         back to top
 Famous Greek Salad                    Salads Greece
 Farmers Cheese Soup                    Soup Netherlands
 Feta Dip                    Sauces & Condiments Greece
 Feta Dressing                    Sauces & Condiments Greece
 Fijian Baked Fish                    Appetizers Polynesia
 Fillet Of Sole Bolognese                    Main Courses Italy
 Fish Fillets Au Gratin                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Flaky Cheese Rolls                    Appetizers Bulgaria
 Fondue Neuchateloise                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Fondue Romande                    Appetizers Switzerland
 French Onion Soup                    Soup France
 French Onion Soup                    Soup France
 Fresh Ham Makaronada                    Breakfast Dishes Greece
 Fribourg Fried Cheese Slices                    Appetizers Switzerland
 Fried Cheese Croquettes                    Breakfast Dishes England
  G         back to top
 Georgian Cheese Bread                    Bread Georgia
 Gnocchi With Sauce Verde                    Bread Italy
 Gratinee Of Artichoke                    Appetizers France
 Greek Macaroni And Meat                    Main Courses Greece
 Green Fig & Saltfish Pie                    Appetizers Barbados
 Green Salad With Cheese                    Salads Switzerland
 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches                    Appetizers Canada
 Grits and Cheddar Cheese Casserole Breakfast Dishes USA
  H         back to top
 Hominy Grits Souffle                    Desserts Bahamas
 Honey Pie                    Pie & Tart Greece
 Hot Cheese Souffle                    Breakfast Dishes Netherlands
 Hot Melted Cheese With Toast                    Breakfast Dishes Italy
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 Individual Meat Pies                    Pie & Tart Mexico
  K         back to top
 Knishes                    Appetizers Israel
  L         back to top
 Lady Meat Balls                    Appetizers Turkey
 Lamb And Eggplant Parmesan                    Appetizers Greece
 Lamb Pie With Phyllo                    Pie & Tart Greece
 Lasagne With Red Clam Sauce                    Main Courses Italy
 Layered Pancakes                    Cake & Muffins Hungary
 Layered Spinach                    Side Dishes Hungary
 Lazy Dumplings                    Bread Poland
 Liptauer (liptov) Cheese                    Sauces & Condiments Austria
 Liptauer Cheese                    Appetizers Hungary
 Low - Calorie Cottage Cheese Dressing Sauces & Condiments Italy
 Low - Calorie Tomato - Cottage Cheese Mold Appetizers Hungary
  M         back to top
 Macaroni And Cheese                    Side Dishes Cuba
 Macaroni, Ham and Cheese Casserole Breakfast Dishes USA
 Meat And Cheese Balls                    Main Courses Lebanon
 Meat Croquettes                    Appetizers Argentina
 Melted Cheese With Potatoes And Pickles Side Dishes Switzerland
 Mexican Omelet                    Breakfast Dishes Mexico
 Mushrooms Parmesan                    Appetizers Italy
  N         back to top
 Nassau Macaroni And Cheese                    Breakfast Dishes Bahamas
 Navarre Soup                    Soup Spain
 Noodles With Cheese And Anchovies Main Courses Italy
 Northumberland Pan Haggerty                    Breakfast Dishes England
  O         back to top
 Onion Soup With Cheese                    Soup Luxembourg
 Onion-And-Cheese Tart                    Breakfast Dishes Switzerland
 Open-Faced Cheese Tart                    Pie & Tart France
  P         back to top
 Pancake Pudding With Ham                    Pudding Hungary
 Pastitsio                    Main Courses Greece
 Pastitsio Triangles                    Appetizers Greece
 Pastitsio With Phyllo                    Appetizers Greece
 Pizza                    Breakfast Dishes Italy
 Poached Cheese Dumplings                    Breakfast Dishes Poland
 Polenta                    Side Dishes Switzerland
 Porrentruy Cheese Tart                    Pie & Tart Switzerland
 Pot - Cheese Tartlets                    Appetizers Russia
 Potato & Spinach Soup With Gouda Soup Ireland
 Potato - Cheese Soup                    Soup Ecuador
 Potato Dumplings                    Appetizers Serbia
 Potato Salad                    Salads Peru
 Potatoes With Cheese And Onion Sauce Side Dishes Peru
 Potatoes With Spiced Cheese, Tomato And Onion Sauce Side Dishes Colombia
 Pressed Cheese                    Breakfast Dishes Lithuania
 Pull - A - Parts                    Bread Ireland
 Pumpkin And Cheese Soup                    Soup New Zealand
  R         back to top
 Ravioli                    Appetizers Italy
 Refried Beans                    Side Dishes Mexico
 Rice With Egg And Lemon                    Side Dishes Italy
 Rice With Parmesan Cheese                    Side Dishes Italy
 Rio Cobre Mud                    Appetizers Caribbean Islands
 Ripe Plantain Cake                    Cake & Muffins Venezuela
 Rolled Ham With Cheese Filling Appetizers Denmark
 Roquefort Cheese Dressing                    Sauces & Condiments France
  S         back to top
 Salmon In Cheese Sauce                    Appetizers France
 Salted Beef And Banana Casserole Appetizers Caribbean Islands
 Sauce Verde                    Sauces & Condiments Italy
 Savoury Pork Noodles                    Main Courses Madagascar
 Shamrock Cheezies With Herb Dip Appetizers Ireland
 Shrimp - Stuffed Artichokes                    Appetizers Creole
 Shrimp Scorpio                    Appetizers Greece
 Shrimp-And-Cheese Fritters                    Breakfast Dishes Belgium
 Sicilian Cake With Chocolate Frosting Cake & Muffins Italy
 Sicilian Cream Cake                    Cake & Muffins Italy
 Smoked Turkey Salad                    Salads Argentina
 Sole Baked In Sour Cream                    Appetizers Poland
 Southwestern Pizza                    Appetizers Mexico
 Spaghetti With Browned Hutter Sauce Side Dishes Greece
 Spiced Cheese                    Appetizers Ethiopia
 Spinach Balls                    Appetizers Greece
 Spinach Cheese Phyllo Triangles Appetizers Greece
 St. Gall Cheese Balls                    Breakfast Dishes Switzerland
 Stacked Cheese Enchiladas, New Mexico Style Main Courses Mexico
 Strudel Cheese Filling                    Desserts Hungary
 Stuffed Baked Potatoes With Cheese Side Dishes USA
 Stuffed Hard - Boiled Eggs                    Breakfast Dishes Jamaica
 Stuffed Nasturtium Flowers                    Salads Polynesia
 Stuffed Potatoes                    Side Dishes Argentina
 Summer Fruit Salad With Cottage Cheese Salads Bulgaria
 Superb Bean Burritos                    Appetizers Mexico
 Sweet Cheese Fritters                    Breakfast Dishes Russia
 Sweet Cheese Tarts                    Pie & Tart Portugal
 Sweet Corn With Eggs                    Breakfast Dishes Madagascar
 Swiss Cheese Pie                    Pie & Tart Switzerland
  T         back to top
 Tripe Soup                    Soup Malta
 Tuna Bake With Cheese Swirls                    Appetizers Canada
  V         back to top
 Veal Cutlets Three Crowns                    Main Courses Italy
 Veal Rolls Continental                    Appetizers Hungary
 Vegetable And Cheese Soup                    Soup Switzerland
 Venetian Green Pea - Rice Salad Salads Italy
  W         back to top
 Welsh Rabbit                    Breakfast Dishes England
 Welsh Rarebit                    Sauces & Condiments Wales
 Welsh Rarebit                    Breakfast Dishes Wales
 White Goat-Cheese-And-Herb Spread Appetizers Romania
 Whole Boiled Potatoes With Cheese And Chili Sauce Side Dishes Peru
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 Yam Casserole                    Breakfast Dishes Bahamas

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