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 Cuisine ╗ Americas ╗ United States (260 recipes)

Delicious recipes brought from the United States table to yours:

 Recipe Name Main Ingredient
Abalone Steaks                  Abalone
Alaskan Summer Salmon Salad                  Salmon , Celery , Egg
Arrowhead Salad                  Onion , Pepper , Egg
Artichokes Stuffed with Shrimp and Green Goddess Dressing Artichoke , Shrimp , Anchovy
Avocado-Tomato Cocktail                  Avocado , Tomato
Baked Onions With Meat-And-Chili Stuffing Onion , Beef , Lamb & Mutton
Barbecued Shrimp                  Shrimp , Oil
Beer Coleslaw                  Cabbage
Black - Eyed Pea Salad                  Peas , Carrot , Tomato
Buttermilk Fried Onions                  Onion , Buttermilk
Caesar Salad                  Lettuce , Bread , Cheese
Caesar Salad                  Lettuce , Bread , Anchovy
California Crab Salad                  Crab , Cucumber , Celery
California Green Goddess Salad Anchovy , Chives , Mayonnaise
Caviar-Potato Salad                  Potato , Roe & Caviar , Mayonnaise
Celery Victor                  Celery , Anchovy
Celery Victor                  Celery , Egg , Chicken
Cheese - Vegetable Salad                  Cheese , Celery , Beet
Cheese Balls                  Cheese
Chicken Salad                  Chicken
Chicken-Jalapeno Pancakes                  Chicken
Chinese Snow Pea - Mushroom Salad Peas , Mushroom , Chestnut
Cold Boiled Artichokes With Tuna Mayonnaise Artichoke , Tuna , Anchovy
Cold Spiced Cauliflower Salad                  Cauliflower , Pine
Crab Louis                  Crab , Avocado , Lettuce
Crab Louis                  Crab , Mayonnaise , Egg
Crab-Olive Spread                  Crab , Olive , Mayonnaise
Deviled Crab                  Crab
Early American Wilted Lettuce                  Lettuce , Bacon , Scallions
Fried Smelts with Herb Butter                  Smelt , Chives , Butter
Frog's Legs, Roadhouse Style, with Tartar Sauce Frog Legs
Ginger - Ale Salad                  Ginger , Peach , Grape & Raisin
Gulf Coast Shrimp Salad                  Shrimp , Celery , Mayonnaise
Ham Balls                  Ham , Pork
Holiday Molded Cranberry Salad Cranberry , Apple , Walnut
Iowa Corn Salad                  Corn , Cucumber , Vinegar
Jellied Apple - Nut Salad                  Apple , Pecan , Gelatin
Jerusalem Artichoke Salad                  Artichoke , Parsley , Tomato
Lime - Gelatin Salad                  Lemon , Lime , Gelatin
Louisiana Bird - Of - Paradise Salad Orange , Beet
Midwestern Hot Green Bean Salad Beans , Bacon , Vinegar
Molded Horseradish Salad                  Horseradish , Gelatin
Mrs. Rorer's Lobster Salad                  Lobster , Lettuce , Mayonnaise
Mushrooms and Onions in Sour Cream Mushroom , Sour Cream
New England Parsnip Salad                  Parsnip , Carrot , Apple
New Jersey Mixed Pepper Salad                  Pepper , Onion , Vinegar
Old-Fashioned Chicken Pie                  Chicken
Oregon Wild Rice - Salmon Salad Rice , Salmon , Cucumber
Oyster Fritters                  Oyster , Beer , Flour
Palace Court Salad                  Shrimp , Artichoke , Lettuce
Pennsylvania Dutch Pried Tomatoes Tomato
Perfection Salad                  Cabbage , Gelatin , Vinegar
Pickled Black-Eyed Peas                  Peas , Vinegar
Potato Salad                  Potato , Oil , Egg
Roast Quail on Toast                  Quail , Bread
Sauteed Shad Roe                  Shad , Chives , Butter
Scalloped Clams                  Clam
Scallops Remoulade                  Scallop , Mustard , Mayonnaise
Shrimp And Chilies With Sherry Sauce Shrimp
Shrimp Mousse                  Shrimp , Gelatin , Cream
Sole - And - Crab Mousse With Shrimp Sauce Crab , Flounder & Sole , Shrimp
Spinach And Bacon Salad                  Spinach , Bacon
Spinach Ring                  Spinach
Spinach Salad                  Spinach , Pine
Texas Broiled Shrimp                  Shrimp
Three-Bean Salad                  Beans , Scallions
Tomato Aspic                  Tomato , Roe & Caviar , Gelatin
Vermont Cabbage Salad                  Cabbage , Cream , Horseradish
Waldorf Salad                  Apple , Celery , Mayonnaise
Washington Pear Salad                  Pear , Cream Cheese , Walnut
West Coast Crab - Cucumber Salad Crab , Cucumber , Mayonnaise
Wyoming Bean Salad                  Beans , Cucumber , Lettuce
Zucchini Victor                  Zucchini , Squash
Artichoke Soup                  Artichoke
Basque Sheepherders' Potatoes                  Potato , Chives , Egg
Black Bean Soup                  Beans
Boston Baked Beans                  Beans
Braised Short Ribs of Beef                  Beef
Cabbage In White Wine                  Cabbage , Wine
Cheddar Cheese Soup                  Cheese
Clam Hash                  Clam , Bacon
Cold Split Pea Soup With Mint                  Peas , Onion , Mint
Corn Oysters                  Corn
Country Coleslaw                  Cabbage , Sour Cream , Vinegar
Crawfish Bisque With Stuffed Heads Crawfish , Onion , Parsley
Cucumber Bisque                  Cucumber
Deep-Fried Okra                  Okra
Dill Soup                  Dill , Beans , Peas
Easy Coleslaw                  Cabbage , Mayonnaise
Eggplant-Banana Casserole                  Eggplant
Hashed Brown Potatoes                  Potato
Hashed Brown Potatoes                  Potato , Bacon
Mashed Potatoes                  Potato , Butter , Cream
Mormon Split-Pea Soup                  Peas
New England Clam Chowder                  Clam
Old - Fashioned Coleslaw                  Cabbage , Cream , Flour
Olive Beef Stew                  Beef , Olive
Ozark Sweet - Sour Coleslaw                  Cabbage , Milk , Carrot
Pacific Oyster Stew                   Oyster
Pinto Beans                  Beans
Pumpkin Soup                  Pumpkin
Rabbit In Tarragon Cream Gravy Rabbit & Hare , Cream
Scalloped Potatoes With Cheese Potato
Seafood Gumbo                  Oyster , Shrimp , Okra
Smothered Chicken With Mushrooms Chicken
Spiced Acorn Squash                  Squash , Butter , Bacon
Stuffed Baked Potatoes With Cheese Potato , Sour Cream , Cheese
Stuffed Baked Potatoes With Sour Cream Potato , Sour Cream
Sweet-And-Sour Squash                  Zucchini , Squash
Texas Chili Con Carne                  Pepper
Turkey Chili                  Turkey
Turkey, Chick-Pea And Green Chili Soup Turkey
Vegetable Stew                  Zucchini , Squash , Beans
Wild Rice With Mushrooms                  Rice , Mushroom
Zuni Green-Chili Stew                  Lamb & Mutton , Parsley , Pepper
American White Bread                  Flour , Milk
Caraway Twists                  Flour
Clover Leaf Rolls                  Bread , Butter
Cowboy Soda Biscuits                  Flour , Buttermilk , Lard & Fat
Date, Pecan and Orange Bread                  Flour , Date , Pecan
Eggs Benedict                  Egg , Bread , Ham
Grits and Cheddar Cheese Casserole Cheese
Leola's Cornbread                  Flour
Macaroni, Ham and Cheese Casserole Cheese , Ham , Macaroni
Monkey Bread                  Flour , Potato , Butter
Mormon Rye Bread                  Flour
Navajo Fry Bread                  Flour , Lard & Fat
Spoon Bread                  Egg , Corn , Milk
Wheat-Germ Hamburger Buns                  Flour , Wheat
Baked Bourbon-Glazed Ham                  Ham
Baked Stuffed Striped Bass                  Bass , Snapper , Pompano
Barbecued Spareribs                  Pork
Barbecued Spareribs With Red Sauce Pork
Barbecued Swordfish                  Swordfish
Beef Tenderloin over Greens                  Beef , Greens , Tomato
Broiled Ham Steak With Cantaloupe Ham , Curry
Broiled Long Island Duckling                  Duck
Broiled Shad                  Shad
Broiled Squab With Lemon-Soy Butter Pigeon , Butter , Watercress
Brook Trout                  Trout , Bacon , Corn
Charcoal-Broiled T-Bone Or Porterhouse Steak Beef
Chicken Raphael Weill                  Chicken
Chili Con Carne                  Beef
Cioppino                  Crab , Clam , Shrimp
Cioppino                  Crab , Clam , Mussel
Cowboy Short Ribs With Cornmeal Dumplings Beef , Beer , Flour
Crown Roast Of Lamb With Peas And New Potatoes Lamb & Mutton
Crown Roast Of Pork With Sausage-Apple Stuffing Pork , Sausage
Dilled Salmon Souffle                  Salmon , Dill , Egg
Duck In Orange Aspic With Orange And Onion Salad Duck , Orange
Fillet Of Rex Sole Santa Monica Flounder & Sole , Shallots , Wine
Fried Pheasant With Cream Gravy Pheasant , Cream , Flour
Fried Rabbit With Sour Cream Gravy Rabbit & Hare , Sour Cream , Flour
Grapefruit Duck                  Duck , Grapefruit
Hearst Ranch Squab                  Pigeon , Bread
Jambalaya                  Shrimp
Lamb and Broccoli St. Francis                  Lamb & Mutton , Broccoli , Onion
Lemon Chicken                  Chicken , Lemon
Lobster Newburg                  Lobster , Cream , Butter
Minted Trout                  Trout , Bacon , Mint
New England Boiled Dinner                  Beef
Pan-Fried Trout                  Trout
Pompano Stuffed with Shrimp and Crab en Papillote Shrimp , Pompano , Crab
Quail In Lemon-Wine Sauce                  Quail , Wine , Lemon
Red Pork Chili                  Pork , Lard & Fat , Rice
Red-Flannel Hash                  Beef
Roast Beef                  Beef
Roast Dove or Pigeon                  Pigeon
Roast Lamb Shanks and Lentils                  Lamb & Mutton , Scallions
Roast Mint-Stuffed Leg Of Lamb Lamb & Mutton , Mint
Roast Pheasant With Applejack Cream Sauce Pheasant
Roast Rock Cornish Game Hens With Pine-Nut Stuffing Partridge , Pine , Rice
Roast Saddle Of Venison With Cream Sauce Venison
Roast Wild Turkey with Cornbread Stuffing Turkey , Sausage
San Francisco Fried Trout                  Trout
Sand Dab Or Rex Sole En Papillote Flounder & Sole , Mushroom , Ham
Southern Fried Chicken with Cream Gravy Chicken , Cream , Lard & Fat
Spit-Roasted Quail With Grapes Quail , Grape & Raisin
Spit-Roasted Wild Ducks With Olives Duck , Olive
Stuffed Flounder                  Flounder & Sole , Shallots , Shrimp
Stuffed Pork Chops                  Pork , Carrot , Sausage
Sweetbreads And Ham Under Glass Ham , Mushroom , Butter
Vineyard Leg Of Lamb                  Lamb & Mutton
Apricot-Cream Dressing                  Apricot , Cream
Blender Hollandaise                  Butter
Blender Mayonnaise                  Oil
Bread and Butter Pickles                  Cucumber , Vinegar
Chiles Rellenos                  Pepper
Cranberry-Orange Relish                  Cranberry , Orange
Creamed Onions and Peas                  Peas , Onion
Dill Coleslaw                  Cabbage , Dill , Sour Cream
Fresh Red Chili Sauce                  Pepper
Green Goddess Dressing                  Shrimp , Mayonnaise , Anchovy
Mayonnaise                  Egg , Mustard
Okra and Tomatoes                  Tomato , Okra
Peanut - Butter Fruit Dressing Peanut , Honey , Orange
Poppy-Seed Dressing                  Oil , Poppy Seed , Vinegar
Remoulade Sauce                  Mustard , Mayonnaise , Parsley
Strawberry And Sour Cream Dressing Strawberry , Sour Cream
Tomato Soup Dressing                  Tomato , Oil , Mustard
Yogurt-And-Honey Dressing                  Honey , Yogurt , Mint
Baked Apples                  Apple
Cold Orange Souffle                  Orange , Gelatin , Egg
Fig Squares                  Fig , Flour , Walnut
Frozen Cranberry Mousse                  Cranberry
Ginger Fruit Kabobs                  Orange , Banana , Pineapple
Glazed Oranges                  Orange , Wine
Grandmother Brown's Rhubarb Marmalade Orange , Rhubarb , Walnut
Lemon-Orange Ice                  Orange , Lemon
Maple Mousse                  Egg , Cream , Gelatin
Nesselrode Pudding                  Currant , Chestnut , Cream
Old-Fashioned Apple Butter                  Apple
Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream Ice Cream , Cream , Vanilla
Rum Ice Cream                  Ice Cream , Cream , Vanilla
San Antonio Fruit Ice Cream                  Banana , Grapefruit , Pear
Trappers' Fruit                  Apple , Pumpkin
Apple Pie                  Apple , Flour , Lard & Fat
Baked Alaska                  Ice Cream , Egg , Orange
Banana Cream Pie                  Banana , Lard & Fat , Cream
Black Bottom Pie                  Chocolate , Cream , Egg
Buttermilk Poundcake                  Flour , Buttermilk
C Lazy U Doughnuts                  Flour , Milk
Cake - "Drunken"                  Butter , Egg , Flour
Cheesecake                  Cream Cheese , Sour Cream , Vanilla
Cherry Cobbler                  Cherry , Flour , Cream
Deep-Dish Peach Pie with Cream-Cheese Crust Peach , Cream Cheese , Vanilla
Grapefruit Cake With Cream-Cheese Icing Grapefruit
Griddle Cakes                  Flour
Houston Gingerbread                  Flour , Buttermilk , Butter
Key Lime Pie                  Lime
Lemon Pie                  Lemon
Lime Chiffon Pie                  Lime , Gelatin , Egg
Mormon Johnnycake                  Flour , Buttermilk
Orange-Walnut Torte                  Walnut , Orange , Egg
Osgood Pie                  Flour , Pecan , Grape & Raisin
Pecan Cake                  Pecan , Flour , Grape & Raisin
Pecan Pie                  Pecan , Lard & Fat , Flour
Pecan Tassies                  Pecan , Cream Cheese , Butter
Pineapple Roll                  Pineapple , Cream
Popovers                  Flour
Prune and Apricot Pie                  Apricot , Plum & Prune , Lard & Fat
Pumpkin Pie                  Pumpkin , Flour , Lard & Fat
Sheath Cake                  Flour , Cocoa , Buttermilk
Short-Crust Pastry                  Flour , Lard & Fat , Butter
Snipdoodle                  Flour
Sticky Buns                  Flour
Strawberry Shortcake                  Strawberry , Cream , Flour
Three-Layer Chocolate Cake                  Chocolate , Sour Cream , Walnut
Almond-Topped Cookies                  Almond , Flour , Vanilla
Baking Powder Biscuits                  Flour
Butterscotch Brownies                  Butter , Vanilla , Walnut
Chocolate Brownies                  Chocolate , Walnut , Butter
Glass Cookies                  Flour , Nutmeg , Butter
Lemon Bars                  Lemon
Lollies                  Flour , Pecan , Coconut
Oatmeal Cookies                  Flour , Oatmeal , Butter
Oatmeal Cookies                  Flour , Oatmeal , Vanilla
Pecan Drops                  Pecan
Pecan-Stuffed Date Cookies                  Pecan , Date , Flour
Toll-House Cookies                  Chocolate , Butter , Pecan

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