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 Cuisine ╗ Europe ╗ France (171 recipes)

Delicious recipes brought from the French table to yours:

 Recipe Name Main Ingredient
Aida Salad                  Endive & Chicory , Artichoke , Egg
Alexandre Dumas' Potato Salad                  Potato , Mussel , Wine
Alsatian Dandelion Salad                  Greens , Bacon , Shallots
Artichoke - Beans Salad                  Artichoke , Beans , Anchovy
Baked Stuffed Mushroom Caps                  Mushroom , Crab , Spinach
Basic Tomato Aspic Salad                  Gelatin , Tomato , Celery
Boiled Artichokes                  Artichoke
Boiled Asparagus                  Asparagus
Braised Leeks                  Leek
Braised Lettuce                  Lettuce , Bacon
Broiled Mushrooms                  Mushroom
Burgundy Meat Balls                  Beef , Wine , Cream
Casserole Of Tripe                  Veal & Calf , Onion , Tripe
Casserole Of White Beans Baked With Meats Beans , Sausage , Duck
Celeriac Remoulade                  Celery , Mayonnaise , Oil
Celery Victor                  Celery , Anchovy , Oil
Cheese Fondue, French Style                  Cheese , Bread , Garlic
Chicken - Stuffed Mushrooms                  Mushroom , Chicken , Pecan
Chicken Mousse                  Chicken , Cream , Gelatin
Corsican Artichoke - Fennel Salad Artichoke , Anchovy , Sardine
Crab Legs In A Wine Sauce                  Crab , Wine
Crusty Molded Potatoes                  Potato
Fresh Peas Braised With Onions And Lettuce Peas
Frog's Leg Salad                  Frog Legs , Artichoke , Potato
Garden - Fresh Tomato Salad                  Tomato , Parsley , Pepper
Gratinee Of Artichoke                  Artichoke , Cream , Cheese
Green Salad From Gascony                  Endive & Chicory , Potato , Bread
Ham Aspic Salad                  Gelatin , Ham , Horseradish
Ham In Wine Sauce With Grapes                  Ham , Grape & Raisin , Wine
Home-Style Pate                  Pork , Veal & Calf , Butter
Hot Anchovy Canape                  Anchovy , Bread , Garlic
Lobster Simmered With Wine, Tomatoes And Herbs Lobster
Lobster Thermidor                  Lobster , Milk , Flour
Mediterranean Vegetable Casserole Tomato , Eggplant , Zucchini
Mediterranean Vegetable Salad                  Lettuce , Tomato , Anchovy
Mushrooms In Sour Cream                  Mushroom , Sour Cream
Mushrooms Sauteed In Wine                  Mushroom , Wine
Peas On It Is French                  Peas , Lettuce , Onion
Provencal Hearts Of Celery Salad Celery , Anchovy , Parsley
Provencal Ratatouille                  Eggplant , Zucchini , Tomato
Provencal Salad Bowl                  Greens , Olive , Anchovy
Salade Forestiere                  Lettuce , Mushroom , Parsley
Salade Nicoise                  Potato , Tomato , Beans
Salade Parisienne                  Beef , Potato , Wine
Salade Port Royal                  Mayonnaise , Apple , Beans
Salmon In Cheese Sauce                  Salmon , Cheese , Cream
Sausage Baked In Pastry Crust                  Sausage
Sausage With French Potato Salad Sausage , Potato
Scallops Sauteed With Garlic Butter Sauce Scallop
Scallops With Mushrooms In White Wine Sauce Scallop , Wine , Mushroom
Shrimp Aspic Salad                  Gelatin , Shrimp , Celery
Sole Provencale                  Flounder & Sole , Tomato , Onion
Tomatoes Baked With Bread Crumbs And Garlic Tomato , Bread , Garlic
Tuna Provencal                  Tuna , Tomato , Parsley
Baked Eggplant With Cheese And Tomatoes Eggplant , Cheese , Tomato
Beef Stew With Burgundy                  Beef , Wine , Noodle
Beef Stew With Red Wine                  Beef , Onion , Mushroom
Black Bean Soup With Madeira Wine Beans , Wine
Braised Pork Chops                  Pork , Wine
Braised Pork Chops With Cream And Mustard Sauce Pork , Mustard
Braised Red Cabbage In Red Wine With Chestnuts Cabbage , Chestnut , Wine
Braised Sauerkraut With Meat                  Sauerkraut , Sausage , Wine
Braised Shoulder Of Lamb With White Beans Lamb & Mutton
Braised Veal Chops With Ham And Parsley Dressing Veal & Calf , Bread
Cream Of Asparagus Soup                  Asparagus , Cream , Flour
Cream Of Fresh Asparagus Soup                  Asparagus , Milk , Cream
Cream Of Mushroom Soup                  Mushroom , Scallions , Shallots
Fish Stew                  Whitefish , Clam , Shrimp
French Onion Soup                  Onion , Bread , Cheese
French Onion Soup                  Onion , Bread , Cheese
Glazed Carrots                  Carrot
Glazed White Onions                  Onion
Green String Beans, Blanched And Buttered Beans
Homemade Beef And Chicken Stocks Beef , Chicken
Lamb Stew With Spring Vegetables Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Peas
Lamb Stew With Spring Vegetables Lamb & Mutton , Carrot , Turnip
Leek Or Onion And Potato Soup                  Leek , Potato , Onion
Leek Soup                  Leek , Potato , Bacon
Meat And Cabbage Soup                  Cabbage , Sausage , Turnip
Mediterranean Fisherman's Soup With Hot Pepper Sauce Bass , Trout , Pike
Mushrooms In Madeira Sauce                  Mushroom , Wine
Old-Fashioned Veal Stew With Cream Sauce Veal & Calf
Oxtail Soup                  Oxtail
Pot Roast Of Beef Braised In Red Wine Beef , Wine , Onion
Provencal Fish Soup With Garlic Mayonnaise Whitefish , Cod , Flounder & Sole
Puree Of Carrot Soup                  Carrot , Cream , Rice
Rabbit Stewed In White Wine Sauce Rabbit & Hare , Wine , Onion
Split Pea Soup                  Peas
Swiss Chard Gratineed                  Greens , Spinach
Veal Stew                  Veal & Calf , Noodle , Onion
Veal Stew With Tomatoes And Mushrooms Veal & Calf
Vegetable Soup With Garlic, Basil And Tomato Sauce Beans , Tomato , Carrot
Vegetables With Basil                  Eggplant , Basil , Pepper
White Bean Soup                  Beans , Leek
Zucchini In Cream And Tarragon Zucchini , Cream , Parsley
Cheese Souffle                  Cheese
Filled French Pancakes                  Flour , Mushroom , Shrimp
French Omelet                  Egg
Open-Faced Omelet With Peppers, Tomatoes And Ham Egg , Ham , Pepper
Spinach Loaf                  Spinach , Bread , Egg
Sweetbreads En Brochette                  Bread , Bacon , Mushroom
Baked Fish With Spinach Stuffing Trout , Cod , Salmon
Beef And Onions Braised In Beer Beef , Onion
Beef Simmered With Vegetables                  Beef
Broiled Salmon Steaks With Garlic And Herb Butter Salmon
Casserole-Roasted Chicken With Vegetables Chicken
Casserole-Roasted Veal                  Veal & Calf , Lard & Fat
Chicken In Wine                  Chicken , Wine , Mushroom
Chicken Poached In White Wine                  Chicken , Wine
Chicken Simmered In Red Wine With Onions And Mushrooms Chicken , Mushroom , Onion
Duck With Turnips                  Duck
Fillets Of Sole With Mushroom And Wine Sauce Wine , Flounder & Sole , Mushroom
Fillets Of Sole With White Wine Sauce Wine , Flounder & Sole , Milk
French Pork & Bean Casserole                  Pork , Sausage , Beans
Glazed Roast Loin Of Pork                  Pork
Half - Boned Chicken With Stuffing Chicken
Loin Fillets Of Pork With Prunes And Cream Sauce Pork
Old-Fashioned Chicken Fricessee Chicken , Onion , Mushroom
Pepper Steak                  Beef
Poached Bass With White Butter Sauce Bass , Haddock , Trout
Pork Chops Baked With Cabbage                  Pork
Rabbit In Wine Sauce                  Rabbit & Hare , Wine , Parsley
Roast Chicken                  Chicken
Roast Leg Of Lamb                  Lamb & Mutton , Onion , Carrot
Roast Partridges On Liver Canapes Partridge , Bread , Pheasant
Roast Spring Lamb                  Lamb & Mutton , Wine , Mushroom
Sauteed Calf's Liver                  Veal & Calf , Butter
Sauteed Chicken With Calvados And Cream Sauce Chicken , Apple
Sauteed Chicken With Cream Sauce Chicken , Mushroom , Cream
Sauteed Chicken With Shallots And Artichoke Hearts Chicken , Shallots , Artichoke
Sauteed Kidneys With Mustard Sauce Lamb & Mutton , Veal & Calf , Mustard
Sauteed Steak With Red Wine Sauce Beef , Shallots , Wine
Sauteed Veal Scalops With Cream Sauce Veal & Calf
Steak Diane                  Beef , Chives , Parsley
Stuffed Chicken Simmered With Meat And Vegetables Chicken , Carrot , Leek
Sweetbreads Or Brains In Brown Butter Sauce Veal & Calf , Butter
Tarragon Chicken                  Chicken , Greens , Onion
Trout Sauteed In Butter                  Trout
Baked Onion Custard                  Onion , Cream , Oil
Basic French Dressing                  Oil , Vinegar , Mustard
Basic Sour Cream Dressing                  Sour Cream , Mustard , Lemon
Blender Mayonnaise                  Egg , Oil , Lemon
French Oil And Vinegar Dressing Oil , Vinegar
Hollandaise With Tarragon And White Wine Wine , Scallions , Parsley
Homemade Mayonnaise                  Oil , Egg , Lemon
Marinated Mushrooms                  Mushroom
Marinated Vegetables, Greek Style Zucchini , Onion , Pepper
Rice, Mushroom, And Chicken - Liver Stuffing Rice , Mushroom , Garlic
Roquefort Cheese Dressing                  Cheese , Sour Cream , Vinegar
Sauce Hollandaise                  Butter
Sauce Mayonnaise                  Oil
Sauce Provencale                  Wine , Onion , Mushroom
Vinaigrette Dressing                  Oil , Vinegar , Dill
Caramel Custard                  Milk , Vanilla , Egg
Chocolate Mousse                  Chocolate , Cream , Butter
Chocolate Mousse                  Chocolate , Egg , Cocoa
Dessert Crepes With Lemon Souffle Filling Lemon
Flamed Bananas                  Banana
Fruit Poached In Vanilla Syrup Peach , Apricot , Vanilla
Molded Custard With Glaceed Fruits Apricot , Cream , Gelatin
Molded Orange-Flavored Cream                  Orange , Cream , Gelatin
Orange Liqueur Souffle                  Orange
Pears Poached In Red Wine                  Pear , Wine
Poached Peaches With Raspberry Puree Peach , Vanilla , Raspberry
Tapioca Cream With Vermouth                  Milk , Cream , Wine
Cherry Cake                  Cherry , Vanilla
Cream-Puff Pastry Ring With Wipped Cream Filling Cream , Almond , Vanilla
Cream-Puff Pastry Rosettes                  Flour , Egg , Chocolate
Fresh Strawberry Tarts                  Strawberry , Currant , Gelatin
Open-Faced Cheese Tart                  Cheese , Bacon
Salmon Loaf In Pastry                  Salmon , Rice

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