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Easy, quick, and simple Side Dishes recipes:

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 Recipe Name Cuisine Main Ingredient
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 A Different Stuffing For Roasted Chicken Caribbean Islands Rice , Grape & Raisin , Onion
 All-Day Beans Mexico Beans
 Asparagus In Tomato Rings Denmark Asparagus , Tomato , Lettuce
 Asparagus With Egg Sauce Belgium Asparagus
 Aubergines In Lolo Polynesia Eggplant , Coconut , Onion
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 Bacon And Broad Beans Luxembourg Beans , Bacon , Lard & Fat
 Bacon And Potatoes Denmark Potato , Bacon , Onion
 Bacon Fricassee Poland Bacon , Beet , Mushroom
 Baked Brown Sweden Beans Sweden Beans , Vinegar , Butter
 Baked Cabbage Bahamas Cabbage , Cheese , Milk
 Baked Cucumbers And Sour Cream Russia Cucumber , Sour Cream , Rice
 Baked Eggplant And Rice Casserole Greece Eggplant , Rice , Onion
 Baked Eggplant With Cheese And Tomatoes France Eggplant , Cheese , Tomato
 Baked Kale With Potatoes Germany Kale , Butter , Potato
 Baked Lasagne With Meat And Cream Sauces Italy Milk , Cream , Pasta
 Baked Onions Italy Onion , Pepper , Oil
 Baked Papaya Jamaica Papaya
 Baked Potatoes With Juniper-Butter Sauce Belgium Potato , Butter
 Baked Rice Greece Rice , Mushroom , Onion
 Baked Sweet Potato Bahamas Potato , Coconut , Beer
 Baked Ziti With Feta Greece Pasta , Cheese , Egg
 Banana Dumplings Polynesia Banana
 Basmati Rice With Garnishes India Rice , Okra , Cashew
 Basque Beans Spain Beans , Ham , Sausage
 Basque Sheepherders' Potatoes USA Potato , Chives , Egg
 Bean Sprouts Side Dish Korea Beans , Soy Sauce , Scallions
 Beans In Sour Cream Sauce Bahamas Beans , Sour Cream
 Beans With Fruit And Vegetables Germany Beans
 Beetroot And Apple Puree Poland Beet , Apple , Sour Cream
 Beetroot Puree Russia Beet , Lard & Fat , Sour Cream
 Belgian-Style French Fried Potatoes Belgium Potato
 Bernese Fried Potatoes Switzerland Potato , Butter
 Black - Eyed Peas Bake Bahamas Peas , Beef , Mustard
 Black Beans Cuba Beans , Ham
 Black Beans And Rice Cuba Beans , Rice
 Black Beans And Rice Cuba Beans , Rice
 Boiled Cabbage With Smoked Pork Butt Ireland Cabbage , Pork
 Boiled Egg Noodles With Meat Sauce China Noodle , Pork
 Boiled Green Vegetables With Lemon Dressing Greece Endive & Chicory , Oil , Lemon
 Boiled Red Cabbage Norway Cabbage , Wine , Apple
 Boiled Rice With Lemon Italy Rice
 Boston Baked Beans USA Beans
 Braised Cabbage With Bacon Czech Republic Cabbage , Bacon , Onion
 Braised Red Cabbage Denmark Cabbage
 Braised Red Cabbage In Red Wine With Chestnuts France Cabbage , Chestnut , Wine
 Braised Red Cabbage With Sour - Cream Sauce Lithuania Cabbage , Butter , Tomato
 Braised Rice And Peas Italy Rice , Peas
 Braised Rice With Crab And Coconut Milk Trinidad & Tobago Rice , Crab , Coconut
 Braised Rice With Crab, Shallots And Chives Caribbean Islands Rice , Crab , Shallots
 Braised Rice With Saffron Italy Rice
 Braised Sauerkraut With Meat France Sauerkraut , Sausage , Wine
 Brown Rice India Rice , Ghee
 Browned Potatoes Sweden Potato , Butter
 Brussels Sprouts With Ham And Tomatoes Germany Cabbage , Ham , Tomato
 Buckwheat Groats With Mushrooms And Onions Russia Buckwheat , Mushroom
 Buckwheat Kasha Russia Buckwheat , Butter
 Buckwheat Noodles With Laver Japan Noodle
 Bulgur Greece Wheat
 Bulgur Pilaf Iran Wheat
 Butter - Steamed New Potatoes Norway Potato
 Butter Beans In Tomato Sauce Egypt Beans , Tomato , Shallots
 Butternut Squash Walnuts Puerto Rico Squash , Walnut , Butter
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 Cabbage Russia Cabbage , Lard & Fat
 Cabbage In Sweet And Sour Sauce Italy Cabbage , Tomato , Onion
 Cabbage In White Wine USA Cabbage , Wine
 Cabbage Slaw Canada Cabbage , Apple , Celery
 Cabbage With Sour Cream Norway Cabbage , Sour Cream , Dill
 Cabbage, Celery, And Orzo Casserole Greece Pasta , Cabbage , Celery
 Callaloo Bake Bahamas Callaloo
 Caramelized Potatoes Denmark Potato
 Caraway Dumplings Hungary Flour , Lard & Fat
 Casserole Of Swedes Finland Turnip , Bread , Butter
 Cauliflower And Eggplant In Parmesan Sauce Italy Cauliflower , Eggplant , Cheese
 Cauliflower And Scallions With Black Mustard Seeds India Cauliflower , Scallions , Mustard
 Cauliflower Custard Bahamas Cauliflower , Milk
 Cauliflower Fried In Butter Russia Cauliflower , Butter , Flour
 Cheesy Apple Rings Denmark Apple , Almond , Cream Cheese
 Chicken And Rice With Mushrooms Japan Chicken , Mushroom , Rice
 Chicken Congee China Rice , Chicken , Kohlrabi
 Chicory With Cheese Sauce Netherlands Endive & Chicory , Cheese , Milk
 Chinese Boiled Rice China Rice
 Colcannon Ireland Cabbage , Potato
 Colcannon Ireland Kale , Potato , Leek
 Cold Noodles With Shrimp And Mushrooms Japan Noodle , Shrimp , Vermicelli
 Cold Summer Noodles Japan Noodle
 Conch Rice Bahamas Conch , Rice , Celery
 Cooked Beans Mexico Beans , Butter , Lard & Fat
 Corn Oysters USA Corn
 Corn-Meal Porridge Italy Corn
 Cornmeal Mush With Cheese Romania Corn , Cheese , Sour Cream
 Cornmeal Porridge Romania Corn
 Cou - Cou Barbados Okra , Corn
 Country Coleslaw USA Cabbage , Sour Cream , Vinegar
 Courgettes In Cream Hungary Zucchini , Cream , Flour
 Couscous Egypt Flour
 Couscous In A Couscousier Morocco Pasta , Butter , Ghee
 Couscous Without A Couscousier Morocco Pasta , Butter , Ghee
 Cranberry Beans With Squash And Corn Chile Beans , Squash , Corn
 Creamed Chinese Cabbage China Cabbage
 Creamed Green Beans & Mushrooms Sweden Beans , Mushroom , Cream
 Crunchy Bean Sprouts Hawaii Beans , Bacon
 Cucumber Cooked The Belgian Way Belgium Cucumber , Yogurt , Egg
 Curried Cauliflower Hawaii Cauliflower , Milk , Curry
 Curried Chick - Peas India Peas , Onion , Ghee
 Curried Eggplant India Eggplant , Coriander , Ghee
 Curried Potatoes And Peas India Potato , Tomato , Peas
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 Deep - Fried Chick - Pea Noodles, Peanuts, Pounded Rice And Dal India Flour , Rice , Ghee
 Deep - Fried New Potatoes Steamed With Spices And Yoghurt India Potato , Yogurt
 Deep - Fried Potato Rounds With Red Pepper And Tamarind Sauce Java Potato
 Deep - Fried Straw Potatoes Ukraine Potato
 Deep Fried Cauliflower With Garlic And Vinegar Sauce Spain Cauliflower , Garlic
 Deep-Fried Okra USA Okra
 Dirty Rice Creole Rice , Chicken , Parsley
 Dried Peas With Fresh Vegetables India Peas , Eggplant , Carrot
  E         back to top
 Easy Coleslaw USA Cabbage , Mayonnaise
 Egg Barley Israel Pasta , Mushroom , Lard & Fat
 Egg Noodle - And - Cottage - Cheese Casserole Ukraine Noodle , Cheese , Bacon
 Egg Noodle - And - Spinach Casserole Ukraine Noodle , Spinach , Egg
 Egg Noodles With Butter And Cheese Italy Cheese , Noodle
 Eggplant Souffle Creole Eggplant , Cheese , Egg
 Eggplant With Cheese And Tomatoes Caribbean Islands Eggplant , Cheese , Tomato
 Eggplant-Banana Casserole USA Eggplant
 Ethiopian Lentils Ethiopia Lentil , Onion , Ginger
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 Farina Dumplings Germany Flour , Milk , Butter
 Farina With Vegetables India Tomato , Carrot
 Fava Greece Peas , Tomato , Onion
 Flemish Asparagus Belgium Asparagus , Egg , Butter
 Forcemeat Balls England Beef
 Fox Noodles Japan Noodle , Tofu , Spaghetti
 Fraykee With Pine Nuts Saudi Arabia Wheat , Pine
 French Beans Croatia Beans , Garlic , Sour Cream
 French Beans In Tomato Sauce Egypt Beans , Tomato , Onion
 Fresh Lima Beans Andalusian Style Spain Beans , Lard & Fat , Ham
 Fried Artichokes Netherlands Artichoke , Flour , Milk
 Fried Cabbage Brazil Cabbage , Lard & Fat
 Fried Fresh Green Beans With Coconut India Beans , Coconut , Ghee
 Fried Mushrooms In Sour Cream Finland Mushroom , Sour Cream
 Fried Peppers Serbia Pepper , Garlic
 Fried Plantains Puerto Rico Plantain
 Fried Rice With Sausage, Shrimp And Crab Meat Vietnam Rice , Shrimp , Crab
 Fried Spinach And Broccoli Puree India Broccoli , Spinach , Onion
 Fruit And Wine Stuffing For Turkey Australia Grape & Raisin , Plum & Prune , Wine
 Fruited Cabbage Bahamas Cabbage , Grape & Raisin , Pineapple
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 German Noodles Germany Flour , Egg , Milk
 Glaron Bacon "Roschti" Switzerland Bacon , Potato
 Glazed Carrots France Carrot
 Glazed Mirliton Creole Squash , Butter
 Glazed White Onions France Onion
 Globe Artichokes With Beef Marrow Switzerland Artichoke , Beef , Lemon
 Grated Potato Pancakes Poland Potato
 Green Beans In Tomato Sauce Spain Beans , Tomato
 Green Peas A La Francaise Creole Peas , Lettuce
 Green Peas And Mushrooms India Mushroom , Peas , Ghee
 Green Rice Creole Rice , Parsley , Scallions
 Green Rice Mexico Rice , Pepper , Parsley
 Green String Beans, Blanched And Buttered France Beans
 Grilled Mushrooms Spain Mushroom , Chives , Parsley
  H         back to top
 Ham And Egg Fried Rice China Rice , Ham
 Hard - Cooked Eggs In Chili - And - Coconut - Milk Sauce Indonesia Egg
 Hashed Brown Potatoes USA Potato
 Hashed Brown Potatoes USA Potato , Bacon
 Herb Pancakes Bulgaria Parsley , Scallions , Dill
 Home - Made Noodles Hungary Flour , Egg
 Homemade Cheese With Peas India Yogurt , Peas , Milk
 Homemade Egg Noodles Ukraine Flour , Egg
 Homemade Egg Noodles Italy Egg , Flour
 Hot Noodles And Broth Japan Noodle , Egg , Spaghetti
  I         back to top
 Indian - Style Stewed Corn And Tomatoes Creole Corn , Tomato
 Indonesian Savoury Rice Netherlands Rice , Onion , Coriander
 Iranian Rice Iran Rice , Ghee
 Italian Pasta Pot Italy Macaroni
  J         back to top
 Jerusalem - Artichoke Puree Creole Artichoke
  K         back to top
 Kale In Cream Sauce Denmark Kale , Cream , Milk
 Kasha Varnishkes Israel Buckwheat , Macaroni , Lard & Fat
  L         back to top
 Layer Potatoes Hungary Potato , Ham , Sour Cream
 Layered Spinach Hungary Spinach , Noodle , Cheese
 Lebanese Rice Pilaf Lebanon Rice , Noodle , Spaghetti
 Lentil Or Split Pea Dal With Garlic Butter India Lentil , Peas , Garlic
 Lentils And Rice Saudi Arabia Lentil , Rice , Onion
 Lentils And Rice Lebanon Lentil , Rice , Onion
 Lentils And Rice India Lentil , Rice , Cardamom
 Liver Mounds Poland Turkey , Egg , Butter
  M         back to top
 Macaroni And Cheese Cuba Macaroni , Cheese , Egg
 Marvelous Mushroom Aspic Russia Mushroom , Gelatin , Parsley
 Mashed Beans Romania Beans , Garlic , Bacon
 Mashed Plantains Puerto Rico Plantain , Garlic , Pork
 Mashed Potatoes USA Potato , Butter , Cream
 Mashed Potatoes Netherlands Potato , Milk , Butter
 Mashed Potatoes With Cabbage And Scallions England Potato , Cabbage , Scallions
 Mashed Pumpkin Australia Pumpkin , Butter
 Mediterranean Poor Man's Caviar Egypt Eggplant , Scallions , Tomato
 Melted Cheese With Potatoes And Pickles Switzerland Cheese
 Mincemeat England Beef , Grape & Raisin , Apple
 Mixed Rice And Vegetables Japan Rice , Mushroom , Peas
 Mushrooms In Madeira Sauce France Mushroom , Wine
 Mushrooms With Cream Sauce Romania Mushroom , Sour Cream , Butter
 Mushrooms With Sour Cream Poland Mushroom , Sour Cream , Butter
 Mustard Greens And Turnips Creole Turnip , Mustard
  N         back to top
 Nassau Peas And Rice Bahamas Peas , Rice , Ham
 Nassi Goreng Rice Java Rice , Shrimp , Curry
 New Potatoes With Asparagus Switzerland Potato , Asparagus
 Noodle Dish Thailand Noodle , Chicken , Peanut
 Noodles And Cabbage Poland Cabbage , Noodle
 Noodles With Mushroom Sauce Paraguay Noodle , Mushroom , Sausage
  O         back to top
 Okra And Rice Bahamas Okra , Rice
 Okra With Tomatoes Caribbean Islands Okra , Tomato , Bread
 Old - Fashioned Coleslaw USA Cabbage , Cream , Flour
 Onions And Beans Serbia Onion , Beans , Oil
 Orzo With Zucchini Greece Pasta , Zucchini
 Oven - Browned Potato Wedges Sweden Potato
 Ozark Sweet - Sour Coleslaw USA Cabbage , Milk , Carrot
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 Passover Beet Preserves Israel Beet , Honey , Ginger
 Pasta Rings Stuffed With Chicken And Cheese Italy Chicken
 Pasta Tubes Filled With Meat And Baked In Tomato And Cream Sauce Italy Beef
 Peas And Grits Bahamas Peas , Corn
 Peas And Rice Bahamas Peas , Rice
 Peas And Rice Dominican Republic Peas , Rice , Tomato
 Pigeon Peas And Grits Haiti Peas , Pork , Onion
 Pigeon Peas With Corned Beef And Cornmeal Australia Peas , Beef , Corn
 Pilaf Egyptian Egypt Rice , Oil
 Pilaf With Artichokes Greece Artichoke , Rice
 Pilaf With Cream Sauce Avgolemono Greece Rice
 Pineapple Sauerkraut Germany Sauerkraut , Pineapple
 Pinto Beans USA Beans
 Plain Rice Pilaff Turkey Rice
 Poached Apple Halves Stuffed With Prunes In Port Wine Denmark Apple , Plum & Prune , Wine
 Polenta Switzerland Flour , Cheese , Butter
 Polenta With Cream Sauce And Mushrooms Italy Corn , Mushroom , Milk
 Polynesian - Style Broccoli Hawaii Broccoli
 Pork - Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Hungary Cabbage , Pork , Sauerkraut
 Portuguese - Style Rice With Tomatoes Portugal Rice , Tomato , Onion
 Portuguese Fried Potatoes Portugal Potato
 Portuguese Risotto Portugal Rice , Oil , Veal & Calf
 Potato And Onion Mash Egypt Potato , Onion , Pepper
 Potato Dumplings Czech Republic Potato , Flour , Egg
 Potato Noodles With Cheese Slovenia Potato , Flour
 Potato Paprika Hungary Potato , Sausage
 Potatoes In Parsley Sauce Spain Potato , Parsley
 Potatoes With Cheese And Onion Sauce Peru Potato , Cheese , Onion
 Potatoes With Peanut, Chili And Cheese Sauce Peru Potato , Peanut , Lettuce
 Potatoes With Spiced Cheese, Tomato And Onion Sauce Colombia Potato , Cheese , Tomato
 Pureed Corn With Scallions, Green Pepper And Cheese Argentina Corn , Scallions
  Q         back to top
 Quick Baked Beans Canada Beans , Bacon , Onion
  R         back to top
 Raw Sauerkraut With Caraway Lithuania Sauerkraut
 Red - Cooked Festival Rice Japan Rice , Beans
 Red - White Coleslaw Austria Cabbage , Oil , Vinegar
 Red Beans And Rice Creole Beans , Rice , Ham
 Red Beans And Rice Haiti Beans , Rice , Lard & Fat
 Red Cabbage Germany Cabbage , Apple , Vinegar
 Red Cabbage Denmark Cabbage , Vinegar , Butter
 Red Cabbage And Apple Netherlands Cabbage , Apple , Butter
 Red Cabbage With Apples Germany Cabbage
 Red Mexican Rice Mexico Rice , Carrot , Peas
 Refried Beans Mexico Beans , Sausage , Cheese
 Refried Beans Mexico Beans , Lard & Fat , Onion
 Rice And Bean Sprouts Korea Rice , Beans , Soy Sauce
 Rice And Beans Jamaica Beans , Rice , Coconut
 Rice And Mushrooms Korea Rice , Mushroom , Onion
 Rice And Orzo Pilaf Greece Rice , Pasta
 Rice And Peas Jamaica Rice , Peas , Coconut
 Rice And Pumpkin Bahamas Rice , Pumpkin
 Rice And Spinach Lebanon Rice , Spinach
 Rice Pilaf Greece Rice
 Rice Pilaf With Dried Fruit And Nuts Azerbaijan Rice , Plum & Prune , Apricot
 Rice With Almonds And Sesame Seeds Azerbaijan Rice , Almond , Sesame
 Rice With Chicken Giblets Argentina Rice , Chicken , Carrot
 Rice With Egg And Lemon Italy Rice , Egg , Cheese
 Rice With Parmesan Cheese Italy Rice , Cheese , Butter
 Rice With Pigeon Peas Puerto Rico Rice , Peas
 Rice With Potatoes, Coriander And Mint India Potato , Rice , Coriander
 Rice With Tomatoes And Onion Brazil Rice , Tomato , Onion
 Rich Dumplings Czech Republic Bread , Milk , Egg
 Roast Pumpkin New Zealand Pumpkin
 Roasted Potatoes Sweden Potato
 Runner Beans With Garlic Spain Beans , Garlic , Oil
 Rutabaga Casserole Finland Turnip
 Rutabaga With Bacon Ireland Turnip , Bacon
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 Saffron Rice India Rice , Ghee , Onion
 Saffron Rice Spain Rice
 Sake - Seasoned Fava Beans Japan Beans , Ginger , Sake
 Sauerkraut Germany Sauerkraut , Bacon , Wine
 Sauerkraut And Onions Serbia Sauerkraut , Onion , Lard & Fat
 Sauerkraut With Mushrooms Poland Mushroom , Sauerkraut , Wine
 Sauerkraut With Wine And Grapes Germany Sauerkraut , Wine , Grape & Raisin
 Sauteed Green Peppers Italy Pepper , Oil
 Sauteed Mushrooms Czech Republic Mushroom
 Sauteed Rice With Dried Black Mushrooms Haiti Rice , Mushroom
 Sauteed Snow Peas China Peas , Bacon
 Savoury Dumplings Austria Flour , Butter , Egg
 Savoury Potatoes Serbia Potato , Vinegar , Flour
 Savoury Pumpkin Algeria Pumpkin , Cabbage , Shallots
 Savoury Rice Portugal Rice , Onion , Parsley
 Scalloped Potatoes Canada Potato , Milk , Flour
 Scalloped Potatoes With Cheese USA Potato
 Seasoned Mashed Potatoes Garnished With Shrimp And Vegetables Peru Potato , Shrimp , Corn
 Seasoned Mashed Potatoes With Fish And Vegetables Peru Potato , Bass , Cassava
 Serbian Vegetable Caviar Serbia Eggplant , Pepper
 Shaggy Dumplings Czech Republic Flour , Onion , Lard & Fat
 Shellfish And Rice Spain Shrimp , Mussel , Clam
 Shrimp And Spinach Potlicker Cuba Shrimp , Spinach
 Sour Cabbage Croatia Cabbage , Lard & Fat , Vinegar
 Sour Potatoes Germany Potato
 Spaghetti Alla Carbonara Italy Spaghetti , Bacon , Sausage
 Spaghetti With Browned Hutter Sauce Greece Spaghetti , Macaroni , Cheese
 Spaghetti With Marinara Sauce Italy Spaghetti , Tomato , Anchovy
 Spiced Acorn Squash USA Squash , Butter , Bacon
 Spiced Baked Rice Cone Dinner Indonesia Rice , Coconut
 Spiced Pork Kidney Salad China Pork , Soy Sauce
 Spicy Avocado Sauce Venezuela Tofu , Avocado , Pepper
 Spinach And Onion Nigeria Spinach , Onion , Lard & Fat
 Spinach And Rice Greece Spinach , Rice
 Spinach And Rice Casserole Greece Spinach , Rice
 Spinach Borani Iran Spinach , Sesame , Yogurt
 Spinach Side Dish Korea Spinach , Soy Sauce
 Spinach With Pine Nuts And Almonds Spain Spinach , Almond , Ham
 Steamed Plain Rice Iran Rice , Butter
 Steamed Rice Japan Rice
 Steamed Spiced Sauerkraut Germany Sauerkraut , Pork
 Stelk Ireland Onion , Potato , Milk
 Stewed Beans Bulgaria Beans , Onion , Tomato
 Stewed Lima Beans Creole Beans , Ham , Pork
 Stewed Peas Jamaica Peas , Beef , Coconut
 Stir - Fried Beans With Pickled Mustard Greens China Beans , Mustard
 Stir - Fried Spiced Cabbage China Cabbage
 Stringless Beans In Spice Sauce Poland Beans , Tomato , Butter
 Stuffed Baked Potatoes With Cheese USA Potato , Sour Cream , Cheese
 Stuffed Baked Potatoes With Sour Cream USA Potato , Sour Cream
 Stuffed Cabbage Norway Cabbage
 Stuffed Kohlrabies Hungary Kohlrabi , Rice
 Stuffed Potatoes Argentina Potato , Cheese , Garlic
 Stuffed Tomatoes With Rice Greece Tomato , Rice
 Sweet - Sour Cabbage With Apples And Caraway Seeds Ireland Cabbage , Apple , Vinegar
 Sweet And Sour Green Beans Hawaii Beans , Bacon , Vinegar
 Sweet Browned Potatoes Denmark Potato , Lard & Fat
 Sweet Potato New Zealand Potato , Butter
 Sweet Potato Casserole Haiti Yam , Butter , Cream
 Sweet Potatoes Madagascar Yam , Butter
 Sweet-And-Sour Squash USA Zucchini , Squash
 Sweetened Brown Beans Sweden Beans
 Swiss Chard Gratineed France Greens , Spinach
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 Texas Chili Con Carne USA Pepper
 Tomato And Green Pepper Ragout Hungary Tomato , Pepper , Sausage
 Tomato Rice Pilaff Turkey Rice , Tomato
 Turkey Chili USA Turkey
 Turned Cornmeal Jamaica Corn , Coconut , Tomato
 Turnip Purry Scotland Turnip , Butter
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 Vegetable Casserole Israel Tomato , Carrot , Eggplant
 Vegetable Mash Tunisia Cabbage , Carrot , Tomato
 Vegetable Medley Mexico Zucchini , Corn , Tomato
 Vegetable Souffle Sweden Cauliflower , Broccoli , Asparagus
 Vegetable Stew USA Zucchini , Squash , Beans
 Vegetables With Basil France Eggplant , Basil , Pepper
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 White Mexican Rice Mexico Rice , Oil , Onion
 Whole Boiled Potatoes With Cheese And Chili Sauce Peru Potato , Cheese
 Wild Rice Canada Rice
 Wild Rice With Mushrooms USA Rice , Mushroom
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 Yellow Lentils India Beans , Onion , Ghee
 Yellow Pea Puree With Bacon Germany Peas , Bacon
 Yellow Rice Cuba Rice , Peas
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 Zucchini In Cream And Tarragon France Zucchini , Cream , Parsley

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